The Community for Technology Leaders
Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks, IEEE International Workshop on (2003)
Lake Como, Italy
June 4, 2003 to June 6, 2003
ISBN: 0-7695-1933-4

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Specification and Analysis

Using UML and Maude for Writing and Reasoning about ODP Policies (Abstract)

Francisco Dur? , Universidad de M?laga, Spain
Javier Herrador , Universidad de M?laga, Spain
Antonio Vallecillo , Universidad de M?laga, Spain
pp. 15

Using Event Calculus to Formalise Policy Specification and Analysis (Abstract)

Arosha K Bandara , Imperial College London
Emil C Lupu , Imperial College London
Alessandra Russo , Imperial College London
pp. 26
Networks and Mobile Systems

Prediction-Based Policy Adaptation for QoS Management in Wireless Networks (Abstract)

N. Samaan , University of Ottawa
A. Karmouch , University of Ottawa
pp. 43

PECAN: Policy-Enabled Configuration Across Networks (Abstract)

Ritu Chadha , Telcordia Technologies
Yuu-Heng Cheng , Telcordia Technologies
Thanh Cheng , Telcordia Technologies
Shrirang Gadgil , Telcordia Technologies
Abdelhakim Hafid , Telcordia Technologies
Keith Kim , Telcordia Technologies
Gary Levin , Telcordia Technologies
Narayanan Natarajan , Telcordia Technologies
Kirthika Parmeswaran , Telcordia Technologies
Alexander Poylisher , Telcordia Technologies
John Unger , Telcordia Technologies
pp. 52

A Policy Language for a Pervasive Computing Environment (Abstract)

Lalana Kagal , University of Maryland Baltimore County
Tim Finin , University of Maryland Baltimore County
Anupam Joshi , University of Maryland Baltimore County
pp. 63
Short Papers 1

Analysis of Integrity Policies using Soft Constraints (Abstract)

Stefano Bistarelli , Universit? di Pescara, Italy
Simon N. Foley , Department of Computer Science, Cork, Ireland.
pp. 77

X -TNL: An XML-based Language for Trust Negotiations (Abstract)

E. Bertino , Universita? degli Studi di Milano
E. Ferrari , Universita? degli Studi dell?Insubria, Como
A. Squicciarini , Universita? degli Studi di Milano
pp. 81

Towards Policy-based Information Management for the Joint BattleSpace InfoSphere (Abstract)

R. Cherinka , The MITRE Corporation
C. Wild , The MITRE Corporation
D. Allen , The MITRE Corporation
C. Smith , The MITRE Corporation
Y. Zhang , The MITRE Corporation
R. Panek , The MITRE Corporation
S. Semy , The MITRE Corporation
pp. 85

A Toolkit-Based Approach to Policy-Managed Storage (Abstract)

Murthy Devarakonda , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Alla Segal , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
David Chess , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
pp. 89

KAoS Policy and Domain Services: Toward a Description-Logic Approach to Policy Representation, Deconfliction, and Enforcement (Abstract)

A. Uszok , Univ. West Florida
J. Bradshaw , Univ. West Florida
R. Jeffers , Univ. West Florida
N. Suri , Univ. West Florida
P. Hayes , Univ. West Florida
M. Breedy , Univ. West Florida
L. Bunch , Univ. West Florida
M. Johnson , Univ. West Florida
S. Kulkarni , Univ. West Florida
J. Lott , Univ. West Florida
pp. 93
Access Control

Policy Contexts: Controlling Information Flow in Parameterised RBAC (Abstract)

Andr? Belokosztolszki , University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
David M. Eyers , University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
Ken Moody , University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
pp. 99

Towards Automated Negotiation of Access Control Policies (Abstract)

Vijay G. Bharadwaj , University of Maryland
John S. Baras , University of Maryland
pp. 111
Security and Privacy

Spatial Policies for Sentient Mobile Applications (Abstract)

David Scott , University of Cambridge Department of Engineering
Alastair Beresford , University of Cambridge Department of Engineering
Alan Mycroft , University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
pp. 147

Analyzing Security-Enhanced Linux Policy Specifications (Abstract)

Myla Archer , Naval Research Laboratory
Elizabeth Leonard , Naval Research Laboratory
Matteo Pradella , Politecnico di Milano
pp. 158
Policy Management in the Large

Toward Explicit Policy Management for Virtual Organizations (Abstract)

Glenn Wasson , University of Virginia
Marty Humphrey , University of Virginia
pp. 173

Towards Federated Policy Management (Abstract)

Richard Hull , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Bharat Kumar , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Daniel Lieuwen , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
pp. 183

Policy Based Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions (Abstract)

D. W. Chadwick , University of Salford
D. Mundy , University of Salford
pp. 197

Policy-Driven Licensing Model for Component Software (Abstract)

Qian Zhao , University of Western Ontario
Yu Zhou , University of Western Ontario
Mark Perry , University of Western Ontario
pp. 219
Short Papers 2

Inter-Domains policy negociation (Abstract)

pp. 239

A PBNM System for Integrated QoS and Multicast Management (Abstract)

Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS
Leandro Vaguetti , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS
Maria Janilce Bosquiroli Almeida , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS
Liane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS
pp. 243

Enforcement of Communications Policies in Software Agent Systems through Mobile Code (Abstract)

Niranjan Suri , University of West Florida; Lancaster University
Marco Carvalho , University of West Florida
Jeffrey M. Bradshaw , University of West Florida
Maggie R. Breedy , University of West Florida
Thomas B. Cowin , University of West Florida
Paul T. Groth , University of West Florida
Raul Saavedra , University of West Florida
Andrzej Uszok , University of West Florida
pp. 247

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