The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings Fifth International Symposium on Wearable Computers (2001)
Zurich, Switzerland
Oct. 8, 2001 to Oct. 9, 2001
ISSN: 1530-0811
ISBN: 0-7695-1318-2
Session I: Input/Output Devices

Design of a Wearable Tactile Display (Abstract)

Francine Gemperle , Carnegie Mellon University
Nathan Ota , Carnegie Mellon University
Dan Siewiorek , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 5

A Method of Key Input with Two Mice (Abstract)

Satoshi Nakamura , Osaka University
Masahiko Tsukamoto , Osaka University
Shojiro Nishio , Osaka University
pp. 13

GestureWrist and GesturePad: Unobtrusive Wearable Interaction Devices (Abstract)

Jun Rekimoto , Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
pp. 21
Session II: Creation

Authoring of Physical Models Using Mobile Computers (Abstract)

Yohan Baillot , ITT industries
Dennis Brown , ITT industries
Simon Julier , ITT industries
pp. 39

The Witnessential Net (Abstract)

Steve Mann , EXISTech Corporation
Robert Guerra , EXISTech Corporation
pp. 47

Networked Wearable Musical Instruments Will Bring A New Musical Culture (Abstract)

Kazushi Nishimoto , ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories
Tadao Maekawa , ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories
Yukio Tada , ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories
Kenji Mase , ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories
Ryohei Nakatsu , ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories
pp. 55
Session III: User Evaluations

Mobile Capture for Wearable Computer Usability Testing (Abstract)

Kent Lyons , Georgia Institute of Technology
Thad Starner , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 69

A System for Evaluating Augmented Reality User Interfaces in Wearable Computers (Abstract)

Riku Suomela , Nokia Research Center
Juha Lehikoinen , Nokia Research Center
Ilkka Salminen , Nokia Research Center
pp. 77
Session IV: Location & Context Awareness

A Panorama-based Method of Personal Positioning and Orientation and Its Real-time Applications for Wearable Computers (Abstract)

Masakatsu Kourogi , National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Takeshi Kurata , National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Katsuhiko Sakaue. , National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
pp. 107

Real-time Analysis of Data from Many Sensors with Neural Networks (Abstract)

Kristof Van Laerhoven , Starlab Research
Kofi A. Aidoo , Starlab Research
Steven Lowette , Starlab Research
pp. 115

Incremental Motion-Based Location Recognition (Abstract)

Seon-Woo Lee , ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories
Kenji Mase , ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories
pp. 123
Session V: System Design

Energy trade-offs in the IBM Wristwatch computer (Abstract)

Noboru Kamijoh , IBM Research Division
Tadanobu Inoue , IBM Research Division
C. Michael Olsen , IBM Research Division
M. T. Raghunath , IBM Research Division
Chandra Narayanaswami , IBM Research Division
pp. 133

Wearable Computers as Packet Transport Mechanisms in Highly-Partitioned Ad-Hoc Networks (Abstract)

James A. Davis , University of Massachusetts
Andrew H. Fagg , University of Massachusetts
Brian N. Levine , University of Massachusetts
pp. 141

Drishti: An Integrated Navigation System for Visually Impaired and Disabled (Abstract)

Abdelsalam (Sumi) Helal , University of Florida
Steven Edwin Moore , University of Florida
Balaji Ramachandran , University of Florida
pp. 149
Poster Papers

Framework for Power Aware Remote Processing: Design and Implementation of a Dynamic Power Estimation Unit (Abstract)

Gerald Kaefer , Graz University of Technology
Josef Haid , Graz University of Technology
Bernd Hofer , Graz University of Technology
Gerhard Schall , Graz University of Technology
Reinhold Weiss , Graz University of Technology
pp. 159

Active Dressware: Wearable Proprioceptive Systems Based on Electroactive Polymers (Abstract)

Danilo de Rossi , University of Pisa
Federico Lorussi , University of Pisa
Alberto Mazzoldi , University of Pisa
E.P. Scilingo , University of Pisa
Piero Orsini , Unita Operativa Neurologia Azienda Ospedaliera Pisana
pp. 161

Winspect - A Case Study for Wearable Computing Supported Inspection Tasks (Abstract)

Michael Boronowsky , University of Bremen
Tom Nicolai , University of Bremen
Christoph Schlieder , University of Bremen
Ansgar Schmidt , University of Bremen
pp. 163

A Wearable 3D Augmented Reality Workspace (Abstract)

Gerhard Reitmayr , Vienna University of Technology
Dieter Schmalstieg , Vienna University of Technology
pp. 165

The WearARM: Modular, High Performance, Low Power Computing Platform Designed for Integration into Everyday Clothing (Abstract)

Urs Anliker , Wearable Computing Lab, IfE, ETH Zurich
Paul Lukowicz , Wearable Computing Lab, IfE, ETH Zurich
Gerhard Troester , Wearable Computing Lab, IfE, ETH Zurich
Steven J. Schwartz , MIT Media Lab
Richard W. DeVaul , MIT Media Lab
pp. 167

Wearable Computing for Field Archaeology (Abstract)

Chris Baber , The University of Birmingham
James Cross , The University of Birmingham
Sandra I. Woolley , The University of Birmingham
Vince L. Gaffney , The University of Birmingham
pp. 169

Lightglove: Wrist-Worn Virtual Typing and Pointing (Abstract)

Bruce Howard , Lightglove, LLC
Susie Howard , Lightglove, LLC
pp. 172

Reima Smart Shout concept and prototype (Abstract)

Jussi Mikkonen , Tampere University of Technology
Jukka Vanhala , Tampere University of Technology
Akseli Reho , Clothing+
Jussi Impiö , Clothing+
pp. 174

A Wearable Cross-language Communication Aid (Abstract)

Jani Patokallio , University of Tokyo
Nigel Ward , University of Tokyo
pp. 176

HI-Cam: Intelligent Biofeedback Processing (Abstract)

Steve Mann , University of Toronto
Daniel Chen , University of Toronto
Sam Sadeghi , University of Toronto
pp. 178

The Design and Implementation of Electrically Heated Clothing (Abstract)

Kari Kukkonen , Tampere University of Technology
pp. 180

Real-time Hazard Detection via Machine Vision for Wearable Low Vision Aids (Abstract)

Jordan Andersen , University of Washington
Eric Seibel, PhD. , University of Washington
pp. 182

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pp. 185
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