The Community for Technology Leaders
Temporal Representation and Reasoning, International Syposium on (2005)
Burlington, Vermont
June 23, 2005 to June 25, 2005
ISSN: 1530-1311
ISBN: 0-7695-2370-6
Invited Talks

Generalized Model Checking (PDF)

Patrice Godefroid , Lucent Technologies
pp. 3

Indexing Inventory Snapshots (PDF)

Betty Salzberg , Northeastern University
pp. 4

Time and the Semantic Web (Abstract)

James Pustejovsky , Brandeis University
pp. 5-8
Temporal Representation and Reasoning in AI

Using Inference for Evaluating Models of Temporal Discourse (Abstract)

Philippe Muller , Universit? Paul Sabatier
Axel Reymonet , Universit? Paul Sabatier
pp. 11-19

Constraint-Based Qualitative Simulation (Abstract)

Krzysztof R. Apt , National University of Singapore, CWI and UvA
Sebastian Brand , National University of Singapore
pp. 26-34

A Local Method for Prioritized Fusion of Temporal Information (Abstract)

Mahat Khelfallah , Provence University
Belaïd Benhamou , Provence University
pp. 35-43
Temporal Databases

Temporal XML? SQL Strikes Back! (Abstract)

Fusheng Wang , Siemens Corporate Research
Xin Zhou , University of California at Los Angeles
Carlo Zaniolo , University of California at Los Angeles
pp. 47-55

"TellMe": A Novel Protocol and Location Prediction Scheme Exploiting the "One For All" Framework for Location Management (Abstract)

Ingy Ramzy , Ain Shams University
Ahmad Hamad , Ain Shams University
Amal ElNahas , German University in Cairo
Omar H. Karam , Ain Shams University
pp. 56-64

A Multilevel Distance-Based Index Structure for Multivariate Time Series (Abstract)

Kiyoung Yang , University of Southern California
Cyrus Shahabi , University of Southern California
pp. 65-73

Temporal Query Languages Expressive Power: ?TL versus T-WHILE (Abstract)

Nicole Bidoit , L.R.I. UMR 8623 CNRS
Matthieu Objois , L.R.I. UMR 8623 CNRS
pp. 74-82

CME: A Temporal Relational Model for Efficient Coalescing (Abstract)

Mohamed E. El-Sharkawi , Cairo University
Mohammed Al-Kateb , University of Vermont
Essam Mansour , Dublin Institute of Technology
pp. 83-90
Temporal Logic in Computer Science

A Trace Semantics for Positive Core XPath (Abstract)

Pieter H. Hartel , University of Twente
pp. 103-112

On the Freeze Quantifier in Constraint LTL: Decidability and Complexity (Abstract)

Stéphane Demri , LSV/CNRS UMR 8643 & INRIA Futurs projet SECSI & ENS Cachan
David Nowak , LSV/CNRS UMR 8643 & INRIA Futurs projet SECSI & ENS Cachan
Ranko Lazić , University of Warwick
pp. 113-121

Configuration Logic: A Multi-site Modal Logic (Abstract)

Sylvain Hallé , Université du Québec à Montréal
Omar Cherkaoui , Université du Québec à Montréal
Roger Villemaire , Université du Québec à Montréal
pp. 131-137

Quantitative Temporal Logics: PSPACE and Below (Abstract)

Dirk Walther , University of Liverpool
Frank Wolter , University of Liverpool
Carsten Lutz , Technical University Dresden
pp. 138-146

Temporal Logic with Predicate λ-Abstraction (Abstract)

Igor Potapov , University of Liverpool
Alexei Lisitsa , University of Liverpool
pp. 147-155

Deterministic CTL Query Solving (Abstract)

Marko Samer , Vienna University of Technology
Helmut Veith , Technische Universität München
pp. 156-165

LOLA: Runtime Monitoring of Synchronous Systems (Abstract)

Bernd Finkbeiner , Saarland University
Henny B. Sipma , Stanford University
Sandeep Mehrotra , Synopsys, Inc.
Will Robinson , Stanford University
Zohar Manna , Stanford University
César Sánchez , Stanford University
Sriram Sankaranarayanan , Stanford University
Ben D'Angelo , Stanford University,
pp. 166-174

An XML-Based Framework for Temporal Database Implementation (Abstract)

Shashi K. Gadia , Iowa State University
Seo-Young Noh , Iowa State University
pp. 180-182

Probabilistic Calculation of Execution Intervals for Workflows (Abstract)

Johann Eder , University of Klagenfurt
Horst Pichler , University of Klagenfurt
pp. 183-185

A Data Compression Technique for Sensor Networks with Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (Abstract)

Vana Kalogeraki , University of California at Riverside
Song Lin , University of California at Riverside
Stefano Lonardi , University of California at Riverside
Dimitrios Gunopulos , University of California at Riverside
pp. 186-188

Specification Patterns for Time-Related Properties (Abstract)

Ralf Laue , University of Leipzig
Volker Gruhn , University of Leipzig
pp. 189-191

Analysis of Timed Processes with Data Using Algebraic Transformations (Abstract)

Michel A. Reniers , Technical University of Eindhoven
Yaroslav S. Usenko , Technical University of Eindhoven
pp. 192-194

Search Strategies for Resolution in CTL-Type Logics: Extension and Complexity (Abstract)

Artie Basukoski , University of Westminster
Alexander Bolotov , University of Westminster
pp. 195-197
Invited Posters

Propositional Interval Temporal Logics: Some Promising Paths (Abstract)

Angelo Montanari , Università degli Studi di Udine
pp. 201-203

Version Management and Historical Queries in Digital Libraries (Abstract)

Fusheng Wang , Siemens Corporate Research
Hyun J. Moon , University of California at Los Angeles
Xin Zhou , University of California at Los Angeles
Carlo Zaniolo , University of California at Los Angeles
pp. 207-209

Efficient Rectangle Indexing Algorithms Based on Point Dominance (Abstract)

Peter Revesz , University of Nebraska-Lincoln
pp. 210-212
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