The Community for Technology Leaders
Peer-to-Peer Computing, IEEE International Conference on (2002)
Link?ping, Sweden
Sept. 5, 2002 to Sept. 7, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1810-9
Keynote Presentations
Invited Talk
Research Papers

NetProber: A Component for Enhancing Efficiency of Overlay Networks in P2P Systems (Abstract)

Luc Onana Alima , Royal Institute of Technology
Valentin Mesaros , Université Catholique de Louvain
Peter Van Roy , Université Catholique de Louvain
Seif Haridi , Royal Institute of Technology
pp. 25

Scalable, Efficient Range Queries for Grid Information Services (Abstract)

Artur Andrzejak , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Zhichen Xu , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
pp. 33

Building a P2P Forum System with JXTA (Abstract)

Emir Halepovic , University of Saskatchewan
Ralph Deters , University of Saskatchewan
pp. 41

eComP: An Architecture that Supports P2P Networking Among Ubiquitous Computing Devices (Abstract)

Achilles Kameas , Computer Technology Institute
Irene Mavrommati , Computer Technology Institute
Dimitris Ringas , Computer Technology Institute
Prashant Wason , Computer Technology Institute and Indian Institute of Technology
pp. 57

GISP: Global Information Sharing Protocol — A Distributed Index for Peer-to-Peer Systems (Abstract)

Daishi Kato , Stanford University visiting from NEC Corporation
pp. 65

Request Algorithms in Freenet-Style Peer-to-Peer Systems (Abstract)

Jens Mache , Lewis & Clark College
Melanie Gilbert , Lewis & Clark College
Jason Guchereau , Lewis & Clark College
Jeff Lesh , Lewis & Clark College
Felix Ramli , Lewis & Clark College
Matthew Wilkinson , Lewis & Clark College
pp. 90

Integrating Peer-to-Peer Networking and Computing in the AgentScape Framework (Abstract)

Benno J. Overeinder , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Etienne Posthumus , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Frances M.T. Brazier , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
pp. 96

A Scalable and Ontology-Based P2P Infrastructure for Semantic Web Services (Abstract)

Mario Schlosser , Stanford University
Michael Sintek , Stanford University
Stefan Decker , Stanford University
Wolfgang Nejdl , Stanford University
pp. 104

Why Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Does Scale: An Analysis of P2P Traffic Patterns (Abstract)

Rüdiger Schollmeier , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
Gero Schollmeier , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
pp. 112

Multishelf: An Experiment in Peer-to-Peer Infomediation (Abstract)

Zary Segall , University of Oregon
Andrew Fortier , University of Oregon
Gerd Kortuem , University of Oregon
Jay Schneider , Livingnetworks, Inc.
Sean Workman , University of Oregon
pp. 120

Market Structures in Peer Computation Sharing (Abstract)

Mark Senior , University of Saskatchewan
Ralph Deters , University of Saskatchewan
pp. 128

Intelligent Software Delivery Using P2P (Abstract)

Eduard Turcan , Link?pings Universitet
Nahid Shahmehri , Link?pings Universitet
Ross Lee Graham , Link?pings Universitet
pp. 136

Rhubarb: A Tool for Developing Scalable and Secure Peer-to-Peer Applications (Abstract)

Adam Wierzbicki , Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology and Warsaw University of Technology
Robert Strzelecki , Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
Daniel Świerczewski , Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
Mariusz Znojek , Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
pp. 144

Evolving the ASP Business Model: Web Service Provision in the Grid Era (Abstract)

Huinan Xu , University of Surrey
Phil Seltsikas , University of Surrey
pp. 152
Poster Presentations

Towards a Hierarchical, Semantic Peer-to-Peer Topology (PDF)

Roman Kurmanowytsch , Technical University of Vienna
Mehdi Jazayeri , Technical University of Vienna
Engin Kirda , Technical University of Vienna
pp. 167

Dependability Properties of P2P Architectures (PDF)

James Walkerdine , Lancaster University
Lee Melville , Lancaster University
Ian Sommerville , Lancaster University
pp. 173
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Author Index (PDF)

pp. 175
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