The Community for Technology Leaders
Parallel Interconnects, International Conference on (1999)
Anchorage, Alaska
Oct. 17, 1999 to Oct. 19, 1999
ISSN: 1530-1397
ISBN: 0-7695-0440-X
Session I: System Demonstrations: Chair: Marc Christensen, Applied Photonics, Inc.

Optoelectronic Component, Integration and Packaging Technology Advancements, and their Impact on Massively Parallel Interconnects (Abstract)

Yue Liu , Honeywell Technology Center
John Lehman , Honeywell Technology Center
Allen Cox , Honeywell Technology Center
Mary Hibbs-Brenner , Honeywell Technology Center
pp. 3

A Network Switch Using Optical Interconnection for High Performance Parallel Computing Using PCs (Abstract)

Shinji Nishimura , RWCP Tsukuba Research Center
Tomohiro Kudoh , RWCP Tsukuba Research Center
Hiroaki Nishi , RWCP Tsukuba Research Center
Katsuyoshi Harasawa , Hitachi Communication Systems Inc.
Nobuhiro Matsudaira , Hitachi Communication Systems Inc.
Shigeto Akutsu , Hitachi Communication Systems Inc.
Koji Tasyo , Synagetech Inc.
Hideharu Amano , Keio University
pp. 5

High Speed Parallel Multi-Chip Interconnection with Free Space Optics (Abstract)

Xuezhe Zheng , University of California at San Diego
Philippe J. Marchand , University of California at San Diego
Dawei Huang , University of California at San Diego
Sadik C. Esener , University of California at San Diego
pp. 13

The Gemini Interconnect: Data Path Measurements and Performance Analysis (Abstract)

Ch'ng Shi Baw , Washington University
Roger D. Chamberlain , Washington University
Mark A. Franklin , Washington University
Michael G. Wrighton , Washington University
pp. 21
Session II: Smart Pixel-Based Technology and Concepts: Chair: A. Cox, Honeywell Technology Center

Optical Interconnects Based on Hybrid CMOS/VCSEL Arrays (Abstract)

Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Richard G. Rozier , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
pp. 33

1 Gb/s VCSEL/CMOS Flip-Chip 2-D-Array Interconnects and Associated Diffractive Optics (Abstract)

George J. Simonis , Army Research Laboratory
John Pham , Army Research Laboratory
Paul H. Shen , Army Research Laboratory
Jagadeesh Pamulapati , Army Research Laboratory
Jiang Liu , Army Research Laboratory
Peter Newman , Army Research Laboratory
W. Lawler , Army Research Laboratory
Joseph Mait , Army Research Laboratory
Wayne Chang , Army Research Laboratory
Bikash Koley , University of Maryland at College Park
K. Amarnath , University of Maryland at College Park
S.S. Saini , University of Maryland at College Park
M. Datta , University of Maryland at College Park
L. Wasiczko , University of Maryland at College Park
Mario Dagenais , University of Maryland at College Park
Dennis Prather , University of Delaware
pp. 43
Session III: Massively Parallel Computing: Chair: Mark Neifeld, University of Arizona

Ultra-Fast Low-Latent Superconductor Packet Switching Networks for Petaflops Computing (Abstract)

D.Y. Zinoviev , State University of New York at Stony Brook
L. Wittie , State University of New York at Stony Brook
pp. 65

A Multi-Layer-Perceptron Neural Network Hardware Based on 3D Massively Parallel Optoelectronic Circuits (Abstract)

Klaus D. Maier , Friedrich-Schiller-University
Clemens Beckstein , Friedrich-Schiller-University
Reinhard Blickhan , Friedrich-Schiller-University
Werner Erhard , Friedrich-Schiller-University
Dietmar Fey , Friedrich-Schiller-University
pp. 73
Session IV: Modeling and Simulation: Chair: Joseph Mait, US Army Research Lab

An ADEPT Performance Model of the Mercury RACEway Crossbar Interconnection Network (Abstract)

Gang Han , University of Virginia
James H. Aylor , University of Virginia
Robert H. Klenke , Virginia Commonwealth University
pp. 83

Modeling Free Space Optoelectronic Interconnects (Abstract)

Jose A. Martinez , University of Pittsburgh
Steven P. Levitan , University of Pittsburgh
Timothy P. Kurzweg , University of Pittsburgh
Eric N. Reiss , University of Pittsburgh
Michael T. Shomsky , University of Pittsburgh
Donald M. Chiarulli , University of Pittsburgh
Philippe J. Marchand , University of California at San Diego
pp. 98
Session V: Algorithms: Chair: William Terrell, Troika Design, Inc.

