The Community for Technology Leaders
Visualization Symposium, IEEE Pacific (2011)
Hong Kong, China
Mar. 1, 2011 to Mar. 4, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61284-935-5
pp: 147-154
We present a method to interactively explore multiple attributes in trajectory data using density maps, i.e., images that show an aggregate overview of massive amounts of data. So far, density maps have mainly been used to visualize single attributes. Density maps are created in a two-way procedure; first smoothed trajectories are aggregated in a density field, and then the density field is visualized. In our approach, the user can explore attributes along trajectories by calculating a density field for multiple subsets of the data. These density fields are then either combined into a new density field or first visualized and then combined. Using a widget, called a distribution map, the user can interactively define subsets in an effective and intuitive way, and, supported by high-end graphics hardware the user gets fast feedback for these computationally expensive density field calculations. We show the versatility of our method with use cases in the maritime domain: to distinguish between periods in the temporal aggregation, to find anomalously behaving vessels, to solve ambiguities in density maps via drill down in the data, and for risk assessments. Given the generic framework and the lack of domain-specific assumptions, we expect our concept to be applicable for trajectories in other domains as well.
interactive systems, cartography, data visualisation, risk assessment, interactive visualization, multivariate trajectory data, density maps, high-end graphics hardware, Trajectory, Image color analysis, Kernel, Data visualization, Rendering (computer graphics), Data models, Lighting, I.3.3 [Computing Methodologies]: Computer Graphics—Picture/Image Generation

"Interactive visualization of multivariate trajectory data with density maps," 2011 IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis)(PACIFICVIS), Hong Kong, 2011, pp. 147-154.
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