The Community for Technology Leaders
Simulation Symposium, Annual (2000)
Washington, D.C.
Apr. 16, 2000 to Apr. 22, 2000
ISSN: 1080-241X
ISBN: 0-7695-0598-8
Keynote Speech
Session 1: Parallel and Distributed Simulation I:Session Chair: Teo Yong Meng, National University of Singapore

Grid-Based Data Management in Distributed Simulation (Abstract)

Gary Tan , National University of Singapore
Rassul Ayani , National University of Singapore
YuSong Zhang , National University of Singapore
Farshad Moradi , National University of Singapore
pp. 7
Session 2: Network Modeling and Simulation: Session Chair: Karen Lentz, Tufts University

On QoS Multicasting Performance in Wide Area Networks (Abstract)

Tawfig Alrabiah , University of Pittsburgh
Taieb F. Znati , University of Pittsburgh
pp. 25

Optimal Resource Allocation for Multi-Service Networks (Abstract)

Robert Simon , George Mason University
Boris Jukic , George Mason University
Woan Sun Chang , George Mason University
pp. 33

Modeling and Simulation of a Fault Tolerant ATM Switching Architecture (Abstract)

Muhammad Anan , Sprint Telecommunications Company
Mohsen Guizani , University of West Florida
pp. 42
Session 3: Simulation Languages, Tools, and Environments I: Session Chair: Robert Simon, George Mason University

DSPTune: A Performance Evaluation Toolset for the SHARC Signal Processor (Abstract)

Suleyman Sair , Northeastern University
Guiseppe Olivadoti , Northeastern University
David Kaeli , Northeastern University
Jose Fridman , Analog Devices
pp. 51

Using the DEVS Paradigm to Implement a Simulated Processor (Abstract)

Sergio Daicz , Universidad de Buenos Aires Pabell?n I
Alejandro Tróccoli , Universidad de Buenos Aires Pabell?n I
Sergio Zlotnik , Universidad de Buenos Aires Pabell?n I
Gabriel Wainer , Universidad de Buenos Aires Pabell?n I
pp. 58

Specifying Truck Movement in Traffic Models Using Cell-DEVS (Abstract)

Alejandra Davidson , Universidad de Buenos Aires Pabell?n I
Gabriel Wainer , Universidad de Buenos Aires Pabell?n I
pp. 66

An Environment for Formal Modeling and Simulation of Control Systems (Abstract)

Bernardo Copstein , Pontif?cia Universidade Cat?lica do Rio Grande do Sul
Michael da Costa Móra , Pontif?cia Universidade Cat?lica do Rio Grande do Sul
Leila Ribeiro , Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
pp. 74
Session 4: Simulation Based Performance Analysis I: Session Chair: David Kaeli, Northeastern University

Scheduling Strategies for Multitasking in a Distributed System (Abstract)

Helen D. Karatza , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
pp. 83

Event-Driven Simulation of Timed Petri Net Models (Abstract)

W.M. Zuberek , Memorial University of Newfoundland
pp. 91

A Comparative Evaluation of Sorted Priority Algorithms and Class Based Queuing Using Simulation (Abstract)

Phyllis Callinan , Oxford Brookes University
Mehdi Witwit , Oxford Brookes University
Frank Ball , Oxford Brookes University
pp. 99
Session 5: Simulation Languages, Tools, and Environments II: Session Chair: Wlodek M. Zuberek, Memorial University of Nfld

IRLSim: A General Purpose Packet Level Network Simulator (Abstract)

Andreas Terzis , University of California at Los Angeles
Konstantinos Nikoloudakis , University of California at Los Angeles
Lan Wang , University of California at Los Angeles
Lixia Zhang , University of California at Los Angeles
pp. 109

PUMP: A Program Understanding Tool for MODSIM Programs (Abstract)

A.S. Bhullar , University of Ottawa
L.G. Birta , University of Ottawa
pp. 121

Simulation of a Telecommunication System Using SimML (Abstract)

N.A. Speirs , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
L.B. Arief , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
pp. 131

Exploring CORSIM Runtime Characteristics: Profiling a Traffic Simulator (Abstract)

Marc Bumble , Pennsylvania State University
Lee Coraor , Pennsylvania State University
Lily Elefteriadou , Pennsylvania State University
pp. 139
Session 6: VLSI Circuit Simulators: Session Chair: Taieb Znati, University of Pittsburgh

