The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings Sixth International Conference on Information Visualisation (2002)
London, England
July 10, 2002 to July 12, 2002
ISSN: 1093-9547
ISBN: 0-7695-1656-4

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Progamme Committees (PDF)

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Session 1_1: Information Visualisation
Session 1_2: InfVis — Information Visualisation

Visualizing Electronic Mail (Abstract)

Sandra Sudarsky , Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.
Rune Hjelsvold , Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.
pp. 3

Sound Glyphs Representing Inheritance Relationships (Abstract)

Noritaka Osawa , National Institute of Multimedia Education
pp. 10

Visualising Human Dialog (Abstract)

A. Tat , University of Calgary
M. S. T. Carpendale , University of Calgary
pp. 16
Session 1_3: CIVE — Collaborative Information Visualisation Environment

Designing Dynamic Interactive Visualisations to Support Collaboration and Cognition (Abstract)

Yvonne Rogers , University of Sussex
Harry Brignull , University of Sussex
Mike Scaife , University of Sussex
pp. 39
Session 1_4: CAGD — Curves

G<sup>2</sup> Planar Spiral Cubic Interpolation to a Spiral (Abstract)

Zulfiqar Habib , Kagoshima University
Manabu Sakai , Kagoshima University
pp. 51

Monotonicity Preservation of Some Polynomial and Rational Representations (Abstract)

J. Delgado , Universidad de Zaragoza
J.M. Peña , Universidad de Zaragoza
pp. 57
Session 1_5: InfVis — Information Visualisation

Visual Information Retrieval with the SuperTable + Scatterplot (Abstract)

Peter Klein , University of Konstanz
Frank Müller , University of Konstanz
Harald Reiterer , University of Konstanz
Maximilian Eibl , IZ Social Science Information Centre
pp. 70

Incrementally Visualising Criminal Networks (Abstract)

M.N. Smith , University of London
P.J.H. King , University of London
pp. 76

Density Control Through Random Sampling : an Architectural Perspective (Abstract)

Geoffrey Ellis , University of Huddersfield
Alan Dix , Lancaster University
pp. 82
Session 1_6: Animation

A New Animation Approach for Visualizing Intelligent Agent Behaviours in a Virtual Environment (Abstract)

Zhigang Wen , University of Wolverhampton
Q.H. Mehdi , University of Wolverhampton
N.E. Gough , University of Wolverhampton
pp. 93

Generating Bipedal Animation Using Dynamic Implementation (Abstract)

Matthew J. Hyland , Bournemouth University
Jian J. Zhang , Bournemouth University
pp. 99

FaceSpace: A Facial Spatial-Domain Toolkit (Abstract)

Steve DiPaola , Simon Fraser University
pp. 105

Using Motion Analysis Techniques for Motion Retargetting (Abstract)

Alexander Savenko , De Montfort University
Gordon Clapworthy , De Montfort University
pp. 110
Session 1_7: CAGD


Jinyuan Jia , Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
George Baciu , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Ki-Wan Kwok , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
pp. 119

Numerical Solving of Geometric Constraints (Abstract)

Samy Ait-Aoudia , Institut National de formation en Informatique
pp. 125


Mio Matsumoto , Keio University
Hideki Aoyama , Keio University
pp. 135
Session 2_1: InfVis — Information Visualisation

Visual Exploration of Communication in Command and Control (Abstract)

Pär-Anders Albinsson , Swedish Defence Research Agency
Magnus Morin , Link?ping University
pp. 141

Visualising a Fund Manager Flow Graph with Columns and Worms (Abstract)

Tim Dwyer , University of Sydney
Peter Eades , University of Sydney
pp. 147

Using Orchid Diagrams for Information Visualisation (Abstract)

Markus Aleksy , University of Mannheim
Ralf Gitzel , University of Mannheim
Nils Schumacher , University of Mannheim
pp. 153
Session 2_2: MediVis

Visualizing Metabolic Networks in VRML (Abstract)

Igor Rojdestvenski , Ume? University
Michael Cottam , University of Western Ontario
pp. 175

DARE: A Multidimensional Environment For Visualizing Large Set of Medical Data (Abstract)

Giuseppe Santucci , Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Tiziana Catarci , Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
pp. 181

Integrating Learning and Visualization Technologies in Orthopaedics — Establishing the Virtual Orthopaedic European University (Abstract)

S. Grange , Royal College of Surgeons of England and Salisbury District Hospital
J. Burrill , Salisbury District Hospital
K. Kumar , Queen Anne Hospital
T. Wu , Aachen University of Technology
T. Bunker , Royal College of Surgeons of England
pp. 187
Session 2_3: Visualisation — Application

