The Community for Technology Leaders
Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing, International Conference on & Self-Assembling Wireless Networks, International Workshop on (2005)
Towson University, Towson, Maryland, USA
May 23, 2005 to May 25, 2005
ISBN: 0-7695-2294-7
Keynote Addresses
Session 1A: Image, Speech and Signal Processing

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Automatic Target Classification — Experiments on the MSTAR SAR Images (Abstract)

Yinan Yang , Towson University
Yuxia Qiu , Towson University
Chao Lu , Towson University
pp. 2-7
Session 1B: Software Engineering

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A Quantitative Software Quality Evaluation Model for the Artifacts of Component Based Development (Abstract)

Kilsup Lee , Korea National Defense University
Sung Jong Lee , Korea National Defense University
pp. 20-25

Matching Effectiveness and OTS Model Richness (Abstract)

Weimin Ma , University of Texas at Dallas
Kendra Cooper , University of Texas at Dallas
Lawrence Chung , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 26-31

A New Approach to Software Requirements Elicitation (Abstract)

Prasad Rajagopal , Central Michigan University
Roger Lee , Central Michigan University
Thomas Ahlswede , Central Michigan University
Chia-Chu Chiang , University of Arkansas- Little Rock
Dale Karolak , Intier Automotive Closures
pp. 32-42
Session 1C: Operating System and Compiler

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Hardware Support: A Cache Lock Mechanism without Retry (Abstract)

Chuleui Hong , Sangmyung University
Kyeongmo Park , Catholic University
Yeong-Tae Song , Towson University
pp. 44-49

How to Run C++ Applications on a Bare PC? (Abstract)

Ramesh K. Karne , Towson University
Karthick V. Jaganathan , Towson University
Tufail Ahmed , Towson University
pp. 50-55

Compiling C++ Programs to Java Bytecode (Abstract)

Gongzhu Hu , Central Michigan University
Avinashkumar Gadapa , Central Michigan University
pp. 56-61
Session 2A: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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Using the KDSM Methodology for Knowledge Discovery from a Labor Domain (Abstract)

Jorge Rodas , ITESM Campus Chihuahua
Gabriela Alvarado , University of Barcelona
Fernando Vázquez , Instituto Politécnico Nacional
pp. 64-69

Using Data Mining Technology to Design an Intelligent CIM System for IC Manufacturing (Abstract)

Ruey-Shun Chen , National Chiao Tung University
Ruey-Chyi Wu , National Chiao Tung University
C. C. Chang , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 70-75

Data Mining for Imprecise Temporal Associations (Abstract)

Giovanni Vincenti , Towson University
Robert J. Hammell, II , Towson University
Goran Trajkovski , Towson University
pp. 76-81

Analysis of Breast Cancer Using Data Mining and Statistical Techniques (Abstract)

Xiangchun Xiong , Towson University
Yangon Kim , Towson University
Yuncheol Baek , Sangmyung University
Dae Wong Rhee , Sangmyung University
Soo-Hong Kim , Sangmyung University
pp. 82-87
Session 2B: Software Engineering

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Spring Framework for Rapid Open Source J2EE Web Application Development: A Case Study (Abstract)

John Arthur , Science Applications International Corporation
Shiva Azadegan , Towson University
pp. 90-95

Analyzing the Conditions of Coupling Existence Based on Program Slicing and Some Abstract Information-Flow (Abstract)

Bixin Li , Southeast University
Ying Zhou , Southeast University
Junhui Mo , Southeast University
Yancheng Wang , Southeast University
pp. 96-101

A Method Level Based Approach for OO Integration Testing: An Experimental Study (Abstract)

Linda Badri , University of Quebec at trois-Rivières
Mourad Badri , University of Quebec at trois-Rivières
Velou Stéphane Blé , University of Quebec at trois-Rivières
pp. 102-109

A Study of Model Layers and Reflection (Abstract)

Ying Zhou , Southeast University
Bixin Li , Southeast University
pp. 110-113
Session 2C: Algorithm

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pp. null

A General Scalable Implementation of Fast Matrix Multiplication Algorithms on Distributed Memory Computers (Abstract)

Duc Kien Nguyen , University of Paris 8
Ivan Lavall? , University of Paris 8
Marc Bui , University of Paris 8
Quoc Trung Ha , Hanoi University of Technology
pp. 116-122

An Automatic Approach to Self-Stabilization (Abstract)

Brahim Hamid , University of Bordeaux-1
Mohamed Mosbah , University of Bordeaux-1
pp. 123-128

Tracking Non-Stationary Optimal Solution by Particle Swarm Optimizer (Abstract)

