The Community for Technology Leaders
Logic in Computer Science, Symposium on (2005)
Chicago, Illinois
June 26, 2005 to June 29, 2005
ISSN: 1043-6871
ISBN: 0-7695-2266-1

Foreword (PDF)

pp. x

Foreword (PDF)

pp. x
Session 1

Regular Expressions in Process Algebra (Abstract)

J.C.M. Baeten , Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
F. Corradini , Universit? di Camerino
pp. 12-19
Session 2

Modal Characterisation Theorems over Special Classes of Frames (Abstract)

Anuj Dawar , University of Cambridge
Martin Otto , Technische Universit?t Darmstadt
pp. 21-30

Temporal Logics over Unranked Trees (Abstract)

Pablo Barcel? , University of Toronto
Leonid Libkin , University of Toronto
pp. 31-40

On Locality and Uniform Reduction (Abstract)

Hannu Niemist? , University of Helsinki
pp. 41-50

Looping Caterpillars (Abstract)

Evan Goris , University of Amsterdam
pp. 51-60
Session 3

Generalizing Parametricity Using Information-flow (Abstract)

Geoffrey Washburn , University of Pennsylvania
Stephanie Weirich , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 62-71

Relational Parametricity and Control (Abstract)

Masahito Hasegawa , Kyoto University; Japan Science and Technology Agency
pp. 72-81

Semantic Subtyping for the p-Calculus (Abstract)

Giuseppe Castagna , ?cole Normale Sup?rieure
Rocco De Nicola , Universit? di Firenze
Daniele Varacca , Imperial College
pp. 92-101
Session 5

On Digraph Coloring Problems and Treewidth Duality (Abstract)

Albert Atserias , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
pp. 106-115
Session 6

Quantitative Analysis of Probabilistic Pushdown Automata: Expectations and Variances (Abstract)

Javier Esparza , University of Stuttgart
Anton? Kucera , Masaryk University
Richard Mayr , North Carolina State University
pp. 117-126

Recognizing ?-regular Languages with Probabilistic Automata (Abstract)

Christel Baier , Universit?t Bonn
Marcus Gr??er , Universit?t Bonn
pp. 137-146
Session 7

Model-Checking Hierarchical Structures (Abstract)

Markus Lohrey , University of Stuttgart
pp. 168-177

Mean-Payoff Parity Games (Abstract)

Krishnendu Chatterjee , University of California, Berkeley
Thomas A. Henzinger , University of California, Berkeley
Marcin Jurdzinski , University of Warwick
pp. 178-187

On the Decidability of Metric Temporal Logic (Abstract)

Jo? Ouaknine , Oxford University
James Worrell , Tulane University
pp. 188-197
Session 8

Closure Properties of Coalgebra Automata (Abstract)

Clemens Kupke , Universiteit van Amsterdam
Yde Venema , Universiteit van Amsterdam
pp. 199-208

Constructing Free Boolean Categories (Abstract)

Fran?ois Lamarche , Loria & INRIA-Lorraine
Lutz Stra?burger , Universit?t des Saarlandes
pp. 209--218

Completions of ?-algebras (Abstract)

Luigi Santocanale , Universit? de Provence
pp. 219-228

Proof-Theoretic Approach to Description-Logic (Abstract)

Martin Hofmann , Institut f?r Informatik
pp. 229-237
Session 9

Process Algebras for Quantitative Analysis (Abstract)

J. Hillston , University of Edinburgh
pp. 239-248

A Functional Quantum Programming Language (Abstract)

Thorsten Altenkirch , Nottingham University
Jonathan Grattage , Nottingham University
pp. 249-258
Session 10

Semantics of Separation-Logic Typing and Higher-Order Frame Rules (Abstract)

Lars Birkedal , IT University of Copenhagen
Noah Torp-Smith , IT University of Copenhagen
Hongseok Yang , Seoul National University
pp. 260-269

Expressiveness of a Spatial Logic for Trees (Abstract)

Iovka Boneva , INRIA Futurs - MOSTRARE project
Jean-Marc Talbot , INRIA Futurs - MOSTRARE project
Sophie Tison , INRIA Futurs - MOSTRARE project
pp. 280-289

Proof Theory for Kleene Algebra (Abstract)

Chris Hardin , Cornell University
pp. 290-299
Session 11

Name Generation and Linearity (Abstract)

Glynn Winskel , University of Cambridge
pp. 301-310

Reactive Systems over Cospans (Abstract)

Vladimiro Sassone , University of Sussex
Pawel Sobocinski , Universit? di Pisa
pp. 311-320

Uniform Distributed Synthesis (Abstract)

Bernd Finkbeiner , Universit?t des Saarlandes
Sven Schewe , Universit?t des Saarlandes
pp. 321-330

Automated Verification of Selected Equivalences for Security Protocols (Abstract)

Mart? Abadi , University of California, Santa Cruz
C?dric Fournet , Microsoft Research
pp. 331-340
Session 12
Session 13

Logic and Systems Biology (PDF)

Walter Fontana , Harvard Medical School
pp. 344

Eager Normal Form Bisimulation (Abstract)

Soren Lassen , Google, Inc
pp. 345-354
Session 14

Separation with Streams in the ??-calculus (Abstract)

Alexis Saurin , INRIA-Futurs & École polytechnique
pp. 356-365

The Geometry of Linear Higher-Order Recursion (Abstract)

Ugo Dal Lago , Dipartimento di Scienze dell?Informazione
pp. 366-375
Session 15

Herbrand Constraint Abduction (Abstract)

Michael Maher , National ICT Australia
pp. 397-406

Certifying Compilation for a Language with Stack Allocation (Abstract)

Limin Jia , Princeton University
Frances Spalding , Princeton University
David Walker , Princeton University
Neal Glew , Intel Corporation
pp. 407-416

Inverse and Implicit Functions in Domain Theory (Abstract)

Abbas Edalat , Imperial College
Dirk Pattinson , Imperial College
pp. 417-426

Operational Domain Theory and Topology of a Sequential Programming Language (Abstract)

Mart?n Escard? , University of Birmingham
Ho Weng Kin , University of Birmingham
pp. 427-436
Session 16

Generalized Majority-Minority Operations are Tractable (Abstract)

Ho Weng Kin , University of Birmingham
V?ctor Dalmau , University Pompeu Fabra
pp. 438-447

Small Substructures and Decidability Issues for First-Order Logic with Two Variables (Abstract)

Emanuel Kieronski , University of Wroclaw
Martin Otto , Technische Universit?t Darmstadt
pp. 448-457

Definability on a Random 3-CNF Formula (Abstract)

Albert Atserias , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
pp. 458-466
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