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Parallel and Large-Data Visualization and Graphics, IEEE Symposium on (2001)
San Diego, California
Oct. 22, 2001 to Oct. 23, 2001
ISBN: 0-7803-7223-9
Preface (PDF)
pp. 5-6
Keynote Address
Russell J. Turner , Celera Genomics Corporation
Kabir Chaturvedi , Celera Genomics Corporation
Nathan J. Edwards , Celera Genomics Corporation
Daniel Fasulo , Celera Genomics Corporation
Aaron L. Halpern , Celera Genomics Corporation
Daniel H. Huson , Celera Genomics Corporation
Oliver Kohlbacher , Celera Genomics Corporation
Jason R. Miller , Celera Genomics Corporation
Knut Reinert , Celera Genomics Corporation
Karin A. Remington , Celera Genomics Corporation
Russell Schwartz , Celera Genomics Corporation
Brian Walenz , Celera Genomics Corporation
Shibu Yooseph , Celera Genomics Corporation
Sorin Istrail , Celera Genomics Corporation
pp. 7-18
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 145
Surfaces and Photorealism
Tamal K. Dey , Ohio State University
Joachim Giesen , Ohio State University
James Hudson , Ohio State University
pp. 19-27
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 146
Erik Reinhard , University of Utah
Peter Shirley , University of Utah
Charles Hansen , University of Utah
pp. 29-35
Vector Field Visualization
Patricia Crossno , Sandia National Laboratories
Edward Angel , University of New Mexico
David Munich , University of New Mexico
pp. 37-41
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 147
L. M. de la Cruz , Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
I. García , Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
V. Godoy , Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
E. Ramos , Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
pp. 41-44
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 148
Ralph Bruckschen , University of California at Davis
Falko Kuester , University of California at Irvine
Bernd Hamann , University of California at Davis
Kenneth I. Joy , University of California at Davis
pp. 45-50
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 149
Parallel Isosuface and Volume Rendering
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 150
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 151
Jinzhu Gao , Ohio State University
Han-Wei Shen , Ohio State University
pp. 67-74
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 152
Sort-Last Parallel Rendering
Rudrajit Samanta , Princeton University
Thomas Funkhouser , Princeton University
Kai Li , Princeton University
pp. 75-84
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 153
Kenneth Moreland , Sandia National Laboratories
Brian Wylie , Sandia National Laboratories
Constantine Pavlakos , Sandia National Laboratories
pp. 85-92
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 154
Hardware Assisted Unstructured Volume Rendering
Jeremy Meredith , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Kwan-Liu Ma , University of California at Davis
pp. 93-100
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 155
Janine Bennett , University of California at Davis and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Richard Cook , University of California at Davis and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Nelson Max , University of California at Davis and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Deborah May , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Peter Williams , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 101-106
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 156
Specialized Archiectures for Structured Volume Rendering
M. Mei?ner , University of Tübingen
S. Grimm , University of Tübingen
W. Stra?er , University of Tübingen
J. Packer , ClearSpeed Technology Ltd.
D. Latimer , ClearSpeed Technology Ltd.
pp. 107-114
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 157
Santiago Lombeyda , California Institute of Technology
Laurent Moll , Compaq Computer Corporation
Mark Shand , Compaq Computer Corporation
David Breen , California Institute of Technology
Alan Heirich , Compaq Computer Corporation
pp. 115-122
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 158
Panel Discussion
Software Infrastructure for Parallel Visualization
C. Charles Law , Kitware Incorporated
Amy Henderson , Kitware Incorporated
James Ahrens , Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 125-128
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 159
Dirk Bartz , University of Tübingen
Dirk Staneker , University of Tübingen
Wolfgang Stra?er , University of Tübingen
Brian Cripe , Hewlett-Packard Company
Tom Gaskins , Hewlett-Packard Company
Kristann Orton , Hewlett-Packard Company
Michael Carter , Engineering Animation Inc.
Andreas Johannsen , Engineering Animation Inc.
Jeff Trom , Engineering Animation Inc.
pp. 129-134
Color Plate (PDF)
pp. 160
Author Index (PDF)
pp. 137
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