A Visualization System of Relationships among Papers Based on the Graph Drawing Problem (Abstract)

Sho Tanabe , Tokyo Gakugei University
Kayoko Oyobe , Tokyo Gakugei University
Norifumi Sunaoka , Tokyo Gakugei University
Setsuo Yokoyama , Tokyo Gakugei University
Youzou Miyadera , Tokyo Gakugei University
pp. 202

A Formal Definition of the Users View (UV) of the Graphical Object Query Language (GOQL) (Abstract)

E. Keramopoulos , University of Westminster
P. Pouyioutas , Intercollege
T. Ptohos , University of Westminster
pp. 211
Session 2_4: GeoVis

Visualizing Spatially Varying Distribution Data (Abstract)

David Kao , NASA Ames Research Center
Alison Luo , University of California at Santa Cruz
Jennifer L. Dungan , NASA Ames Research Center
Alex Pang , University of California at Santa Cruz
pp. 219

Design and Implementation of a Visual Query Language for Large Spatial Databases (Abstract)

Andrew J. Morris , University of Glamorgan
Alia I. Abdelmoty , Cardiff University
Douglas S. Tudhope , University of Glamorgan
Baher A. El-Geresy , University of Glamorgan
pp. 226
Session 2_5: CIVE — Collaborative Information Visualisation Environment

Cooperative Robot Teleoperation through Virtual Reality Interfaces (Abstract)

Alexandre Monferrer , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
David Bonyuet , Delta Search Labs
pp. 243

Do Four Eyes See Better than Two? Collaborative versus Individual Discovery in Data Visualization Systems (Abstract)

Gloria Mark , University of California at Irvine
Alfred Kobsa , University of California at Irvine
Victor Gonzalez , University of California at Irvine
pp. 249
Session 2_6: Visualisation and Graphics Education

Training and Telecooperation in Architecture (Abstract)

Luis N. Paredes León , Universidad de Los Andes
Carmen M. Viña , Universidad Central de Venezuela
pp. 268
Session 2_7: Information Visualisation

A Robust and Easy Approach to Collaborative Visualization (Abstract)

M. Jern , Link?pings Universitet
S. Palmberg , Link?pings Universitet
M. Ranlöf , Link?pings Universitet
pp. 281
Session 2_8: InfVis — Information Visualisation

Visualizing User?s Personality and Information in 3D Environments, a Step beyond Avatars (Abstract)

Ana De Abreu , T-Systems Nova Deutsche Telekom
Martin Kurze , T-Systems Nova Deutsche Telekom
pp. 303
Session 2_9: Rendering

Design and Reconstruction of Fractal Surfaces (Abstract)

E. Tosan , Claude Bernard University
E. Guérin , Claude Bernard University
A. Baskurt , Claude Bernard University
pp. 311

Texture Mapping on Irregular Topology Surface (Abstract)

Jin Jin Zheng , Bournemouth University
Jian J Zhang , Bournemouth University
pp. 323
Session 2_10: Visualisation Sematic Web

Toward Topic Maps Processing and Visualization (Abstract)

Pascal Auillans , Univeristé Bordeaux I
pp. 333

A GraphXML Description of QueryMaps (Abstract)

M. Angelaccio , Universit? degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"
B. Buttarazzi , Universit? degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"
pp. 339

Visualisation of the Semantic Web: Topic Maps Visualisation (Abstract)

Bénédicte Le Grand , Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6
Michel Soto , Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6
pp. 344
Session 2_11: Knowledge Visualisation

Visualizing and Exploring Large Networked Information Spaces with Matrix Browser (Abstract)

Jürgen Ziegler , Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO
Christoph Kunz , Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO
Veit Botsch , Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO
Josef Schneeberger , Schema GmbH
pp. 361

Challenges in Interactive Visualization for Knowledge Management (Abstract)

Julia Ahlers , DaimlerChrysler Research
Henrik Weimer , DaimlerChrysler Research
pp. 367
Session 2_12: WGV

Web-Based Distributed Pattern Recognition System (Abstract)

Sung-Jung Hsiao , National Central University
Wen-Tsai Sung , National Central University
Kuo-Chin Fan , National Central University
pp. 375
Session 2_13: CAGD

Incorporating Constraints into A Virtual Reality Environment for Intuitive and Precise Solid Modelling (Abstract)

Yongmin Zhong , Nanyang Technological University
Wolfgang Mueller-Wittig , Nanyang Technological University
Weiyin Ma , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 389

An Incremental Algorithm to Support Geometric Constraint Satisfaction in Engineering Design (Abstract)

Arquimedes Lopes da Silva , Salgado Oliveira University — Goi?nia
Edgard Lamounier Jr. , Federal University of Uberl?ndia
pp. 399

