The Community for Technology Leaders
Workshop on Physics and Computation (1992)
Dallas, TX, USA
Oct. 2, 1992 to Oct. 4, 1992
ISBN: 0-8186-3420-0

Information is Physical (PDF)

R. Landauer , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
pp. 1-4

What Are Nature's "natural" Ways Of Computing? (PDF)

T. Toffoli , Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
pp. 5-9

Nonlinear Time And The Human Brain (PDF)

F. Turner , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 21-23

Physics Of Computational Abstraction (PDF)

D.J. Matzke , Texas Instruments Incorporated
pp. 34-41

Theory Of Thermodynamics Of Computation (PDF)

Ming Li , University of Waterloo
pp. 42-46

Computational Entropies (PDF)

J.M. Fernandez , University of Toronto
pp. 47-51

Physical Laws And Information Content (PDF)

C.F. Boyle , CDEC, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 52-57

The Energy Content Of Knowledge (PDF)

T.W. Lynch , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 78-82

Landauer's Principle And Black-hole Entropy (PDF)

C. Fuchs , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
pp. 86-92

Use Of Information Theory In Molecular Biology (PDF)

T.D. Schneider , National Cancer Institute
pp. 102-110

Computational Biosequence Analysis By Neural Networks (PDF)

S. Brunak , The Technical University of Denmark
pp. 111-115

A New Cosmogony (PDF)

E. Fredkin , Boston University
pp. 116-121

Drift, Diffusion And Boltzmann Distribution In Simple Genetic Algorithm (PDF)

H. Kargupta , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 137-145

Storage And Retrieval Of Quantum Information (PDF)

A. Peres , Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
pp. 155-158

Quantum Neurodynamics Or "where Is The State Vector" (PDF)

R.L. Dawes , Martingale Research Corporation
pp. 159-165

Linear Logic For Generalized Quantum Mechanics (PDF)

V. Pratt , Stanford University
pp. 166-180

Physical Meaning Of Computation (PDF)

K. Igeta , Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
pp. 184-191

Computation And Quantum Superposition (PDF)

R. Jozsa , Universite de Montreal
pp. 192-194

Oracle Quantum Computing (PDF)

A. Berthiaume , Universite de Montreal
pp. 195-199

Cryptographic Primitives And Quantum Theory (PDF)

C. Crepeau , I'Ecole Normale Superieure
pp. 200-204

On Convolution (PDF)

D.B. Benson , Washington State University
pp. 205-209

Competition As An Organizational Principle For Massively Parallel Computers? (PDF)

W. Banzhaf , Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.
pp. 229-231

Entropy, Fault Tolerance, And Multi Computer Networks (PDF)

P.L. Patterson , E-Systems Medical Electronics, Inc.
pp. 232-236

Physics Analogs In Communication Models (PDF)

J.D. Touch , USC / Information Sciences Institute
pp. 248-252

A Bridge Of Bits (PDF)

N. Margolus , Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
pp. 253-257

Gain In Nanoelectronic Devices (PDF)

W.R. Frensley , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 258-261

Information In Dynamics (PDF)

N. Gershenfeld , MIT Media Laboratory
pp. 276-280

Function Optimization Based On Advanced Simulated Annealing (PDF)

B. Rosen , The University of Texas at San Antonio
pp. 289-293

Quantum Statistical Inference (PDF)

R.N. Silver , Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 315-326

Author index (PDF)

pp. 327
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