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Recognition, Analysis, & Tracking of Faces & Gestures in Real -Time Systems, IEEE ICCV Workshop on (1999)
Corfu, Greece
Sept. 26, 1999 to Sept. 27, 1999
ISSN: 1530-1044
ISBN: 0-7695-0378-0

Preface (PDF)

pp. viii
Session I - Face Detection

Robust Tracking and Compression for Video Communication (Abstract)

James L. Crowley , INRIA Rh?ne-Alpes,
Karl Schwerdt , INRIA Rh?ne-Alpes,
pp. 2

Face Location by Template Matching with a Quadratic Discriminant Functio (Abstract)

Frank Weber , Plettac Electronic Security GmbH
Alfredo Herrera Hernández , Plettac Electronic Security GmbH
pp. 10
Poster Session

Fusion of 2D Face Alignment and 3D Head Pose Estimation for Robust and Real-Time Performance (Abstract)

Jamie Sherrah , Queen Mary and Westfield College
Shaogang Gong , Queen Mary and Westfield College
pp. 24

Recognition of Gestures Using Morphological Features of Networks Made Of Gesture Motion Images and Word Sequences (Abstract)

Hiroaki Yabe , Tsukuba Reseach Center
Takuichi Nishimura , Tsukuba Reseach Center
Ryuichi Oka , Tsukuba Reseach Center
Toshiro Mukai , Multimodal Functions Sharp Lab
pp. 39

Face Recognition From Profiles Using Morphological Operations (Abstract)

Zdravko Liposcak , Ministry of the Interior
Sven Loncaric , University of Zagreb,
pp. 47

Face Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis of Gabor Filter Responses (Abstract)

Ki-chung Chung , Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology,
Seok Cheol Kee , Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology,
Sang Ryong Kim , Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology,
pp. 53

A Parallel Algorithm for Dynamic Gesture Tracking (Abstract)

Francis Quek , Wright State University
Xin-Feng Ma , Wright State University
Robert Bryll , Wright State University
pp. 64

Gaze Detection via Self-Organizing Gray-Scale Units (Abstract)

Margrit Betke , Boston College
Jun Kawai , Boston College
pp. 70

Real-Time Stereo Face Tracking System for Visual Human Interfaces (Abstract)

Yoshio Matsumoto , Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Alexander Zelinsky , The Australian National University
pp. 77

Tracking and Pursuing Persons with a Mobile Robot (Abstract)

Stefan Feyrer , University of Tuebingen
Andreas Zell , University of Tuebingen
pp. 83

Efficient Content-Based Retrieval of Humans from Video Databases (Abstract)

Nikolaos Doulamis , National Technical University of Athens
Anastasios Doulamis , National Technical University of Athens
Stefanos Kollias , National Technical University of Athens
pp. 89

Detection and Tracking of Faces in Real Environments (Abstract)

R. Herpers , University of Toronto and University of Applied Sciences
G. Verghese , University of Toronto
K. Derpanis , University of Toronto
R. McCready , University of Toronto
J. MacLean , University of Toronto
A. Levin , University of Toronto
D. Topalovic , University of Toronto
L. Wood , University of Toronto
A. Jepson , University of Toronto
J.~k. Tsotsos , University of Toronto
pp. 96

Recognizing Faces in Broadcast Video (Abstract)

A.W. Senior , IBM T.J.Watson Research Center,
pp. 105

Real-Time Online Adaptive Gesture Recognition (Abstract)

Andrew D. Wilson , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Aaron F. Bobick , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 111
Session II - Hand Gesture Recognition

Computer Vision for Television and Games (Abstract)

W.T. Freeman , Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab
pp. 118

Real-Time Context-Based Gesture Recognition Using HMM and Automaton (Abstract)

Yoshio Iwai , Osaka University
Hiroaki Shimizu , Osaka University
Masahiko Yachida , Osaka University
pp. 127
Session III - Face Tracking

Affine Real-Time Face Tracking Using a Wavelet Network (Abstract)

Volker Krueger , Christian-Albrechts University Kiel
Alexander Happe , Christian-Albrechts University Kiel
Gerald Sommer , Christian-Albrechts University Kiel
pp. 141
Session IV - Hand Detection and Tracking

Robust Finger Tracking with Multiple Cameras (Abstract)

Cullen Jennings , University of British Columbia
pp. 152

Robust Real-Time Human Hand Localization by Self-Organizing Color Segmentation (Abstract)

Ying Wu , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Qiong Liu , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Thomas S. Huang , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 161
Session V - 3D Face Modeling

Digital Clones and Virtual Celebrities: Facial Tracking, Gesture Recognition and Animation for the Movie Industry (Abstract)

Barnabás Takács , Virtual Celebrity Productions
Thomas Fromherz , Virtual Celebrity Productions
Steve Tice , Virtual Celebrity Productions
pp. 169

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