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MASCOTS '99. Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (1999)
College Park, Maryland
Mar. 24, 1999 to Mar. 28, 1999
ISSN: 1526-7539
ISBN: 0-7695-0381-0

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pp. xiii
Session 1: ATM Networks: Session Chair: Patrick Dowd, University of Maryland, USA

The Design and Management of ATM Virtual Path Connection Networks (Abstract)

A. Arvidsson , Ericsson Utvecklings AB
S.A. Berezner , University of Melbourne
A.E. Krzesinski , University of Stellenbosch
pp. 2

Performance and Robustness Testing of Explicit-Rate ABR Flow Control Schemes (Abstract)

Milan Zoranovic , University of Saskatchewan
Carey Williamson , University of Saskatchewan
pp. 10

Using ATM Services for (In)Efficient Support of TCP (Abstract)

Jaroslaw J. Sydir , CPlane Inc.
Nina Taft-Plotkin , Sprint Corporation
Nail Akar , Sprint Corporation
pp. 20
Session 2: Mobile, Wireless and Optical Networks: Session Chair: Rajive Bagrodia, University of California at Los Angeles, USA

TCP Performance and Buffer Provisioning for Internet in Wireless Networks (Abstract)

Hamid Mahmood Syed , Carleton university
Kaushik Das , Carleton university
Michael Devetsikiotis , Carleton university
pp. 48

Fair Scheduling in an Optical Interconnection Network (Abstract)

Ch'ng Shi Baw , Washington University
Roger D. Chamberlain , Washington University
Mark A. Franklin , Washington University
pp. 56
Session 3: Simulation Techniques and Environments: Session Chair: Azzedine Boukerche, University of North Texas, USA

The SimUTC Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems Simulation Toolkit (Abstract)

Bettina Weiss , Technische Universit?t Wien
Günther Gridling , Technische Universit?t Wien
Ulrich Schmid , Technische Universit?t Wien
Klaus Schossmaier , Technische Universit?t Wien
pp. 68

Optimizing Message Aggregation for Parallel Simulation on High Performance Clusters (Abstract)

CongDuc Pham , Universit? Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Carsten Albrecht , Medizinische Universit?t zu L?
pp. 76

SDH Digital Cross-Connect Traffic Generation Algorithm (Abstract)

Bob Johnston , Georgia Institute of Technology
Henry L. Owen , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 84

Simulation of Broadband Multiple Access Protocols for Wireless Networks (Abstract)

Benny Bing , University of Maryland at College Park
pp. 92
Session 4: Network Simulation: Session Chair: Alois Ferscha, University of Vienna, Austria

CAC Performance with Self-Similar Traffic: Simulation Study and Performance Results (Abstract)

Yanping Wang , University of Saskatchewan
Carey Williamson , University of Saskatchewan
Julie Doerksen , University of Calgary
pp. 102

Simulation of Ultra-large Communication Networks (Abstract)

Dhananjai Madhava Rao , University of Cincinnati
Philip A. Wilsey , University of Cincinnati
pp. 112

Network Simulations of a General Class of Partial-Connection Multiple-Bus Systems (Abstract)

Huan-yu Tu , Florida State University
L.W. Hawkes , Florida State University
pp. 120

A Generic Framework for Parallelization of Network Simulations (Abstract)

George F. Riley , Georgia Institute of Technology
Richard M. Fujimoto , Georgia Institute of Technology
Mostafa H. Ammar , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 128
Session 5: Performance Techniques: Session Chair: David Nicol, Dartmouth College, USA

Towards Performance Analysis with Partially Symmetrical SWN (Abstract)

Lorenzo Capra , Universit? di Torino
Giuliana Franceschinis , Universit? del Piemonte Orientale
Claude Dutheillet , Universit? Pierre et Marie Curie
Jean Michel Ilie , Universit? Pierre et Marie Curie
pp. 148

Jump Transitions in Second Order FSPNs (Abstract)

Katinka Wolter , Technische Universit?t Berlin
pp. 156

Approximate Analysis of Open Network of GE/GE/m/N Queues with Transfer Blocking (Abstract)

Hema Tahilramani , Rensselaer Polytech Institute
Sanjay K. Bose , Nanyang Technical University
pp. 164
Session 6: Performance Modeling and Analysis: Session Chair: Carey Williamson, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