Visual Model for one CAD Tool?s Algorithm Representation (Abstract)

Galina Yaitskova , Moscow Institute for Microprocessor Systems of RAS
pp. 405
Session 2_14: InfVis — Information Visualisation

Jigsaw-Puzzle-Like 3D Diagrams to Represent Syntactical Constraints (Abstract)

Noritaka Osawa , National Institute of Multimedia Education
pp. 421

Towards Visualising Temporal Features in Large Scale Microarray Time-Series Data (Abstract)

Paul Craig , Napier University
Jessie Kennedy , Napier University
Andrew Cumming , Napier University
pp. 427

Visualizing Ontology Components through Self-Organizing Maps (Abstract)

D Elliman , University of Nottingham
JRG Pulido , University of Nottingham
pp. 434
Session 2_15: Visualisation Sematic Web

On Visualizing the Semantic Web in MS Office (Abstract)

Christian Fillies , Semtation GmbH
York Sure , University of Karlsruhe
pp. 441
Session 2_16: InfVis and Database

Infoticles: Information Modeling in Immersive Environments (Abstract)

Andrew Vande Moere , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
pp. 457

An Integrated System for Database Visualization (Abstract)

Dennis P. Groth , Indiana University
Edward L. Robertson , Indiana University
pp. 462

Multiple Views in 3D Metaphoric Information Visualization (Abstract)

C. Russo Dos Santos , Eur?com Institute
P. Gros , Eur?com Institute
pp. 468
Session 2_17: Rendering

Colour Correction for Panoramic Imaging (Abstract)

Gui Yun Tian , University of Huddersfield
Duke Gledhill , University of Huddersfield
Dave Taylor , University of Huddersfield
David Clarke , Rotography Ltd
pp. 483

On Nearly Symmetric Drawings of Graphs (Abstract)

Ming-Che Chuang , Academia Sinica
Hsu-Chun Yen , National Taiwan University
pp. 489
Session 2_18: CDV

Visualization for Cooperative Architecture Design Systems (Abstract)

Yuhua Luo , University of Balearic Islands
David Sánchez , University of Balearic Islands
Antonio Bennasar , University of Balearic Islands
Juan Fornés , University of Balearic Islands
Juan Carlos Serra , University of Balearic Islands
Juan Manuel Huéscar , University of Balearic Islands
pp. 497

Virtual Collaboration Environment for Aircraft Design (Abstract)

Markus Durstewitz , Airbus GmbH
Bernhard Kiefner , Airbus GmbH
Reimund Kueke , Astrium GmbH
Heikki Putkonen , University of Oulu
Pertti Repo , University of Oulu
Tuomo Tuikka , University of Oulu
pp. 502
Session 2_19: Education and Industry Partnership

High Performance Virtual Reality Distributed Electronic Commerce: Application for the Furniture and Ceramics Industries (Abstract)

M. Caballer , Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
D. Guerrero , Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
V. Hernández , Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
J. E. Román , Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
M. Alcañiz , Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
J. A. Gil , Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
J. M. Rubio , Ingeniería de Software Avanzado
pp. 516

Bringing Production Work Flow to a Classroom Teaching (Abstract)

Muqeem Khan , American University of Sharjah
pp. 522
Session 3_1: Web Graphics and Visualisation

Tailoring Dynamic Ontology-Driven Web Documents by Demonstration (Abstract)

José A. Macías , Universidad Aut?noma de Madrid
Pablo Castells , Universidad Aut?noma de Madrid
pp. 535

3D Character Modeling in Virtual Reality (Abstract)

Szilárd Kiss , University of Twente
pp. 541

Multiform Glyph Based Web Search Result Visualization (Abstract)

Jonathan Roberts , University of Kent at Canterbury
Nadia Boukhelifa , University of Kent at Canterbury
Peter Rodgers , University of Kent at Canterbury
pp. 549
Session 3_2: InfVis — Information Visualisation

Fillets: Cues for Connections in Focus+Context Views of Graph-Like Diagrams (Abstract)

Tuomas J. Lukka , University of Jyväskylä
Janne V. Kujala , University of Jyväskylä
Marketta Niemelä , University of Jyväskylä
pp. 557

Constraint-Based Visualization of Spatial Interpolation Data (Abstract)

Peter Revesz , University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lixin Li , University of Nebraska-Lincoln
pp. 563

Tudumi: Information Visualization System for Monitoring and Auditing Computer Logs (Abstract)

Tetsuji Takada , University of Electro-Communications
Hideki Koike , University of Electro-Communications
pp. 570

Data Mining Information Visualisation — Beyond Charts and Graphs (Abstract)

