The Community for Technology Leaders
International Symposium on Applications and the Internet Workshops (SAINTW'06) (2005)
Trento, Italy
Jan. 31, 2005 to Feb. 4, 2005
ISBN: 0-7695-2263-7

Workshop Introductions (PDF)

pp. xxi-xxx
Workshop 1: IPv6 Deployment Status and Challenges Part I

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Session 1: Security I

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pp. null

A Proposal of Configuring IPv6 End-to-End Secure Channels for Closed Members (Abstract)

Katsuyuki Yamazaki , KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
Yuichiro Hei , KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
pp. 6-9

Automatic IPSec Security Association Negotiation in Mobile-Oriented IPv6 Networks (Abstract)

S. Giordano , University of Pisa
S. Lucetti , University of Pisa
G. Risi , University of Pisa
N. Bonelli , University of Pisa
A. Tomasi , University of Pisa
pp. 14-17
Session 2: Security II

null (PDF)

pp. null

IPv6 Distributed Security: Problem Statement (Abstract)

Alvaro Vives , CONSULINTEL
pp. 18-21

Deployment of AAA Infrastructures in IPv6 Networks (Abstract)

Rafael Mar? L?pez , University of Murcia
Antonio F. G?mez Skarmeta , University of Murcia
Gregorio Mart?nez P?rez , University of Murcia
pp. 26-29
Session 3: Deployment Experiences I

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pp. null

JGN II (Japan Gigabit Network II): A Research and Development System for Advanced Broadband Networks (Abstract)

Ichiro Yamauchi , NTT Communications Corp.
Junichi Shimada , National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Yukiji Mikamo , NICT Okayama Research Center
Takashi Miyake , Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts
Kazumasa Kobayashi , Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts
Hiroshi Esaki , University of Tokyo
pp. 34-37

IPv6 over the Silk Satellite Network (Abstract)

Peter T. Kirstein , University College London
Hans Frese , DESY
pp. 42-45
Session 4: Deployment Experiences II

null (PDF)

pp. null

IPv6 Campus Transition Experiences (Abstract)

Tim Chown , University of Southampton
pp. 46-49

An IPv6 Internet Exchange Model: Lessons from Euro6IX Project (Abstract)

David Fernandez , University of Madrid
Mario Morelli , Telecom Italia
Jordi Palet , Consulintel
Antonio Skarmeta , University of Murcia
pp. 50-53

Status of IPv6 (Information and Workshop) (Abstract)

Peter Bieringer , German IPv6 Task-Force
pp. 54-57
Workshop 1: IPv6 Deployment Status and Challenges Part II

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 5: Transition and Network Services

null (Abstract)

pp. null

Source Specific Multicast (SSM) with IPv6 (Abstract)

Tim Chown , University of Southampton
Stig Venaas , UNINETT
pp. 64-67

Easing the Transition to IPv6 (Abstract)

Miguel Angel Díaz , CONSULINTEL
pp. 68-71

Design and Implementation of Mobility Mechanisms for Mobile IPv6-Based Link Aggregation System (Abstract)

Hiroshi Mineno , Shizuoka University
Susumu Ishihara , Shizuoka University
Kazumasa Ogi , Shizuoka University
Tomohiro Masuda , Shizuoka University
pp. 72-75
Session 6: Applications and Services

null (PDF)

pp. null

Development and Deployment of IPv6-Based SIP VoIP Networks (Abstract)

Quincy Wu , National Chiao Tung University
Whai-En Chen , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 76-79

Issues of Control Networks when Introducing IP (Abstract)

Nobuo Okabe , Yokogawa Electric Corporation
pp. 80-83

IPv6 for Home Automation (Abstract)

Francisco Ortiz , CONSULINTEL
pp. 84-87
Workshop 2: Network Security Threats and Countermeasures

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 1: Detection of Network Attacks

null (PDF)

pp. null

Accuracy Improvement of Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection System Using Taguchi Method (Abstract)

Masamichi Tateoka , Toshiba Solutions Corporation
Toru Konno , Toshiba Solutions Corporation
pp. 90-93

Distributed Intrusion Detection for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Yichuan Jiang , Fudan University
Ping Yi , Fudan University
Yiping Zhong , Fudan University
Shiyong Zhang , Fudan University
pp. 94-97

