The Community for Technology Leaders
Simulation Symposium, Annual (2002)
San Diego, California
Apr. 14, 2002 to Apr. 18, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1552-5
Keynote Address
Invited Talk
Session 1: Network Modeling and Simulation I: Session Chair: Helen Karatza

On the Performance of STAR: An Efficient Delay-Bound, Low-Cost Multicast Algorithm (Abstract)

Shu Li , University of Pittsburgh
Rami Melhem , University of Pittsburgh
Taieb F. Znati , University of Pittsburgh
pp. 0011

A Route Discovery Optimization Scheme Using GPS System (Abstract)

Azzedine Boukerche , University of North Texas
Vaidya Sheetal , University of North Texas
Myongsu Choe , Samsung Electronics Company, LTD
pp. 0020

A Bandwidth-Reservation Mechanism for On-Demand Ad hoc Path Finding (Abstract)

Irina Gerasimov , George Mason University
Robert Simon , George Mason University
pp. 0027
Session 2: Parallel and Distributed Simulation I: Session Chair: Azzedine Boukerche

Controlling Buffer Usage in Critical Channel Traversing (Abstract)

Rob Simmonds , University of Calgary
Cameron Kiddle , University of Calgary
Kitty Wong , University of Calgary
Brian Unger , University of Calgary
pp. 0053

The ABELS Brokering System (Abstract)

Anush Kumar , Dartmouth College
Linda F. Wilson , Dartmouth College
Thomas B. Stephens , Dartmouth College
Jeanne Sucharitaves , Dartmouth College
pp. 0063

Temporal Uncertainty Time Warp: An Agent-Based Implementation (Abstract)

Roberto Beraldi , Universit? della Calabria
Libero Nigro , Universit? della Calabria
Antonino Orlando , Universit? della Calabria
Francesco Pupo , Universit? della Calabria
pp. 0072

Simulation-Based VV&A Methodology for HLA Federations: An Example from the Aerospace Industry (Abstract)

Agostino G. Bruzzone , University of Genoa
Roberto Mosca , University of Genoa
Alessandra Orsoni , University of Genoa
Roberto Revetria , University of Genoa
pp. 0080
Session 3: Simulation Based Performance Analysis: Session Chair: Taieb Znati

Statistical Simulation of Symmetric Multiprocessor Systems (Abstract)

Sebastien Nussbaum , Sun Microsystems, Inc.
James E. Smith , University of Wisconsin at Madison
pp. 0089

Scheduling a Job Mix in a Partitionable Parallel System (Abstract)

Helen D. Karatza , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Ralph C. Hilzer , California State University at Chico
pp. 0115
Session 4: Simulation Languages, Tools, and Environments I: Session Chair: Wlodek M. Zuberek

A Modular Client-Server Discrete Event Simulator for Networked Computers (Abstract)

David Wangerin , University of California at Irvine
Chris DeCoro , University of California at Irvine
Luis Campos , University of California at Irvine
Hugo Coyote , University of California at Irvine
Isaac Scherson , University of California at Irvine
pp. 0125

Simulating Group Communication Protocols Through an Object-Oriented Framework (Abstract)

Hisham H. Muhammad , Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
Marinho P. Barcellos , Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
pp. 0143

Ranking a List of Discrete-Event Models (Abstract)

Henk de Swaan Arons , Erasmus University Rotterdam
Csaba Attila Boer , Erasmus University Rotterdam
pp. 0151
Session 5: Web-Based Modeling and Simulation: Session Chair: Robert Simon

An Architecture and Implementation to Support Large-scale Data Access in Scientific Simulation Environments (Abstract)

Victor P. Holmes , Sandia National Laboratories
Stephen D. Kleban , Sandia National Laboratories
David J. Miller , Sandia National Laboratories
Constantine Pavlakos , Sandia National Laboratories
Clark A. Poore , Sandia National Laboratories
Ruthe L. Vandewart , Sandia National Laboratories
Charles P. Crowley , University of New Mexico
pp. 0169

Using Simulation to Facilitate Effective Workflow Adaptation (Abstract)

John A. Miller , Universit yof Georgia
Jorge Cardoso , Universit yof Georgia
Gregory Silver , Universit yof Georgia
pp. 0177

GroupGraph: A Collaborative Hierarchical Graph Editor Based on the Internet (Abstract)

Hélio A. S. Lima Filho , Instituto Tecnol?gico de Aeron?utica
Celso M. Hirata , Instituto Tecnol?gico de Aeron?utica
pp. 0182

