The Community for Technology Leaders
Augmented Reality, International Workshop on (1999)
San Francisco, California
Oct. 20, 1999 to Oct. 21, 1999
ISBN: 0-7695-0359-4
Session 1: Tracking I

Vision-Based Pose Computation: Robust and Accurate Augmented Reality Tracking (Abstract)

Jun Park , University of Southern California
Bolan Jiang , University of Southern California
Ulrich Neumann , University of Southern California
pp. 3

Building a Hybrid Tracking System: Integration of Optical and Magnetic Tracking (Abstract)

Thomas Auer , Graz University of Technology
Axel Pinz , Graz University of Technology
pp. 13

An Adaptive Estimator for Registration in Augmented Reality (Abstract)

Lin Chai , Colorado School of Mines
Bill Hoff , Colorado School of Mines
Tyrone Vincent , Colorado School of Mines
Khoi Nguyen , SymSystems, LLC
pp. 23
Session 2: Mobility + Displays

Enveloping Users and Computers in a Collaborative 3D Augmented Reality (Abstract)

Andreas Butz , Columbia University
Tobias Höllerer , Columbia University
Steven Feiner , Columbia University
Blair MacIntyre , Columbia University
Clifford Beshers , Columbia University
pp. 35

Integrating Virtual and Augmented Realities in an Outdoor Application (Abstract)

Wayne Piekarski , University of South Australia
Bernard Gunther , University of South Australia
Bruce Thomas , University of South Australia
pp. 45

A Feasible Low-Power Augmented-Reality Terminal (Abstract)

Johan Pouwelse , Delft University of Technology
Koen Langendoen , Delft University of Technology
Henk Sips , Delft University of Technology
pp. 55

Table-Top Spatially-Augmented Reality: Bringing Physical Models to Life with Projected Imagery (Abstract)

Ramesh Raskar , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Greg Welch , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Wei-Chao Chen , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
pp. 64
Session 3: Tracking II

A Method for Calibrating See-Through Head-Mounted Displays for AR (Abstract)

Erin McGarrity , Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Mihran Tuceryan , Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
pp. 75

Calibration Propagation for Image Augmentation (Abstract)

Didier Stricker , Fraunhofer Project Group for Augmented Reality at ZGDV
Nassir Navab , Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.
pp. 95
Session 4: 3D Modeling Applications

Photometric Image-Based Rendering for Virtual Lighting Image Synthesis (Abstract)

Yasuhiro Mukaigawa , Okayama University
Sadahiko Mihashi , Okayama University
Takeshi Shakunaga , Okayama University
pp. 115

Scene Augmentation via the Fusion of Industrial Drawings and Uncalibrated Images with a View to Marker-Less Calibration (Abstract)

Nassir Navab , Siemens Corporate Research
Benedicte Bascle , Siemens Corporate Research
Mirko Appel , Siemens Corporate Research
Echeyde Cubillo , Siemens Corporate Research
pp. 125

Merging Visible and Invisible: Two Camera-Augmented Mobile C-Arm (CAMC) Applications (Abstract)

N. Navab , Siemens Corporate Research
A. Bani-Hashemi , Siemens Corporate Research
M. Mitschke , Siemens AG Medical Engineering
pp. 134
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