Field, Circuit, and Visualization Based Simulation Methodology for Passive Electronic Components (Abstract)

Benjamin Beker , University of South Carolina
George Cokkinides , University of South Carolina
Michael Sechrest , University of South Carolina
pp. 157

Multi-Resolution Modeling of Power Converter Using Waveform Reconstruction (Abstract)

Yuwei Luo , University of South Carolina
Roger Dougal , University of South Carolina
Enrico Santi , University of South Carolina
pp. 165
Session 7: Animations/Virtual Reality: Session Chair: Helen Karatza, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Active Virtual Guides as an Apparatus for Augmented Reality Based Telemanipulation System on the Internet (Abstract)

S. Otmane , University of Evry Val-d'Essonne
M. Mallem , University of Evry Val-d'Essonne
A. Kheddar , University of Evry Val-d'Essonne
F. Chavand , University of Evry Val-d'Essonne
pp. 185

Multiresolution Behavioral Modeling in a Virtual Environment (Abstract)

Gürkan Koldaþ , Middle East Technical University
Veysi Ýþler , Middle East Technical University
pp. 192

Approaches to Cognitive System Simulation: Architectures and Animations (Abstract)

Kevin D. Reilly , University of Alabama at Birmingham
Norman W. Bray , University of Alabama at Birmingham
Michael Jackson , University of Alabama at Birmingham
pp. 198
Session 8: Parallel and Distributed Simulation II: Session Chair: Gary Tan, National University of Singapore

An Analytic Method for Predicting Simulation Parallelism (Abstract)

Hong Wang , National University of Singapore
Yong Meng Teo , National University of Singapore
Seng Chuan Tay , National University of Singapore
pp. 211

Flow Control and Dynamic Load Balancing in Time Warp (Abstract)

Myongsu Choe , McGill University
Carl Tropper , McGill University
pp. 219
Session 9: Advances in Simulation Methodology and Practices: Session Chair: Stephen Morrison, Tufts University

Mean Estimation Based on Phi-Mixing Sequences (Abstract)

E. Jack Chen , University of Cincinnati
W. David Kelton , University of Cincinnati
pp. 237

Sequential Dynamical Systems and Applications to Simulations (Abstract)

C.L. Barrett , Los Alamos National Laboratory
B.W. Bush , Los Alamos National Laboratory
S. Kopp , Los Alamos National Laboratory
H.S. Mortveit , Los Alamos National Laboratory
C.M. Reidys , Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 245

First Results on Formal Comparison of Several Stochastic Optimization Algorithms (Abstract)

James C. Spall , Johns Hopkins University
Stacy D. Hill , Johns Hopkins University
David R. Stark , Johns Hopkins University
pp. 259

Modeling and Analysis of Software Aging and Rejuvenation (Abstract)

K.S. Trivedi , Duke University
K. Vaidyanathan , Duke University
K. Goseva-Popstojanova , Duke University
pp. 270
Session 10: Simulation Based Performance Analysis II: Session Chair: Carl Tropper, McGill University

Simulation-Trace-Based Component Performance Prediction (Abstract)

J. Jenny Li , Telcordia Technologies
J. Robert Horgan , Telcordia Technologies
pp. 283

Development of an Object Oriented Simulation Engine for On-Line Simulation and Optimization (Abstract)

Appa Iyer Sivakumar , Nanyang Technological University
Chin Soon Chong , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 291

Modeling and Simulation of a Network of Workstations with Wormhole Switching (Abstract)

X. Molero , Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia
F. Silla , Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia
V. Santonja , Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia
pp. 299
Session 11: Simulation Languages, Tools, and Environments III: Session Chair: Mohsen Guizani, University of West Florida

MICA: A Memory and Interconnect Simulation Environment for Cache-Based Architectures (Abstract)

Hung-Chang Hsiao , National Tsing Hua University
Chung-Ta King , National Tsing Hua University
pp. 317

Performance Analysis of Multiprocessor Architectures via Analytical Simulation (Abstract)

A.A. Veglis , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
A.S. Pombortsis , University of Thessaloniki
pp. 326

Dual Neural Network Models in Acoustic Propagation (Abstract)

Daniel C. Chin , Johns Hopkins University
Albert C. Biondo , Johns Hopkins University
pp. 333

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