Detecting DDoS Attacks by Analyzing Client Response Patterns (Abstract)

Yuji Soejima , NTT Corporation
Hitoshi Fuji , NTT Corporation
Eric Y. Chen , NTT Corporation and University of Tokyo
pp. 98-101

Using Stochastic Game Theory to Compute the Expected Behavior of Attackers (Abstract)

S. J. Knapskog , Norwegian University of Science and Technology
K. Sallhammar , Norwegian University of Science and Technology
B. E. Helvik , Norwegian University of Science and Technology
pp. 102-105
Session 2: Threats and Solutions

null (PDF)

pp. null

A Flexible Framework for Access Control Based on Ability Authentication (Abstract)

Fabio Dianda , Istituto di Informatica e Telematica C.N.R.
Anna Vaccarelli , Istituto di Informatica e Telematica C.N.R.
Fabio Martinelli , Istituto di Informatica e Telematica C.N.R.
Filippo Giuntini , Istituto di Informatica e Telematica C.N.R.
pp. 106-109

Simulation of IP Traceback for the Denial of Service Attack (Abstract)

Katsuji Tsukamoto , Kogakuin University
Toshifumi Kai , Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
Katsuhiro Hirata , Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
Hiroshi Shimizu , Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
Masahito Yamana , Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
Hiroshige Nakatani , Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
pp. 110-113

Spam Filtering with Cryptographic Ad-hoc E-mail Addresses (Abstract)

Jun Miyake , NTT Corporation
Katsumi Takahashi , NTT Corporation
Tsuyoshi Abe , NTT Corporation
Masahisa Kawashima , NTT Corporation
pp. 114-117

Measurement of DNS Traffic Caused by DDoS Attacks (Abstract)

Hirotaka Matsuoka , NTT Corporation
Takehiro Ozaki , NTT Communications
Ichiro Mizukoshi , NTT Communications
Masahiro Ishino , NTT Communications
Katsuyasu Toyama , NTT Corporation
Chika Yoshimura , NTT Communications
Yuichi Sakamoto , NTT Communications
Keisuke Ishibashi , NTT Corporation
Tsuyoshi Toyono , NTT Corporation
pp. 118-121
Workshop 3: Next Generation IP-Based Service Platforms for Future Mobile Systems

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 1: Service Platform Architectures

null (PDF)

pp. null

The Simplicity Project: Architecture Concept (Abstract)

C. Noda , DoCoMo Communication Laboritories Europe
S. Salsano , Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"
W. Keller , DoCoMo Communication Laboritories Europe
R. Seidl , Siemens AG
N. Blefari Melazzi , Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"
pp. 124-127

Architectures of Future Services and Applications for the Mobile User (Abstract)

Bernd Mrohs , Fraunhofer FOKUS
Stephan Steglich , Technical University Berlin
pp. 128-131

Design Principles for Future Service Platforms (Abstract)

Olaf Dr?gehorn , University of Kassel
Klaus David , University of Kassel
pp. 132-135
Session 2: Service Support Platform Enablers

null (PDF)

pp. null

Processing Heterogeneous Context Information (Abstract)

Henk Eertink , Telematica Instituut
Herma van Kranenburg , Telematica Instituut
pp. 140-143

Multi-Handoff Method Using Multiple Routes for Streaming (Abstract)

Hiroumi Fukuda , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yoshinori Sakai , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Katsunori Yamaoka , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 148-151
Workshop 4: Context-Aware Adaptation and Personalization for the Mobile Internet

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 1

null (PDF)

pp. null

Adaptive Semantic Support Provisioning in Mobile Internet Environments (Abstract)

Antonio Corradi , Universit? di Bologna
Rebecca Montanari , Universit? di Bologna
Alessandra Toninelli , Universit? di Bologna
pp. 154-157

Dynamic User Interface Adaptation for Mobile Computing Devices (Abstract)

Mario Bisignano , Università di Catania
Giuseppe Di Modica , Università di Catania
Orazio Tomarchio , Università di Catania
pp. 158-161

Learning User Profile from Traces (Abstract)

Attilio Giordana , Università del Piemonte Orientale
Dino Mendola , Università del Piemonte Orientale
Ugo Galassi , Università del Piemonte Orientale
pp. 166-169
Session 2

null (PDF)

pp. null

Design Patterns for Context-Aware Adaptation (Abstract)

