The Community for Technology Leaders
Third International Conference on Medical Information Visualisation--BioMedical Visualisation (2005)
London, England
July 5, 2005 to July 7, 2005
ISBN: 0-7695-2393-5

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Session 1: Bio-Mechanical Modelling and Simulation

Patient-Specific Muscle Models for Surgical Planning (Abstract)

M. Krokos , University of Luton
D. Podgorelec , University of Luton
G. Clapworthy , University of Luton
R. H. Liang , University of Luton
D. Testi , Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli
M. Viceconti , Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli
pp. 3-8
Session 2: Treatment Planning

A Multimodal and Multisensorial Pre-Operative Planning Environment for Total Hip Replacement (Abstract)

D. Testi , Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli
C. Zannoni , Casalecchio di Reno
M. Petrone , Casalecchio di Reno
G. J. Clapworthy , University of Luton
N. G. Tsagarakis , University of Salford
D. G. Caldwell , University of Salford
M. Viceconti , Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli
pp. 25-29

Integration of Haptic and Visual Modalities for a Total Hip Replacement Planning System (Abstract)

R. Mayoral , University of Luton
N.G. Tsagarakis , University of Salford
M. Petrone , Casalecchio di Reno
G.J. Clapworthy , University of Luton
D.G. Caldwell , University of Salford
C. Zannoni , Casalecchio di Reno
pp. 30-35

Warp Assisted Tumour and Target Volume Visualisation in Radiation Therapy (Abstract)

Christopher John Moore , North Western Medical Physics
Philip Sharrock , North Western Medical Physics
pp. 36-43
Session 3: Analytical Visualisation

3D Reconstruction and Visualisation for Exploration of Human Axillary Lymph Nodes (Abstract)

J.R. Maddison , University of Huddersfield
E.C. Paish , University of Nottingham
T. Kurien , University of Nottingham
R.D. Macmillan , Nottingham Breast Institute
A.R. Green , University of Nottingham
G.Y. Tian , University of Huddersfield
I.O. Ellis , University of Nottingham
pp. 55-59

Statistical Analysis for Brain EIT Images Using SPM (Abstract)

Yan Zhang , Middlesex University
Peter J. Passmore , Middlesex University
pp. 60-67
Session 4: Multi-Dimensional Data Visualisation

3-D Visualization System of the Cranium Based on X-ray Images (Abstract)

Jun-Jun Pan , Northwestern Poly-technical University
Yan-ning Zhang , Northwestern Poly-technical University
Hong Zhou , Jiao tong University
David Dagan Feng , Sydney University
pp. 71-76
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