An Analytical Comparison of Cooperation Protocols for Web Proxy Servers (Abstract)

Francesco Quaglia , Universit? di Roma "La Sapienza"
Bruno Ciciani , Universit? di Roma "La Sapienza"
Michele Colajanni , Universit? di Modena
pp. 174

Modeling Overhead in Servers with Transactional Workloads (Abstract)

Mariela Curiel , Universidad Simon Bolivar
Ramon Puigjaner , Universitat de les Illes Balears
pp. 182

Analytical Modeling of the Network Traffic Performance (Abstract)

I. Garcés , Universitat Aut?noma de Barcelona
D. Franco , Universitat Aut?noma de Barcelona
E. Luque , Universitat Aut?noma de Barcelona
pp. 190

Universal Benchmark Suites (Abstract)

Jozo J. Dujmovic , California State University at San Francisco
pp. 197
Session 7: Workload: Session Chair: Murray Woodside, Carleton University, Canada

Analysis of Personal Computer Workloads (Abstract)

Min Zhou , University of California at Berkeley
Alan Jay Smith , University of California at Berkeley
pp. 208

Modeling User Behavior: A Layered Approach (Abstract)

Helmut Hlavacs , Institute for Applied Computer Science and Information Systems
Gabriele Kotsis , Institute for Applied Computer Science and Information Systems
pp. 218

Predicting Behavior Patterns Using Adaptive Workload Models (Abstract)

S.V. Raghavan , Indian Institute of Technology at Madras
N. Swaminathan , Indian Institute of Technology at Madras
J. Srinivasan , University of California at Santa Barbara
pp. 226

Analysis of Self-Similarity in I/O Workload Using Structural Modeling (Abstract)

Maria E. Gomez , Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Vicente Santonja , Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
pp. 234
Session 8: QoS and Multimedia: Session Chair: S.V. Raghavan, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India

An Auction-Based Flexible Pricing Scheme for Renegotiated QoS Connections and Its Evaluation (Abstract)

Grzegorz Malewicz , University of Connecticut
Alex Shvartsman , University of Connecticut and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 244

On the Design of Efficient Video-on-Demand Broadcast Schedules (Abstract)

Ailan Hu , University of Alberta
Ioanis Nikolaidis , University of Alberta
Peter Van Beek , University of Alberta
pp. 262

Combining Pay-per-View and Video-on-Demand Services (Abstract)

Jehan-François Pâris , University of Houston
Steven W. Carter , University of California at Santa Cruz
Darrell D.E. Long , University of California at Santa Cruz
pp. 270
Session 9: Memory, Cache and I/O Performance: Session Chair: Darrell Long, University of California, USA

Multiprocessor Memory Reference Generation Using Cerberus (Abstract)

Jeffrey B. Rothman , University of California at Berkeley
Alan Jay Smith , University of California at Berkeley
pp. 278

Modeling Memory Reference Patterns of Programs in Cache Memory Systems (Abstract)

Ravi Mukkamala , Old Dominion University
Ashok Agrawala , University of Maryland
pp. 288

A System-Assisted Disk I/O Simulation Technique (Abstract)

Franklin E. Sorenson , Brigham Young University
Elizabeth S. Sorenson , Brigham Young University
J. Kelly Flanagan , Brigham Young University
Heng Zhou , Brigham Young University
pp. 296
Session 10: Software Analysis: Session Chair: Ashok Agrawala, University of Maryland, USA

A Synchronization Protocol for Group Communication Systems (Abstract)

Abderrahim Benslimane , Belfort Technical University
Abdelhafid Abouaissa , Belfort Technical University
pp. 322

Feature Interaction as a Satisfiability Problem (Abstract)

Carlos Areces , University of Amsterdam
Maarten de Rijke , University of Amsterdam
Wiet Bouma , KPN Research
pp. 339
Session 11: Analysis of Security Systems: Session Chair: William Sanders, University of Illinois, USA

An Experimental Analysis of Cryptographic Overhead in Performance-Critical Systems (Abstract)

William Freeman , University of Maryland at Baltimore and Adelphi
Ethan Miller , University of Maryland at Baltimore
pp. 348

Model Checking the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) Protocol (Abstract)

Shiyong Lu , University of New York at Stony Brook
Scott A. Smolka , University of New York at Stony Brook
pp. 358

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