Fernando Lyardet , Technische Universit?t Darmstadt
Silvia Gordillo , Universidad Nacional de La Plata and CICPBA
Gustavo Rossi , Universidad Nacional de La Plata and Conicet
pp. 170-173

A Pattern-Oriented Approach to Enhance Context Infrastructures (Abstract)

Kimmo Raatikainen , Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Cristiano di Flora , University of Naples Federico II
Oriana Riva , Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Stefano Russo , University of Naples Federico II and CINI-ITEM
pp. 174-177

Context-Driven Adaptation of Trust Relationships in Pervasive Collaborative Environments (Abstract)

Daniela Tibaldi , Universit? di Bologna
Rebecca Montanari , Universit? di Bologna
Antonio Corradi , Universit? di Bologna
pp. 178-181
Workshop 5: Ubiquitous Networking and Enablers to Context Aware Services

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 1: Context-Handling Technologies and Systems

null (PDF)

pp. null

A Proposal of User Profile Management Framework for Context-Aware Service (Abstract)

Masaru Honjo , KDDI Corporation
Daisuke Morikawa , KDDI Corporation
Masayoshi Ohashi , KDDI Corporation
Akira Yamaguchi , KDDI Corporation
pp. 184-187

Semantic Platform for Context-Aware Publish/Subscribe M-Commerce (Abstract)

Shlomo Berkovsky , University of Haifa
Yaniv Eytani , University of Haifa
pp. 188-191

Unified Architecture for Managing User Profiles (Abstract)

Kaname Harumoto , Osaka University
Takeshi Okuda , Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Susumu Takeuchi , Osaka University
Shinji Shimojo , Osaka University
Takahiro Miyamoto , Osaka University
pp. 192-195
Session 2: Services and Networking Technologies

null (PDF)

pp. null

A Location-Based Peer-to-Peer Network for Context-Aware Services in a Ubiquitous Environment (Abstract)

Shinya Fukumura , Osaka University
Kaname Harumoto , Osaka University
Yu Kaneko , Osaka University
Shojiro Nishio , Osaka University
Shinji Shimojo , Osaka University
pp. 208-211

Search Mechanism Using Distributed Metadata Caching in P2P Networks (Abstract)

Atsuhiro Kibe , NTT Corporation
Hiroyuki Nakamura , NTT Corporation
Hiroshi Sunaga , NTT Corporation
pp. 212-215
Workshop 6: Teamware: Supporting Scalebable Virtual Teams in Multi-organizational Settings

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 1: Processes in Teamware

null (PDF)

pp. null

Cooperation Policies for Inter-organizational Workflows (Abstract)

Issam Chebbi , GET/INT
Schahram Dustdar , Vienna University of Technology
Samir Tata , GET/INT
pp. 222-225

Mining Workflow Patterns through Event-Data Analysis (Abstract)

Karim Baïna , Université Mohammed V - Souissi
Walid Gaaloul , LORIA - INRIA - CNRS
Sadek Alaoui , Université Mohammed V - Souissi
Claude Godart , LORIA - INRIA - CNRS
pp. 226-229
Session 2: Awareness in Teamware

null (PDF)

pp. null

Awareness-Enabled Coordination (Abstract)

Donald Baker , Telcordia Technologies
Dimitrios Georgakopoulos , Telcordia Technologies
Marian Nodine , Telcordia Technologies
Andrzej Cichocki , Telcordia Technologies
pp. 230-233

A Context-Adaptive Group Awareness Tool (Abstract)

Gérôme Canals , LORIA, INRIA Lorraine
Christophe Bouthier , LORIA, INRIA Lorraine
Julia Bitcheva , LORIA, INRIA Lorraine
pp. 238-241

A User-Oriented Presence Synthesizing System for Facilitating On-Line Communication (Abstract)

Tomonori Aoyama , University of Tokyo
Masato Kawada , University of Tokyo
Hiroyuki Morikawa , University of Tokyo
Nodoka Mimura , University of Tokyo
pp. 242-245
Workshop 7: Modelling and Performance Evaluation for Quality of Service in Next Generation Internet

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 1: Modelling and Performance Evaluation Tools

null (PDF)

pp. null

Some Results for GIX/M/s/c Queues (Abstract)