Performance Simulation of the Jambala Platform (Abstract)

Maria Toeroe , Ericsson Research Canada
pp. 0190
Session 6: Network Modeling and Simulation II: Session Chair: Gabriel Wainer

Traffic Monitoring Techniques for Measurement Based Flow Acceptance Control (Abstract)

Ali Maqousi , Oxford Brookes University
Shalini Tater , Oxford Brookes University
Frank Ball , Oxford Brookes University
pp. 0201

Evaluating the Performance of Photonic Interconnection Networks (Abstract)

Roger Chamberlain , Washington University in St. Louis
Ch'ng Shi Baw , Washington University in St. Louis
Mark Franklin , Washington University in St. Louis
Christopher Hackmann , Washington University in St. Louis
Praveen Krishnamurthy , Washington University in St. Louis
Abhijit Mahajan , Washington University in St. Louis
Michael Wrighton , Washington University in St. Louis
pp. 0209

Performance Analysis for Data Service in Third Generation Mobile Telecommunication Networks (Abstract)

Aloizio Pereira da Silva , Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Geraldo Robson Mateus , Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
pp. 0227
Session 7: Parallel and Distributed Simulation II: Session Chair: John R. Clymer

SPaDES/Java: Object-Oriented Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation (Abstract)

Yong Meng Teo , National University of Singapore
Yew Kwong Ng , National University of Singapore
pp. 0245

Developing an Object Exchange Model Template for GRIDS Distributed Supply Chain Simulations (Abstract)

Gary Tan , National University of Singapore
Wee Ngee Ng , National University of Singapore
Simon J.E. Taylor , Brunel University
pp. 0259

Dynamic Load-Balancing for BSP Time Warp (Abstract)

Malcolm Yoke Hean Low , University of Oxford
pp. 0267

Scalability of Parallel Simulation Cloning (Abstract)

Maria Hybinette , University of Georgia
Richard M. Fujimoto , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 0275
Session 8: Advances in Simulation Methodology and Practices: Session Chair: Simon J. E. Taylor

A Flow Injection Model Using Cell-DEVS (Abstract)

Alejandro Troccoli , Pabell?n I. Ciudad Universitaria
Javier Ameghino , Pabell?n I. Ciudad Universitaria
Fernando Iñón , Universidad de Buenos Aires. Pabell?n II.
Gabriel Wainer , Carleton University
pp. 0292

Behavioral Model Composition in Simulation-Based Design (Abstract)

Rajarishi Sinha , Carnegie Mellon University
Christiaan J.J. Paredis , Carnegie Mellon University
Pradeep K. Khosla1 , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 0308
Session 9: Network Modeling and Simulation III: Session Chair: Frank Ball

Graph-Based Mobility Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Simulation (Abstract)

Jing Tian , University of Stuttgart
Joerg Haehner , University of Stuttgart
Christian Becker , University of Stuttgart
Illya Stepanov , University of Stuttgart
Kurt Rothermel , University of Stuttgart
pp. 0337

A Simulation Study of the Predictive p-Persistent CSMA Protocol (Abstract)

Chen Xiaoming , National University of Singapore
Hong Geok-Soon , National University of Singapore
pp. 0345

Breaking the Memory Bottleneck with an Optical Data Path (Abstract)

Jason Fritts , Washington University in St. Louis
Roger D. Chamberlain , Washington University in St. Louis
pp. 0352
Session 10: Simulation Languages, Tools, and Environments II: Session Chair: Stephen Morrison

A Comprehensive 3G Link Level Simulator (Abstract)

Ernesto Luiz Andrade Neto , DECOM-FEEC/UNICAMP
Michel Daoud Yacoub , DECOM-FEEC/UNICAMP
Ailton Akira Shinoda , DEEL-CTU/UEL
Marcelo Eduardo Pellenz , PPGIA - PUCPR
pp. 0381

Simulator for E-LOTOS Specifications (Abstract)

Francisco Isidro Massetto , Federal University of S?o Carlos
Wanderley Lopes de Souza , Federal University of S?o Carlos
Sergio Donizetti Zorzo , Federal University of S?o Carlos
pp. 0389

Animating 3D Facial Models with MPEG-4 FaceDefTables (Abstract)

Jiang Dalong , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Li Zhiguo , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wang Zhaoqi , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Gao Wen , Chinese Academy of Sciences and Harbin Institute of Technology
pp. 0395

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