The Community for Technology Leaders
Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Symposium on (2000)
Limerick, Ireland
June 10, 2000 to June 11, 2000
ISBN: 0-7695-0634-8

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A Principled Approach to Supporting Adaptation in Distributed Mobile Environments (Abstract)

Gordon S. Blair , Lancaster University
Geoff Coulson , Lancaster University
Lynne Blair , Lancaster University
Mike Clarke , Lancaster University
Fabio Costa , Lancaster University
Hector Duran , Lancaster University
Nikos Parlavantzas , Lancaster University
Katia Saikoski , Lancaster University
Anders Andersen , Lancaster University and University of Tromso
pp. 3

A Skeleton-Based Approach for the Design and Implementation of Distributed Virtual Environments (Abstract)

Fethi A. Rabhi , University of New South Wales
Helen Cai , University of Hull
Brian C. Tompsett , University of Hull
pp. 13

Specifying and Verifying Reconfigurable Software Architectures (Abstract)

Virginia C. de Paula , Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
G.R. Ribeiro Justo , University of Westminster
P.R. Freire Cunha , Federal University of Pernambuco
pp. 21

Dynamic Reconfiguration of Component-Based Applications (Abstract)

Thais Batista , Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Noemi Rodriguez , Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
pp. 32

Applying Distributed Object Technology to Network Planning (Abstract)

Tertius D Wessels , University of Pretoria
Judith M Bishop , University of Pretoria
pp. 40

Design of a Virtual Store using Distributed Object Technology (Abstract)

Desmond Chambers , National University of Ireland
Gerard Lyons , National University of Ireland
Jim Duggan , National University of Ireland
pp. 66

A CORBA-Based Architecture for Adding Dependability to Legacy Servers (Abstract)

D. Cotroneo , Universit? degli Studi di Napoli
L. Romano , Universit? degli Studi di Napoli
S. Russo , Universit? degli Studi di Napoli
N. Mazzocca , Universit? degli Studi di Napoli
pp. 76

Filtering and Scalability in the ECO Distributed Event Model (Abstract)

Mads Haahr , Trinity College in Dublin
René Meier , Trinity College in Dublin
Paddy Nixon , Trinity College in Dublin
Vinny Cahill , Trinity College in Dublin
Eric Jul , University of Copenhagen
pp. 83

Scalability Issues in CORBA (Abstract)

P. Manjula Rani , Indian Institute of Technology
A. Vijay Srinivas , Indian Institute of Technology
D Janaki Ram , Indian Institute of Technology
pp. 96

A CSP Model for Java Multithreading (Abstract)

Peter H. Welch , University of Kent at Canterbury
Jeremy M.R. Martin , Oxford Supercomputing Centre
pp. 114

Performance Debugging of Parallel and Distributed Embedded Systems (Abstract)

F.J. Suarez , Universidad de Oviedo
D.F. Garcia , Universidad de Oviedo
J. Garcia , Universidad de Oviedo
pp. 135

Early Evaluation of Design Options for Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Holger Giese , Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universit?
Guido Wirtz , Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universit?
pp. 150

A Formalism for Hierarchical Mobile Agents (Abstract)

Ichiro Satoh , Ochanomizu University and Japan Science and Technology Corporation
pp. 165

Component Location and the Role of Trading in Large Scale Distributed Systems (Abstract)

S. Terzis , University of Dublin
P. Nixon , University of Dublin
pp. 173

Exploratory Visualization of Distributed Computations: A Case Study (Abstract)

Navin Gupta , University of Georgia
Eileen Kraemer , University of Georgia
Maria Chinwala , University of Georgia
David Miller , University of Georgia
Delbert Hart , Washington University in St. Louis
pp. 188

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