The Community for Technology Leaders
Computer Graphics and Applications, Pacific Conference on (1998)
Oct. 26, 1998 to Oct. 29, 1998
ISBN: 0-8186-8620-0

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Session 1. Invited Paper
Session 2. Curves and Surfaces
Session 3. Invited Paper
Session 4. Image-based Rendering

Nonlinear View Interpolation (Abstract)

Hujun Bao , Zhejiang University
Li Chen , Zhejiang University
Jianguo Ying , Zhejiang University
Qunsheng Peng , Zhejiang University
pp. 61
Session 5. Volume Rendering and Illumination

An Efficient Shadow Algorithm for Area Light Sources using BSP Trees (Abstract)

Kam-Wah Wong , The University of Hong Kong
Wai-Wan Tsang , The University of Hong Kong
pp. 97
Session 6. Invited Paper
Session 7. Constrained Deformation and Image Generation

General Constrained Deformations based on Generalized Metaballs (Abstract)

Xiaogang Jin , Zhejiang University
Y.F. Li , Zhejiang University
Qunsheng Peng , Zhejiang University
pp. 115
Session 8. Invited Paper
Session 9. Animation

An Efficient Control over Human Running Animation with Extension of Planar Hopper (Abstract)

Young-Min Kang , Pusan National University.
Sun-Jin Park , Pusan National University.
Hwan-Gue Cho , Pusan National University.
Ee-Taek Lee , Electronics Telecommunication Research Institute
pp. 169
Session 10. Meshing and Interface
Poster Papers

Representing Spheres and Ellipsoids Using Periodic NURBS Surfaces with Fewer Control Vertices (Abstract)

Kaihuai Qin , Tsinghua University
Zesheng Tang , Tsinghua University
Wenping Wang , The University of Hong Kong
pp. 210

Color Plates (Abstract)

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Index of Authors (PDF)

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