The Community for Technology Leaders
Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems (TOOLS 34'00 (2000)
Santa Barbara, California
July 30, 2000 to Aug. 3, 2000
ISSN: 1530-2067
ISBN: 0-7695-0774-3

Preface (PDF)

pp. xii
Keynote Presentations
Session T - Testing

Specification-Based Testing for Real-Time Reactive Systems (Abstract)

V.S. Alagar , Concordia University
O. Ormandjieva , Concordia University
M. Zheng , Concordia University
pp. 25
Session M - Metrics and Quality Assurance

Algorithmic Analysis of the Impacts of Changes to Object-Oriented Software (Abstract)

Michelle Lee , Network Solutions
A. Jefferson Offutt , George Mason University
Roger T. Alexander , George Mason University
pp. 61

Towards a Semantic Metrics Suite for Object-Oriented Design (Abstract)

Letha Etzkorn , University of Alabama at Huntsville
Harry Delugach , University of Alabama at Huntsville
pp. 71
Session P - Programming Approaches

On the Behavioral Inheritance of State-Based Objects (Abstract)

David Harel , Weizmann Institute of Science
Orna Kupferman , Hebrew University
pp. 83

Implementing Collaboration-Based Designs Using Aspect-Oriented Programming (Abstract)

Elke Pulvermüller , University of T?bingen
Andreas Speck , University of T?bingen
Awais Rashid , Lancaster University
pp. 95

Behavioral Subtyping and Behavioral Enrichment of Multimethods (Abstract)

Neelam Soundarajan , Ohio State University
Stephen Fridella , Ohio State University
pp. 105
Session B - Database Applications

Reading Large Volumes of Java Objects from Database (Abstract)

Raimund K. Ege , Florida International University
pp. 117

An ORDBMS-Based Reuse Repository Supporting the Quality Improvement Paradigm - Exemplified by the SDL-Pattern Approach (Abstract)

Raimund L. Feldmann , University of Kaiserslautern
Wolfgang Mahnke , University of Kaiserslautern
Norbert Ritter , University of Kaiserslautern
Birgit Geppert , TrueScope Technologies, Inc.
Frank Rößler , TrueScope Technologies, Inc.
pp. 125

Web-Based Virtual Classroom (Abstract)

Vladimir Trajkovic , University Sv. Kiril i Metodij
Danco Davcev , University Sv. Kiril i Metodij
Goran Kimovski , University Sv. Kiril i Metodij
Zaneta Petanceska , University Sv. Kiril i Metodij
pp. 137
Session L - Language Issues

Weak Subtyping and Genericity (Abstract)

Andreas Heberle , Universit?t Karlsruhe
Welf Löwe , Universit?t Karlsruhe
Rainer Neumann , Universit?t Karlsruhe
Wolf Zimmermann , Universit?t Karlsruhe
pp. 149

Programming with Patterns (Abstract)

Peter Forbrig , Universit?t Rostock
Ralf Lämmel , CWI Amsterdam
pp. 159

Automating Delegation in Class-Based Languages (Abstract)

John Viega , Reliable Software Technologies
Paul Reynolds , University of Virginia
Reimer Behrends , Michigan State University
pp. 171
Session C - Components

A Metacomponent Model to Support the Extensibility and Evolvability of Networked Applications (Abstract)

Gledson Elias da Silveira , Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Silvio Lemos Meira , Federal University of Pernambuco
pp. 185

Design-Time Assembly of Runtime Containment Components (Abstract)

David H. Lorenz , Northeastern University
Predrag Petkovic , Northeastern University
pp. 195

Automatic Generation of Fault-Tolerant CORBA-Services (Abstract)

Andreas Polze , Humboldt University of Berlin
Janek Schwarz , Humboldt University of Berlin
Miroslaw Malek , Humboldt University of Berlin
pp. 205
Session S - Specification

Using Plans for Specifying Preconfigured Bean Sets (Abstract)

Dietrich Birngruber , Johannes Kepler University at Linz
Markus Hof , Johannes Kepler University at Linz
pp. 217

But Who Will Guard the Guardians? (Abstract)

Dave Maley , St. Mary's University College
Ivor Spence , Queen's University of Belfast
pp. 227

Prose + Test Cases = Specifications (Abstract)

Daniel Hoffman , University of Victoria
Paul Strooper , University of Queensland
pp. 239
Session D - Design Methods

Object-Oriented Manufacturing Application Framework (Abstract)

Sai Peck Lee , University of Malaya
Siew Khim Thin , University of Malaya
Hong Song Liu , University of Malaya
pp. 253

POD: A Composition Environment for Pattern-Oriented Design (Abstract)