X. Cui , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
C. T. Hardin , University of Louisville
R. K. Ragade , University of Louisville
T. E. Potok , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
A. S. Elmaghraby , University of Louisville
pp. 133-138
Session 3A: Machine Learning, Natural Language, and Neural Networks

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pp. null

Error Prediction for Multi-Classification (Abstract)

Fu-Shing Sun , Ball State University
pp. 140-143

An Integer Support Vector Machine (Abstract)

Maryanne Domm , The Titan Corporation
Andrew Engel , Towson University
Péguy Pierre-Louis , Towson University
Jeff Goldberg , University of Arizona
pp. 144-149

Layered Neural Networks Computations (Abstract)

Naohiro Ishii , Aichi Institute of Technology
Toshinori Deguchi , Gifu National College of Technology
Hiroshi Sasaki , Fukui University of Technology
pp. 150-156
Session 3B: Software Architecture

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pp. null

From Software Architecture to Design Patterns: A Case Study of an NFR Approach (Abstract)

Jing Wang , Towson University
Yeong-Tae Song , Towson University
Lawrence Chung , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 170-177

Modeling and Analysis of Non-Functional Requirements as Aspects in a UML Based Architecture Design (Abstract)

Lirong Dai , University of Texas at Dallas
Kendra Cooper , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 178-183
Session 3C: Web and Mult

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pp. null

Managing XML Documents Using RDBMS (Abstract)

Guangming Xing , Western Kentucky University
Jinhua Guo , University of Michigan-Dearborn
Ronghua Wang , Syracuse University
pp. 186-191

Business Process Integration with Web Services (Abstract)

Juhnyoung Lee , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Yanggon Kim , Towson University
Yoonho Kim , Sangmyung University
Bong-Hee Moon , Sangmyung University
pp. 192-197
Session 4A: Voice Over IP

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pp. null

Packet Loss Burstiness and Enhancement to the E-Model (Abstract)

Hongbing Zhang , Qovia Inc
Liehua Xie , Qovia Inc
Joonbum Byun , Qovia Inc
Peter Flynn , Qovia Inc
Choon Shim , Qovia Inc
pp. 214-219

Throughput Measurement for UDP Traffic in an IEEE 802.11g WLAN (Abstract)

Alexander L. Wijesinha , Towson University
Yeong-tae Song , Towson University
Mahesh Krishnan , Towson University
Vijita Mathur , Towson University
Jin Ahn , Towson University
Vijay Shyamasundar , Towson University
pp. 220-225

SHIP Mobility Management Hybrid SIP-HIP Scheme (Abstract)

Joseph Y. H. So , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University
Jidong Wang , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University
David Jones , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University
pp. 226-230
Session 4B: Cryptography and Network Security

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pp. null

Real-Time Iris Localization for Iris Recognition in Cellular Phone (Abstract)

Dal Ho Cho , Sangmyung University
Kang Ryoung Park , Sangmyung University
Dae Woong Rhee , Sangmyung University
pp. 254-259
Session 5A: Wireless Networks

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pp. null

Application of Wavelet Neural-Networks in Wireless Sensor Networks (Abstract)

Andrea Kulakov , University of Sts Cyril and Methodius
Danco Davcev , University of Sts Cyril and Methodius
Goran Trajkovski , Towson University
pp. 262-267

RRNS Quasi-Chaotic Coding and Its FPGA Implementation (Abstract)

Wei Wang , University of Western Ontario
Xiaolin Zhang , BeiHang University
Chenyang Yang , BeiHang University
M. N. S. Swamy , Concordia University
M. O. Ahmad , Concordia University
pp. 274-280
Session 5B: Parallel and Distributed Computing

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pp. null

Optimizing Bulk Synchronous Parallel ML (Abstract)

Frédéric Loulergue , University Paris Val-de-Marne
pp. 294-299
Session 6A: Adhoc Networks and Routing Protocols

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pp. null

Multipath QoS Routing of Supporting DiffServ in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Xuefei Li , University of London
Laurie Cuthbert , University of London
pp. 308-313

Improving QoS of the Internet during Congestion through Auction (Abstract)

Sungchul Hong , Towson University
Yeong-Tae Song , Towson University
pp. 314-319

Alternatives for Short Range Low Power Wireless Communications (PDF)

Kiumi Akingbehin , University of Michigan-Dearborn
Akinsola Akingbehin , University of Baltimore
pp. 320-321
Session 6B: Software Architecture

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pp. null

Designing Logical Architectures of Software Systems (Abstract)

