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Records of the 2002 IEEE International Workshop on Memory Technology, Design and Testing (2002)
Isle of Bendor, France
July 12, 2002 to July 12, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1617-3
pp. 180
Keynote Address
Session B: Memory BIST Analysis and Application
D. Appello , STMicroelectronics
A. Fudoli , STMicroelectronics
V. Tancorre , STMicroelectronics
F. Corno , Politecnico di Torino
M. Rebaudengo , Politecnico di Torino
M. Sonza Reorda , Politecnico di Torino
pp. 12
F. Karimi , LTX Corporation
F. Lombardi , Northeastern University
pp. 17
Session C: Memory ECC and Soft Errors
D. Rossi , University of Bologna
C. Metra , University of Bologna
B. Riccò , University of Bologna
pp. 27
Bernard Coloma , Atmel Corporation
Patrick Delaunay , Atmel Corporation
Olivier Husson , Atmel Corporation
pp. 32
Session D: High Reliability in Railway and Automotive Systems
B. JACQUES , CSEE Transport
pp. 39
Alberto Manzone , Centro Ricerche FIAT
Diego De Costantini , Centro Ricerche FIAT
pp. 44
Luca Schiano , University of Bologna
Cecilia Metra , University of Bologna
Diego Marino , Alstom Transport Spa
pp. 49
Session E: Embedded Memory Yield Enhancement
Rei-Fu Huang , National Tsing Hua University
Jin-Fu Li , National Tsing Hua University
Jen-Chieh Yeh , National Tsing Hua University
Cheng-Wen Wu , National Tsing Hua University
pp. 68
Keynote Address
Session 1: Embedded Memory Systems and Test Optimization
Robert Gibbins , Nortel Networks
R. Dean Adams , IBM Microelectronics
Thomas Eckenrode , IBM Microelectronics
Michael Ouellette , IBM Microelectronics
Yuejian Wu , Nortel Networks
pp. 83
Masashi Hashimoto , Cadence Design Systems
pp. 88
Session 2: Memory Test Strategies
Said Hamdioui , Intel Corporation and Delft University of Technology
Ad J. van de Goor , Delft University of Technology
Mike Rodgers , Intel Corporation
pp. 95
F. Karimi , LTX Corporation
F. J. Meyer , Northeastern University
F. Lombardi , Northeastern University
pp. 101
Session 3: Fault Modeling
Raja Venkatesh , Paxonet Communications
Sailesh Kumar , Paxonet Communications
Joji Philip , Paxonet Communications
Sunil Shukla , Paxonet Communications
pp. 109
Michael Redeker , University of Alberta
Bruce F. Cockburn , University of Alberta
Duncan G. Elliott , University of Alberta
Yunan Xiang , University of Alberta
Sue Ann Ung , University of Alberta
pp. 117
Michael Redeker , University of Hanover
Bruce F. Cockburn , University of Alberta
Duncan G. Elliott , University of Alberta
pp. 123
Keynote Address
Session 5: EPROM/EEPROM Design
J. M. Portal , ICF/L2MP-UMR CNRS
L. Forli , ICF/L2MP-UMR CNRS and ST-Microelectronics
H. Aziza , ICF/L2MP-UMR CNRS and ST-Microelectronics
D. Née , ST-Microelectronics
pp. 137
Caroline Papaix , ATMEL ROUSSET and Montpellier University
Jean Michel Daga , ATMEL ROUSSET
pp. 149
Session 6: Process Technology and Reliability
T. Devoivre , STMicroelectronics
M. Lunenborg , PHILIPS Semiconductors
C. Julien , STMicroelectronics
J-P. Carrere , STMicroelectronics
P. Ferreira , STMicroelectronics
W. J. Toren , PHILIPS Semiconductors
A. VandeGoor , PHILIPS Semiconductors
P. Gayet , STMicroelectronics
T. Berger , STMicroelectronics
O. Hinsinger , STMicroelectronics
P. Vannier , STMicroelectronics
Y. Rody , PHILIPS Semiconductors
P-J. Goirand , STMicroelectronics
R. Palla , STMicroelectronics
I. Thomas , STMicroelectronics
F. Guyader , STMicroelectronics
D. Roy , STMicroelectronics
B. Borot , STMicroelectronics
N. Planes , STMicroelectronics
S. Naudet , STMicroelectronics
F. Pico , STMicroelectronics
D. Duca , STMicroelectronics
F. Lalanne , STMicroelectronics
D. Heslinga , PHILIPS Semiconductors
M. Haond , STMicroelectronics
pp. 157
Mario R. Casu , Politecnico di Torino
Philippe Flatresse , ST Microelectronics
pp. 163
R. Laffont , L2MP/Polytech-UMR CNRS and ST-Microelectronics
J. Razafindramora , L2MP/Polytech-UMR CNRS
P. Canet , L2MP/Polytech-UMR CNRS
R. Bouchakour , L2MP/Polytech-UMR CNRS
J. M. Mirabel , ST-Microelectronics
pp. 168
Session 7: Advanced Memory Technologies Panel
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