Sherif M. Yacoub , West Virginia University
Hengyi Xue , West Virginia University
Hany H. Ammar , West Virginia University
pp. 263
Session K - Knowledge-Based Systems

Business Rules = Meta-Data (Abstract)

Alan Perkins , Visible Systems Corporation
pp. 285

A Role-Based Security Architecture for Business Intelligence (Abstract)

S. Megaache , University of Westminster
T. Karran , University of Westminster
G.R. Ribeiro Justo , University of Westminster
pp. 295

Software Reuse Technology Practices and Assessment Tool-Kit (Abstract)

N. Nada , Naval Postgraduate School
Luqi , Naval Postgraduate School
M. Shing , Naval Postgraduate School
D. Rine , George Mason University
E. Damiani , George Mason University
S. Tuwaim , George Mason University
pp. 307
Session U - Distributed Systems

A Tool for Testing Liveness in Distributed Object Systems (Abstract)

Charles P. Giles , Ohio State University
Paolo A.G. Sivilotti , Ohio State University
pp. 319

Modular Object-Oriented Design of Distributed Protocols (Abstract)

Gurdip Singh , Kansas State University
Jun Wu , Microsoft Corporation
pp. 329

An Adaptive Framework for Distributed Complex Applications Development (Abstract)

Ilham Benyahia , Universit? Du Qu?bec ? Hull
Mohammed Hilali , Universit? Du Qu?bec ? Montr?al and CGI Inc.
pp. 339
Session O - Development Tools

A Distributed Object-Oriented Framework for Tool Development (Abstract)

John M. Kewley , Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico
Radu Prodan , Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico
pp. 353

Evolutionary Computer Aided Prototyping System (CAPS) (Abstract)

Luqi , Naval Postgraduate School
V. Berzins , Naval Postgraduate School
M. Shing , Naval Postgraduate School
R. Riehle , Naval Postgraduate School
J. Nogueira , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 363

User Interface Specification and Modeling in an Object Oriented Environment for Automatic Software Development (Abstract)

María D. Lozano , University of Castilla-La Mancha
Pascual Gonzalez , University of Castilla-La Mancha
Isidro Ramos , Polytechnic University Valencia
pp. 373
Pre-Conference Tutorial
TRACK P - Process, Management and Methodology

Business Specifications and RD-ODP (Abstract)

Haim Kilov , Genesis Development Corporation
pp. 411

Applying the Lessons of eXtreme Programming (Abstract)

Pete McBreen , McBreen Consulting
pp. 423
Track T - Supporting Technologies

Developing Evolvable, Embedded, Time-Critical Systems with MetaH (Abstract)

Bruce Lewis , U.S. Army
Edward Colbert , Absolute Software Co., Inc.
Steve Vestal , Honeywell Technology Center
pp. 447

Jini for Building Networked Community of Devices and Services (Abstract)

Gilda Pour , California State University at San Jose
pp. 465
Track L - Languages & Applications

Critical Issues in the Proposed ISO Object-Oriented COBOL 2002 Standard (Abstract)

Guido Dedene , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and University of Amsterdam
pp. 491
Post-Conference Tutorials
Accompanying Papers

Reusable Integrated Components of Patterns (Abstract)

D. Janaki Ram , Indian Institute of Technology at Madras
M. Sreekanth , Indian Institute of Technology at Madras
pp. 523

UML Tool Support: Utilization of Object-Oriented Models (Abstract)

Martin Wolf , OWiS Software GmbH
Evgeni Ivanov , OWiS Software GmbH
Rainer Burkhardt , OWiS Software GmbH
Ilka Philippow , Technical University of Ilmenau
pp. 529

Project Management of Object-Oriented Developed Systems 2 (Abstract)

Guy Carter , South Bank University
Dilip Patel , South Bank University
Sergio de Cesare , South Bank University
Echan Nwuche , South Bank University
pp. 535

An Introduction to Knowledge Binding (Abstract)

Joseph Morabito , Stevens Institute of Technology
Ira Sack , Stevens Institute of Technology
Anilkumar Bhate , Stevens Institute of Technology
pp. 543

Some Shortcomings of OCL, the Object Constraint Language of UML (Abstract)

Mandana Vaziri , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Daniel Jackson , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 555
Accompanying Paper

Component-Based Development? Refining the Blueprint (Abstract)

Roger Smith , Software Development Magazine
Bertrand Meyer , Interactive Software Engineering
Clemens Szyperski , Microsoft Research
Gilda Pour , California State University at San Jose
pp. 563
How to Manage Multiple Project Management Methodologies within an Organization

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