Sungwon Kang , Information and Communications University
Yoonseok Choi , Information and Communications University
pp. 330-337

Structure Analysis for Dynamic Software Architecture (PDF)

Tingting Han , Nanjing University
Taolue Chen , Nanjing University
Jian Lu , Nanjing University
pp. 338
Session 7A: Learning System

null (PDF)

pp. null

Generic Summative Assessment Functional Model (Abstract)

Fahad T. Alotaiby , George Mason University
Jim X. Chen , George Mason University
pp. 340-345

Animation Creation in Computer Software Programming Education and its Evaluation (Abstract)

Chieko Matsuyama , Sugiyama Jogakuen University
Toyoshiro Nakashima , Sugiyama Jogakuen University
Naohiro Ishii , Aichi Institute of Technology
pp. 346-351

Building Infrastructure for an Honors Research Robotics Lab (Abstract)

Goran Trajkovski , Towson University
Julius Schlosburg , Towson University
Brian Whitman , Towson University
Giovanni Vincenti , Towson University
pp. 352-357
Session 7B: Learning and Meeting System

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pp. null

Extending MASIVE: The Impact of Stress on Imitation-Based Learning (Abstract)

Goran Trajkovski , Towson University
Georgi Stojanov , SS Cyril&Methodius University
Giovanni Vincenti , Towson University
pp. 360-365

A Smart Meeting Room with Pervasive Computing Technologies (Abstract)

Shameem Ahmed , Marquette University
Moushumi Sharmin , Marquette University
Sheikh I. Ahamed , Marquette University
pp. 366-371
Workshop Session 1: Positioning and Routing

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pp. null

Distance-Based Location Update and Routing in Irregular Cellular Networks (Abstract)

Victor Chepoi , Université de la Méditerranée
Feodor F. Dragan , Kent State University
Yann Vax? , Université de la Méditerranée
pp. 380-387

Interference Minimization and Uplink Relaying for a 3G/WLAN Network (Abstract)

Ju Wang , Virginia Commonwealth University
Jonathan C. L. Liu , University of Florida
pp. 388-395

Duplicate Address Detection and Autoconfiguration in OLSR (Abstract)

Saadi Boudjit , INRIA, Rocquencourt
Anis Laouiti , INRIA, Rocquencourt
Paul Muhlethaler , INRIA, Rocquencourt
Cédric Adjih , INRIA, Rocquencourt
pp. 403-410

An On-Demand Bluetooth Scatternet Formation and Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (Abstract)

Xin Zhang , Georgia Institute of Technology
George F. Riley , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 411-418
Workshop Session 2: QOS and Energy Efficiency

null (PDF)

pp. null

A Design Framework for Wireless MANET QoS Gateway (Abstract)

Yasser L. Morgan , Carleton University
Thomas Kunz , Carleton University
pp. 420-427

Interference-Aware QoS OLSR for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Routing (Abstract)

Dang-Quan Nguyen , INRIA, Rocquencourt
Pascale Minet , INRIA, Rocquencourt
pp. 428-435

Power Management in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using AODV (Abstract)

Liang Cheng , Georgia State University
Anu G. Bourgeois , Georgia State University
Bo Hyun Yu , Georgia State University
pp. 436-443

An Energy-Efficient Voting-Based Clustering Algorithm for Sensor Networks (Abstract)

Min Qin , University of Southern California
Roger Zimmermann , University of Southern California
pp. 444-451
Workshop Session 3: Routing

null (PDF)

pp. null

Routing Optimization Techniques for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Maher Kaddoura , Architecture Technology Corporation
Ranga Ramanujan , Architecture Technology Corporation
Steven Schneider , Architecture Technology Corporation
pp. 454-459

An Adaptive Hierarchical Extension of DSR: The Cluster Source Routing (Abstract)

Farid Jaddi , IRIT laboratory - ENSEEIHT
Beatrice Paillassa , IRIT laboratory - ENSEEIHT
pp. 460-467

An Adaptive Genetic Fuzzy Multi-path Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Hui Liu , Georgia State University
Jie Li , University of Tsukuba
Yan-Qing Zhang , Georgia State University
Yi Pan , Georgia State University
pp. 468-475

Energy Efficiency of Load Balancing in MANET Routing Protocols (Abstract)

Juan Hernandez-Serrano , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
Josep Pegueroles , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
Miguel Soriano , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
pp. 476-483

GKM over large MANET (Abstract)

Sunsook Jung , Georgia State University
Nisar Hundewale , Georgia State University
Alex Zelikovsky , Georgia State University
pp. 484-490
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