The Community for Technology Leaders
Technology of Object-Oriented Languages, International Conference on (1997)
Beijing, China
Sept. 1, 1997 to Sept. 1, 1997
ISBN: 0-8186-8551-4

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Submitted Articles

A Uniform Framework for Processing Temporal Object Queries (Abstract)

L. Wang , Middlesex University
N. Revell , Middlesex University
C. Davis , Middlesex University
M. Wing , Middlesex University
pp. 28

Transparent Access to Persistent Objects in Object-Oriented Databases (Abstract)

Sun Jianling , Zhejiang University
He Zhijun , Zhejiang University
pp. 38

Algebraic Semantics of Object-Oriented Data Models (Abstract)

A.V. Zamulin , Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences
pp. 43

The Design of a Flexible Class Library Management System (Abstract)

Andrew Firmage , JNA Telecommunications
Michael Hitchens , University of Sydney
pp. 60

ObjectStream: Generating Stream-Based Object I/O for C++ (Abstract)

Tyng-Ruey Chuang , Academia Sinica
Chuan-Chieh Jung , Academia Sinica
Wen-Min Kuan , Academia Sinica
Y.S. Kuo , Academia Sinica
pp. 70

An Object-Oriented Environment Database for AGV Path Planing (Abstract)

Norman E Gough , University of Wolverhampton
Qasim H Mehdi , University of Wolverhampton
Tingkai Wang , University of Wolverhampton
pp. 86

Using Extended General Statecharts to Generate Test Cases for Overloaded/Polymorphic Object-Oriented Programs: A Case Study (Abstract)

Bor-Yuan Tsai , University of Sunderland and Tamsui Oxford University College
Norman Parrington , University of Sunderland
Simon Stobart , University of Sunderland
pp. 96

A Method for Using Object-Oriented Frameworks to Support Various High-Level Parallel Computing Models (Abstract)

David L. Shang , Motorola Inc.
Lu Pei , Nanjing University
Yu Dachuan , Nanjing University
Lu Jian , Nanjing University
pp. 151

Experience Report: Using Design Patterns in the Development of JB System (Abstract)

Mei Hong , Peking University
Wang Yuanhong , Peking University
Shao Weizhong , Peking University
pp. 159

JBCDL: An Object-Oriented Component Description Language (Abstract)

Wu Qiong , Peking University
Yang Fuqing , Peking University
Mei Hong , Peking University
Chang Jichuan , Peking University
pp. 198

An Overview of JB (Jade Bird) Component Library System JBCL (Abstract)

Guo Lifeng , Peking University
Yang Fuqing , Peking University
Li Keqin , Peking University
Mei Hong , Peking University
pp. 206

Connectors for Modeling Object Relations in CORBA-based Systems (Abstract)

Susanne Busse , Fraunhofer ISST
Stefan Tai , Technical University Berlin
pp. 266

Object-Oriented Technology Transfer to Multiprocessor System-Level Synthesis (Abstract)

Trong-Yen Lee , National Taiwan University
Pao-Ann Hsiung , Academia Sinica
Sao-Jie Chen , National Taiwan University
pp. 284

Intelligent Multimedia Presentation System: An Object-Oriented Approach (Abstract)

Zhaohui Wu , Zhejiang University
Yu Chen , Zhejiang University
Yunhe Pan , Zhejiang University
pp. 304

From Formal Metamodels to Metrics: An Object-Oriented Approach (Abstract)

Vojislav B. Misic , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Simon Moser , Engehaldenstr
pp. 330

Reengineering for CASE Tool IDEFE0-MAKER (Abstract)

Z. Zhiying , Tsinghua University
C. Qingming , Tsinghua University
pp. 356

YHCS2: A CORBA-Compliant Distributed C/S Computing Platform (Abstract)

Han Xiaogang , Hunan University, China
Xu Li , National University of Defense Technology
Wang Huaimin , National University of Defense Technology
pp. 374

HOOD+ and Its Support System (Abstract)

Zhang Jiazhong , Shandong Teachers' University
Duan Huichuan , Shandong Teachers' University
Zheng Mingchun , Shandong Teachers' University
pp. 379

Adaptive Object Addressing (Abstract)

Yulin Feng , Chinese Academy of Science
Beihong Jin , Chinese Academy of Science
pp. 385

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