The Community for Technology Leaders
2012 16th International Symposium on Wearable Computers (2000)
Atlanta, Georgia
Oct. 18, 2000 to Oct. 21, 2000
ISSN: 1530-0811
ISBN: 0-7695-0795-6

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Application Design for a Smart Watch with a High Resolution Display (Abstract)

M.T. Raghunath , IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Chandra Narayanaswami , IBM TJ Watson Research Center
pp. 7

Smart Clothing for the Arctic Environment (Abstract)

M. Malmivaara , University of Lapland
M. Tasanen , Tampere University of Technology
R. Matala , University of Lapland
T. Karinsalo , Tampere University of Technology
J. Rantanen , Tampere University of Technology
M. Mäkinen , Tampere University of Technology
A. Reho , Reima-Tutta
N. Alfthan , University of Lapland
J. Vanhala , Tampere University of Technology
P. Talvenmaa , Tampere University of Technology
J. Impiö , University of Lapland
pp. 15

Power Consumption and Performance Analysis of Real-Time Speech Translator Smart Module (Abstract)

D. Siewiorek , Carnegie Mellon University
D. Reilly , Carnegie Mellon University
A. Smailagic , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 25
Real World Experiences

Enriching the Design Process: Developing a Wearable Operator's Assistant (Abstract)

Derek Wahila , Inmedius, Inc.
Christopher Graefe , Inmedius, Inc.
Jane Siegel , Carnegie Mellon University
Jack Moffett , Carnegie Mellon University
Jurry Swart , Shell UK
pp. 35

Issues in Wearable Computing for Medical Monitoring Applications: A Case Study of a Wearable ECG Monitoring Device (Abstract)

Dejan Raskovic , University of Alabama in Huntsville
Emil Jovanov , University of Alabama in Huntsville
Thomas Martin , University of Alabama in Huntsville
pp. 43

Evaluation of Orientation Interfaces for Wearable Computers (Abstract)

David A. Ross , Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Bruce B. Blasch , Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center
pp. 51
Context Awareness

Finding Location Using Omnidirectional Video On A Wearable Computing Platform (Abstract)

Thad E. Starner , Georgia Institute of Technology
Wasinee Rungsarityotin , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 61

Recognizing User Context via Wearable Sensors (Abstract)

Alex Pentland , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kenji Mase , Advanced Telecommunications Research
Brian Clarkson , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 69

What Shall We Teach Our Pants? (Abstract)

Kristof Van Laerhoven , Starlab Research
Ozan Cakmakci , Starlab Research
pp. 77
Input/Output 1

The Gesture Pendant: A Self-illuminating, Wearable, Infrared Computer Vision System for Home Automation Control and Medical Monitoring (Abstract)

Jake Auxier , Georgia Institute of Technology
Maribeth Gandy , Georgia Institute of Technology
Daniel Ashbrook , Georgia Institute of Technology
Thad Starner , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 87

Wearable Visual Robots (Abstract)

D.W. Murray , University of Oxford
B. Tordoff , University of Oxford
W.W. Mayol , University of Oxford
pp. 95
Input/Output 2

Wearable Key: Device for Personalizing nearby Environment (Abstract)

Nobuyuki Matsushita , Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc.
Jun Rekimoto , Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc.
Yuji Ayatsuka , Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc.
Shigeru Tajima , Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc.
pp. 119

A Wearable Public Key Infrastructure (WPKI) (Abstract)

N.P. Smart , University of Bristol
Henk L. Muller , University of Bristol
pp. 127
Augmented Reality

ARQuake: An Outdoor/Indoor Augmented Reality First Person Application (Abstract)

Ben Close , University of South Australia
Phillip de Bondi , University of South Australia
Bruce Thomas , University of South Australia
Michael Morris , University of South Australia
John Squires , University of South Australia
Wayne Piekarski , University of South Australia
John Donoghue , University of South Australia
pp. 139

Context Compass (Abstract)

Juha Lehikoinen , Nokia Research Center
Riku Suomela , Nokia Research Center
pp. 147
Poster Papers

Virtual Pockets (Abstract)

Juha Lehikoinen , Nokia Research Center
pp. 165

Visual Augmented Memory (VAM) (Abstract)

Jonny Farringdon , Philips Research Laboratories
Vanessa Oni , Philips Research Laboratories
pp. 167

Wearable Computers and the Possible Development of Musculoskeletal Disorders (Abstract)

Chris Baber , University of Birmingham
James F. Knight , University of Birmingham
pp. 171

Employing Electrical Field Sensing for Detecting Static Thumb Position Using the Finger-Joint Gesture Keypad Input Paradigm (Abstract)

Peter Danielsson , Ericsson Research Applications
Orlando Baez , Ericsson Research Applications
Mikael Goldstein , Ericsson Research Applications
pp. 173

Context Awareness by Analyzing Accelerometer Data (Abstract)

Henk Muller , University of Bristol
Cliff Randell , University of Bristol
pp. 175

Balloon Tag: (In)visible Marker Which Tells Who's Who (Abstract)

Hisashi Aoki , Toshiba Corporation
Soichiro Matsushita , Toshiba Corporation
pp. 181

Improvement of Panorama-Based Annotation Overlay Using Omnidirectional Vision and Inertial Sensors (Abstract)

Takeshi Kurata , Electrotechnical Laboratory
Katsuhiko Sakaue , Electrotechnical Laboratory
Yoichi Muraoka , Waseda University
Masakatsu Kourogi , Waseda University
pp. 183

A Context-Based Document System for Wearable Computers (Abstract)

Thad Starner , Georgia Institute of Technology
Lonnie Harvel , Georgia Institute of Technology
Kent Lyons , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 187

Two Wearable Testbeds for Augmented Reality: itWARNS and WIMMIS (Abstract)

Sundar Sundareswaran , Rockwell Science Center
Marius Vassiliou , Rockwell Science Center
Joshua McGee , Rockwell Science Center
Reinhold Behringer , Rockwell Science Center
Clement Tam , Rockwell Science Center
pp. 189

Animal-Machine Interfaces (Abstract)

Gerardo Lopez , University of Mexico
Leobardo Arce , University of Mexico
Laura Brier , University of Mexico
Jesus Savage , University of Mexico
Alejandro Hernandez , University of Mexico
Felipe Martinez , University of Mexico
Anaid Velazquez , University of Mexico
pp. 191

Enabling Implicit Human Computer Interaction: A Wearable RFID-Tag Reader (Abstract)

Hans-W. Gellersen , University of Karlsruhe
Albrecht Schmidt , University of Karlsruhe
pp. 193

Spectators at a Geek Show: An Ethnographic Inquiry into Wearable Computing (Abstract)

Wendy C. Newstetter , Georgia Institute of Technology
Jennifer G. Sheridan , Georgia Institute of Technology
Valerie Lafond-Favieres , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 195

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