On Worst Case Analysis of Permutation Routing on Data Manipulators (Abstract)

Ehab S. Elmallah , University of Alberta
Chin-Hung Lam , University of Alberta
pp. 125

Matrix Multiplication on the OTIS-Mesh Optoelectronic Computer (Abstract)

Chih-fang Wang , University of Florida
Sartaj Sahni , University of Florida
pp. 131
Session VI: Interconnect Technologies and Packaging: Chair: Rick Lytel, SUN Microsystems

Integrated Micro-Optical Assemblies for Optical Interconnects (Abstract)

Michael R. Feldman , Digital Optics Corporation
Hongtao Han , Digital Optics Corporation
Jared Stack , Digital Optics Corporation
Jay Mathews , Digital Optics Corporation
pp. 141

Versatile Silicon-Oxynitride Planar Lightwave Circuits for Interconnect Applications (Abstract)

G.L. Bona , IBM Research
R. Germann , IBM Research
F. Horst , IBM Research
B.J. Offrein , IBM Research
H.W.M. Salemink , IBM Research
pp. 145

MEMS-Based Optical Switch Design for Reconfigurable, Fault-Tolerant Optical Backplanes (Abstract)

Nicholas R. Jankowski , Rowan University
Christopher Bobcowski , Rowan University
David Zipkin , Rowan University
Robert R. Krchnavek , Rowan University
Roger D. Chamberlain , Washington University
pp. 149

Interconnect Signal Channel Density in Fiber Imaging Guides (Abstract)

Raymond K. Kostuk , University of Arizona
James Carrier , University of Arizona
pp. 157

Wireless Data Path for a Mobile, Modular Computer System (Abstract)

Jim R. Gilman , Modubility LLC
Richard A. Livingstonl , Modubility LLC
Kam Chan , Modubility LLC
Takayuki D. Kimura , Washington University
Roger D. Chamberlain , Washington University
pp. 165
Session VII: Parallel Links: Chair: Krishnan Venkitakrishnan, HP Labs

Future I/O (Abstract)

Joe Cowan , Hewlett-Packard
David Garcia , Compaq
Mark Bradley , Adaptec
Kip Potter , Cisco
pp. 238

PAROLI(r)-A Parallel Optical Link with 15 Gbit/s Throughput in a 12-Channel Wide Interconnection (Abstract)

D. Kuhl , Infineon Technologies AG
K. Drögemüller , Infineon Technologies AG
J. Blank , Infineon Technologies AG
M. Ehlert , Infineon Technologies AG
T. Kraeker , Infineon Technologies AG
J. Höhn , Infineon Technologies AG
D. Klix , Infineon Technologies AG
V. Plickert , Infineon Technologies AG
L. Melchior , Infineon Technologies AG
P. Hildebrandt , Infineon Technologies AG
M. Heinemann , Infineon Technologies AG
A. Beier , Infineon Technologies AG
L. Leininger , Infineon Technologies AG
H.-D. Wolf , Infineon Technologies AG
T. Wipiejewski , Osram Opto-Semiconductors
R. Engel , Siemens AG, ICP Communication Cables
pp. 187

From HiPPI-800 to HiPPI-6400: A Changing of the Guard and Gateway to the Future (Abstract)

D. Tolmie , Los Alamos National Laboratory
T.M. Boorman , Los Alamos National Laboratory
A. DuBois , Los Alamos National Laboratory
D. DuBois , Los Alamos National Laboratory
I. Philp , Los Alamos National Laboratory
W. Feng , Los Alamos National Laboratory and Purdue University
pp. 194
Session VIII: Networks: Chair: Ahmed Louri, University of Arizona

Feedback-Based Synchronization for QoS Traffic in Cluster Computing (Abstract)

Hyo Jung Song , University of California at San Diego
Andrew Chien , University of California at San Diego
pp. 205

Disk Write Caching with an Optical Network (Abstract)

Enrique V. Carrera , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Ricardo Bianchini , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and University of Rochester
pp. 213

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