Nigel Robinson , University of Ulster Jordanstown
Mary Shapcott , University of Ulster Jordanstown
pp. 577
Session 3_3: MedVis

Histomorphometric Algorithms for the Direct Derivation of Morphological Indices of Simulations of Strain-Adaptation in Cancellous Bone (Abstract)

G Sisias , University of Bradford
C. A. Dobson , University of Hull
R Phillips , University of Hull
M. J. Fagan , University of Hull
C. M. Langton , Centre for Metabolic Bone Disease and Royal Hull Hospitals NHS Trust
pp. 592

The Virtual Articulator — Applying VR Technologies to Dentistry (Abstract)

Alexander Bisler , Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics
Ulrich Bockholt , Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics
Gerrit Voss , Centre for Advanced Media Technology
pp. 600
Session 3_4: Multimedia

Innovative Pedagogies for 21st Century Multimedia Education: An Introduction to the USC Annenberg Center for Communication Multimedia Literacy Program (Abstract)

Stephanie Barish , University of Southern California Annenberg Center for Communication Multimedia Literacy Program
Richard Edwards , University of Southern California Annenberg Center for Communication Multimedia Literacy Program
Steve Anderson , University of Southern California Annenberg Center for Communication Multimedia Literacy Program
Janine Fron , University of Southern California Annenberg Center for Communication Multimedia Literacy Program
pp. 617

Issues in Delivering Multimedia Content to Mobile Devices (Abstract)

J. Arreymbi , South Bank University
M. Dastbaz , South Bank University
pp. 622

Compact Hierarchical Image Descriptors (Abstract)

Ebroul Izquierdo , University of London
pp. 627
Session 3_5: CAGD

Fitting Curve to Planar Digital Data (Abstract)

Muhammad Sarfraz , King Fahad University of Petrolium and Minerals
pp. 633

A Fast Recogn t on System for Isolated Arab c Characters (Abstract)

JOHN COWELL , De Montfort University
FIAZ HUSSAIN , University of Luton
pp. 650
Session 3_6: Augmented and VR — Application

Virtual Sculpting and Deformable Volume Modelling (Abstract)

K C Hui , Chinese University of Hong Kong
H C Leung , Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 664

Enhancing Graphical Information System Models with VRML (Abstract)

Jouni Huotari , Jyv?skyl? Polytechnic
Marketta Niemelä , University of Jyv?skyl?
pp. 670
Session 3_7: KDVis

Bibliometric Mapping as a Science Policy Tool (Abstract)

ECM Noyons , Leiden University
RK Buter , Leiden University
AFJ van Raan , Leiden University
pp. 679

Tracking Knowledge of Emergent Domains (Abstract)

AbdulMohsen Al- Thubaity , University of Surrey
Khurshid Ahmad , University of Surrey
pp. 685

Visualization of Document Co-Citation Counts (Abstract)

Steven Noel , George Mason University
Cheehung Henry Chu , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Vijay Raghavan , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
pp. 691
Session 3_8: InfVis — Information Visualisation

Static Visualization of Dynamic Data Flow Visual Program Execution (Abstract)

Buntarou Shizuki , University of Tsukuba
Etsuya Shibayama , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masashi Toyoda , University of Tokyo
pp. 713
Session 3_9: GeoVis
Session 3_10: Web Graphics and Visualisation

Spring Embedder Preprocessing for WWW Visualization (Abstract)

Paul Mutton , University of Kent at Canterbury
Peter Rodgers , University of Kent at Canterbury
pp. 744

Browsing Newsgroups with A Social Network Analyzer (Abstract)

Chin-Lung Chang , Academia Sinica
Ding-Yi Chen , Academia Sinica
Tyng-Ruey Chuang , Academia Sinica
pp. 750
Session 3_11: Digital Art

Human-Computer Interaction in Life Drawing, a Fine Artist?s Perspective (Abstract)

Jen Grey , California State University at Long Beach
pp. 761

A Shattered Perfection: Crafting a Virtual Sculpture (Abstract)

Robert J. Krawczyk , Illinois Institute of Technology
pp. 771
Session 3_12: Visualisation in Built Environment

A Multi-Criteria Based Path Finding Application for Construction Site Layouts (Abstract)

Amir R. Soltani , University of Salford
Hissam Tawfik , University of Salford
Terrence Fernando , University of Salford
pp. 779

Combining Visualisation and Choice Experiments in Built Environment Research (Abstract)

Anne-Marie Davies , Robert Gordon University
Richard Laing , Robert Gordon University
Stephen Scott , Robert Gordon University
pp. 785
Session 3_13: Information Visualisation
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