Ant?nio Pacheco , Instituto Superior T?cnico
F?tima Ferreira , Universidade de Tr?s-os-Montes e Alto Douro
pp. 252-255

A Matrix Pattern Compliant Strong Stochastic Bound (Abstract)

A. Busic , Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines
J. M. Fourneau , Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines
pp. 256-259

Computing Closed-Form Stochastic Bounds on Transient Distributions of Markov Chains (Abstract)

Mouad Ben Mamoun , Université Versailles St Quentin and Université Mohammed V
Nihal Pekergin , Université Versailles St Quentin and Université Paris 1
pp. 260-263

Improving Stochastic Model Checking with Stochastic Bounds (Abstract)

N. Pekergin , Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines and Universit Paris 1
S. Younes , Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines
J. M. Fourneau , Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines
pp. 264-267

Bounded Relative Efficiency in Rare Event Simulation (Abstract)

H. Cancela , Universidad de la República Montevideo
pp. 272-275
Session 2: New Algorithms and Case Studies for Internet QoS

null (PDF)

pp. null

Optimization of Scheduling Algorithms Parameters in a DiffServ Environment (Abstract)

R. Secchi , University of Pisa
M. Pagano , University of Pisa
D. Adami , University of Pisa
S. Giordano , University of Pisa
pp. 276-279

On the Use of the Schwarz Information Criterion for Analysis and Segmentation of Non-Stationary LRD Traffic (Abstract)

David Rincón , Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Sebastià Sallent , Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
pp. 280-283

Performance Modelling of a Wireless 4G Cell under GPS Scheme (Abstract)

Irfan Awan , University of Bradford
Yue Li , University of Bradford
Demetres Kouvatsos , University of Bradford
pp. 284-287

Analysis of fGn and http Requests Traces Using Localized Multiscale H Parameter Estimation (Abstract)

Przemyslaw Glomb , Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics
pp. 288-291

On Optical Packet Format and Traffic Characteristics (Abstract)

Tülin Atmaca , Institut National des Telecommunications
Daniel Popa , Institut National des Telecommunications
pp. 292-295

The Influence of Traffic Self-Similarity on QoS Mechanisms (Abstract)

Joanna Domańska , Polish Academy of Sciences
Tadeusz Czachórski , Polish Academy of Sciences
Adam Domański , Silesian Technical University
pp. 300-303
Workshop 8: Computer Intelligence for Exabyte Scale Data Explosion

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 1

null (PDF)

pp. null

Peculiarity Oriented Multi-Aspect Brain Data Analysis for Studying Human Multi-Perception Mechanism (Abstract)

Ning Zhong , Maebashi Institute of Technology
Jing-Long Wu , Kagawa University
Shinichi Motomura , Maebashi Institute of Technology
pp. 306-309

A Scalable Multi-Replication Framework for Data Grid (Abstract)

Satoshi Matsuoka , Tokyo Institute of Technology & NII
Yasuhito Takamiya , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hidemoto Nakada , National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Shin?ichiro Takizawa , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 310-315

The Future Direction of New Computing Environment for Exabyte Data in the Business World (Abstract)

Yukinobu Hamuro , Osaka Sangyo University
Kazuhiro Kishiya , Kansai University
Naoki Katoh , Kyoto University
Katsutoshi Yada , Kansai University
pp. 316-319

Designing a Rule-Based Environment to Interoperate Life-Scientific Ontologies for Drug Discovery (Abstract)

Hideo Matsuda , Osaka University
Takahiro Kosaka , Osaka University
Susumu Date , Osaka University
Shinji Shimojo , Osaka University
pp. 324-327
Session 2

null (PDF)

pp. null

Inductive Logic Programming for Structure-Activity Relationship Studies on Large Scale Data (Abstract)

Masayuki Numao , Osaka University
Takashi Okada , Kwansei Gakuin University
Sukree Sinthupinyo , Osaka University
Cholwich Nattee , Osaka University
pp. 332-335

Learning Logic Wrappers for Information Extraction from the Web (Abstract)

Costin Bădică , University of Craiova
Elvira Popescu , University of Craiova
Amelia Bădică , University of Craiova
pp. 336-339

A Framework of Numerical Basket Analysis (Abstract)

Takashi Washio , Osaka University
Atsushi Fujimoto , Osaka University
Hiroshi Motoda , Osaka University
pp. 340-343

