The Community for Technology Leaders
Language Engineering Conference (2002)
Hyderabad, India
Dec. 13, 2002 to Dec. 15, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1885-0

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Session 1: Opening Session
Session 2: Optical Character Recognition - Chair: B. B. Chaudhuri

A Multi-Font OCR System for Printed Telugu Text (Abstract)

C. Patvardhan , Dayal Educational Institute
C. Vasantha Lakshmi , Dayal Educational Institute
pp. 7

On Developing High Accuracy OCR Systems for Telugu and Other Indian Scripts (Abstract)

S. Mahesh Kumar , University of Hyderabad
Tanuku Ravi , University of Hyderabad
Chakravarthy Bhagvati , University of Hyderabad
Atul Negi , University of Hyderabad
pp. 18

Page Layout Analyser for Multilingual Indian Documents (Abstract)

B.B. Chaudhuri , Indian Statistical Institute
A. Ray Chaudhuri , Indian Statistical Institute
A.K. Mandal , Indian Statistical Institute
pp. 24
Session 3: POS Tagging, Syntax - Chair: Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Natural Language Processing with Neural Networks (Abstract)

Qing Ma , Communications Research Laboratory
pp. 45

Application of Multilayer Perceptron Network for Tagging Parts-of-Speech (Abstract)

Pammi V. S. Chandrasekhar , University of Hyderabad
S. Bapi Raju , University of Hyderabad
M. Krishna Prasad , University of Hyderabad
Ahmed , Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology
pp. 57

A Hybrid Approach to Pre-Conjunct Identification (Abstract)

Sebastian van Delden , University of Central Florida
pp. 72

Syntactic Alternations of Hindi Verbs with Reference to the Morphological Paradigm (Abstract)

Debasri Chakrabarti , Indian Institute of Technology
Pushpak Bhattacharyya , Indian Institute of Technology
pp. 77
Session 5: Lexical Resources - Chair: Gerard Huet

Using Text Corpora for Understanding Polysemy in Bangla (Abstract)

Niladri Sekhar Dash , Indian Statistical Institute
Bidyut Baran Chaudhuri , Indian Statistical Institute
pp. 99

Building Large Scale Ontology Networks (Abstract)

Vasudeva Varma , International Institute of Information Technology
pp. 121
Session 6: Applications - 1 - Chair: P. V. Narasimham

Towards Indian Language Spell-checker Design (Abstract)

Bidyut Baran Chaudhuri , Indian Statistical Institute
pp. 139

Text Mining in ?Request for Comments Document Series? (Abstract)

T.V. Geetha , Anna University
Siva Gurusamy , Anna University
D. Manjula , Anna University
pp. 147

Design and Implementation of a Spell Checker for Assamese (Abstract)

Juli Gogoi , Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
S. Borgohain , Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Monisha Das , Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
S. B. Nair , Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
pp. 156

Adapting Question Answering Techniques to the Web (Abstract)

Jignashu Parikh , Indian Institute of Science
M. Narasimha Murty , Indian Institute of Science
pp. 163

Indexing Software for Ancient Kannada Books (Abstract)

S. Settar , National Institute of Advanced Studies
H. K Abhishek , Algorithm Computers
Sanjoy Goswami , National Institute of Advanced Studies
pp. 172
Session 7: Applications - 2 - Chair: S. Bapi Raju

Machine Translation : An Indian Perspective (PDF)

R.M.K. Sinha , Indian Institute of Technology
pp. 181

Language Technology Solutions in Simputer: an Overview (Abstract)

Kalika Bali , Picopeta Simputers Pvt. Ltd.
Swami Manohar , Picopeta Simputers Pvt. Ltd.
Ramesh Hariharan , Picopeta Simputers Pvt. Ltd.
pp. 189

Malayalam Speech Sounds and Their Mapping to Unicode Symbols: A Case Study (Abstract)

V. Geethakumary , Central Institute of Indian Languages
B.A. Sharada , Central Institute of Indian Languages
pp. 201
Session 8: Panel Discussion

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