The Community for Technology Leaders
Computer Graphics and Applications, Pacific Conference on (1999)
Seoul, Korea
Oct. 5, 1999 to Oct. 7, 1999
ISBN: 0-7695-0293-8

Preface (PDF)

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Reviewers (PDF)

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Opening Session (PDF)

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Keynote Address

Science of Computer Graphics (Abstract)

Tosiyasu L. Kunii , Hosei University and Institute for Digital Art and Science (IDAS)
pp. 2
Session 1: Rendering

Automatic Camera Placement for Image-Based Modeling (Abstract)

Shachar Fleishman , Tel-Aviv University
Daniel Cohen-Or , Tel-Aviv University
Dani Lischinski , The Hebrew University
pp. 12

Automatic Creation of Object Hierarchies for Radiosity Clustering (Abstract)

Gordon Müller , Technical University of Braunschweig
Stephan Schäfer , Technical University of Braunschweig
Dieter W. Fellner , Technical University of Braunschweig
pp. 21
Session 2: Computer Animation

On-line Motion Retargetting (Abstract)

Kwang-Jin Choi , Seoul National University
Hyeong-Seok Ko , Seoul National University
pp. 32

A Speech Driven Talking Head System Based on a Single Face Image (Abstract)

I-Chen Lin , National Taiwan University
Cheng-Sheng Hung , National Taiwan University
Tzong-Jer Yang , National Taiwan University
Ming Ouhyoung , National Taiwan University
pp. 43

Motion Generator Approach to Translating Human Motion from Video to Animation (Abstract)

Tsukasa Noma , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kyoji Oishi , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Hiroshi Futsuhara , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Hiromi Baba , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Takeshi Ohashi , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Toshiaki Ejima , Kyushu Institute of Technology
pp. 50
Session 3: Geometric Computation

Output Sensitive Extraction of Silhouettes from Polygonal Geometry (Abstract)

F. Benichou , Technion, Israel Institute of Technology,
G. Elber , Technion, Israel Institute of Technology,
pp. 60
Session 4: Swept Volume

Boundary Determination for Trivariate Solids (Abstract)

Kenneth I. Joy , University of California at Davis
Mark A. Duchaineau , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 82

A Scan Line Algorithm for Rendering Curved Tubular Objects (Abstract)

Tomoyuki Nishita , University of Tokyo
Henry Johan , University of Tokyo
pp. 92
Session 5: Invited Paper
Session 6: Geometric Compression

An Improved TIN Compression Using Delaunay Triangulation (Abstract)

Yang-Soo Kim , Pusan National University,
Dong-Gyu Park , Pusan National University,
Ho-Youl Jung , Pusan National University,
Hwan-Gue Cho , Pusan National University,
pp. 118
Session 7: Visualization

An Efficient Wavelet-Based Compression Method for Volume Rendering (Abstract)

Tae-Young Kim , Seoul National University
Yeong Gil Shin , Seoul National University
pp. 147
Session 8: Subdivision Surfaces

Subdivision Surface Fitting to a Range of Points (Abstract)

Hiromasa Suzuki , The University of Tokyo
Shingo Takeuchi , The University of Tokyo
Fumihiko Kimura , The University of Tokyo
pp. 158

Eigenanalysis and Continuity of Non-Uniform Doo-Sabin Surfaces (Abstract)

Kaihuai Qin , Tsinghua University
Huawei Wang , Tsinghua University
pp. 179
Session 9: Surface Reconstruction

Adaptive Parameterization for Reconstruction of 3D Freeform Objects from Laser-Scanned Data (Abstract)

A Fischer , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
A. Manor , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Y. Barhak , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
pp. 188

Reconstruction and Simplification of Surfaces from Contours (Abstract)

Reinhard Klein , Universit?t T?bingen
Andreas Schilling , Universit?t T?bingen
Wolfgang Straßer , Universit?t T?bingen
pp. 198
Session 10: Invited Paper

Modeling and Rendering Methods of Clouds (Abstract)

Tomoyuki Nishita , University of Tokyo
Yoshinori Dobashi , Hiroshima City University
pp. 218
Session 11: Virtual Reality

A Distributed Hybrid Rendering Algorithm for Highly Complex Scenes (Abstract)

Wenting Zheng , Zhejiang University
Hujun Bao , Zhejiang University
Qunsheng Peng , Zhejiang University
Hanqiu Sun , Chinese University of HongKong
pp. 222
Session 12: Rendering

A Method to Generate Wet and Broken-up Animal Fur (Abstract)

Armin Bruderlin , Sony Pictures Imageworks
pp. 242

Volumetric Modeling of Colored Pencil Drawing (Abstract)

Saeko Takagi , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masayuki Nakajima , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Issei Fujishiro , Ochanomizu University
pp. 250
Session 13: Geometric Modeling

A Discrete Spring Model for Generating Fair Curves and Surfaces (Abstract)

A. Yamada , IBM Japan Ltd.
T. Furuhata , IBM Japan Ltd.
K. Shimada , IBM Japan Ltd.
K. Hou , IBM Japan Ltd.
pp. 270

Network-Centric Feature-Based Modeling (Abstract)

Jae Yeol Lee , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Sung Bae Han , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Hyun Kim , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Sang Bong Park , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
pp. 280
Session 14: Geometric Processing

Mesh Approximation Using a Volume-Based Metric (Abstract)

Pierre Alliez , France Telecom
Nathalie Laurent , France Telecom
Henri Sanson , France Telecom
Francis Schmitt , Ecole Nationale Sup?rieure des T?l?communications
pp. 292

Local Injectivity Conditions of 2D and 3D Uniform Cubic B-Spline Functions (Abstract)

Yongchoel Choi , Pohang University of Science and Technology
Seungyong Lee , Pohang University of Science and Technology
pp. 302

Color Plates (Abstract)

pp. 313

Index of Authors (PDF)

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