A Parallel, Structural Comparison Scheme of Time-Series Implemented on a PC Cluster (Abstract)

Shoji Hirano , Shimane University School of Medicine
Shusaku Tsumoto , Shimane University School of Medicine
pp. 344-347
Workshop 9: E-Business, E-Negotiations and Auctions

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 1: Technologies and E-Business Development

null (PDF)

pp. null

Automatic Classification and Re-Classification of Product Data in e-Business (Abstract)

Axel Hahn , University of Oldenburg
Sven Abels , University of Oldenburg
pp. 350-353

Application of Web Services Security Using Travel Industry Model (Abstract)

Takeshi Ishizaki , Hitachi, Ltd.
Michiko Oba , Hitachi, Ltd.
Kojiro Nakayama , Hitachi, Ltd.
pp. 358-361

Web Services as a Tool for Information Systems Effectiveness (Abstract)

Khaled Mellouli , LARODEC, IHEC de Carthage
Sami Mahfoudhi , LARODEC, IHEC de Carthage
Rim Faiz , LARODEC, IHEC de Carthage
pp. 362-365

A General Framework for Food Traceability (Abstract)

A. Tomasi , University of Pisa
F. Marcelloni , University of Pisa
M.G.C.A. Cimino , University of Pisa
A. Bechini , University of Pisa
B. Lazzerini , University of Pisa
pp. 366-369
Session 2: E-Business and Management

null (PDF)

pp. null

An Exploratory Study of the Non-Participation to the Surveys in Online Access Panels: What are the Profiles of Non-Guarantors? (Abstract)

Jacques Arlotto , Institut National des T?l?communications Evry
Philippe Jourdan , Institut Universitaire de Technologie Evry
pp. 374-377
Session 3: New Services and e-Markets

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 4: Auctions

null (PDF)

pp. null

Visualization Methods Using Three-Dimensional Space for Auctions (Abstract)

Mitsuhiro Yuitou , NTT Information Sharing Laboratory Group
Tetsuo Hidaka , NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories
Yutaka Hirakawa , NTT Service Integration Laboratories
Tetsushi Morita , NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories
pp. 396-399

Modeling Approach for Auction Based Markets (Abstract)

Juho Mäkiö , University of Karlsruhe
Ilka Weber , University of Karlsruhe
pp. 400-403

Online Auctions: Insights into the First Bidder Discount (Abstract)

Ilka Weber , University of Karlsruhe
pp. 404-407
Workshop 10: Cyberspace Technologies and Societies — Part I

null (PDF)

pp. null
Session 1: Cyberspace Applications

null (PDF)

pp. null

Modeling Physical Hypermedia Applications (Abstract)

Silvia Gordillo , Universidad Nacional de La Plata and CICPBA
Fernando Lyardet , Technische Universit?t Darmstadt
Gustavo Rossi , Universidad Nacional de La Plata and Conicet
pp. 410-413

Application on Interactive Media to Support the Activity in Cultural Community (Abstract)

Junya Ueda , KEIO University SFC
Naohito Okude , KEIO University SFC
Tetsuya Hamada , KEIO University SFC
pp. 414-417

Temporal Queries over World Wide Web (Abstract)

Jun Oyano , Chiba University of Commerce
Nobuo Saito , Keio University
pp. 418-421
Session 2: Cyberspace Knowledge and Databases

null (PDF)

pp. null

InfoPrint: A View of Retrieval Results for Image Retrieval System (Abstract)

Yuki Namikawa , Ritsumeikan University
Yu Suzuki , Ritsumeikan University
Kyoji Kawagoe , Ritsumeikan University
pp. 422-425
Session 3: Cyberspace Infrastructure and Governance

null (PDF)

pp. null

A Support System for Service Promotion in Business Oriented NPOs Using E-Community Currency (Abstract)

Shoko Miyagawa , Keio University and NPO CaCanet Fukuoka
Kazutaka Akiyama , Keio Univerity
Fumiko Uryuu , NPO CCCNET
Shigeichiro Yamasaki , Kinki University and Keio University
Michiko Higo , NPO CCCNET
pp. 452-455

A New Design Approach Using the Robustness Analysis for Tangible Systems (Abstract)

Naohito Okude , KEIO University
Satoru Hashimoto , KEIO University
Keigo Aoki , KEIO University
pp. 460-463
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