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2012 16th International Symposium on Wearable Computers (1999)
San Francisco, California
Oct. 18, 1999 to Oct. 19, 1999
ISBN: 0-7695-0428-0
Committees (PDF)
pp. xiii
Reviewers (PDF)
pp. xiv
Invited Papers
Anatole V. Gershman , Andersen Consulting
Joseph F. McCarthy , Andersen Consulting
Andrew E. Fano , Andersen Consulting
pp. 3
Session 1: Context-Awareness
Alexander Leonhardi , University of Stuttgart
Uwe Kubach , University of Stuttgart
Kurt Rothermel , University of Stuttgart
Andreas Fritz , University of Stuttgart
pp. 15
Anind K. Dey , Georgia Institute of Technology
Daniel Salber , Georgia Institute of Technology
Gregory D. Abowd , Georgia Institute of Technology
Masayasu Futakawa , Hitachi Research Laboratory
pp. 21
Andrew R. Golding , Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
Neal Lesh , Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
pp. 29
Hisashi Aoki , Massachusetts Institute Technology
Bernt Schiele , Massachusetts Institute Technology
Alex Pentland , Massachusetts Institute Technology
pp. 37
Session 2: Systems and Architectures
Jonny Farringdon , Philips Research Laboratories
Vanessa Oni , Philips Research Laboratories
Chi Ming Kan , Philips Research Laboratories
Leo Poll , Philips Research Laboratories
pp. 45
Juha Lehikoinen , Nokia Research Center
Jussi Holopainen , Nokia Research Center
Marja Salmimaa , Nokia Research Center
Angelo Aldrovandi , Nokia Research Center
pp. 52
Jo Herstad , University of Oslo
Do Van Thanh , Ericsson
pp. 58
Asim Smailagic , Carnegie Mellon University
Dan Siewiorek , Carnegie Mellon University
Len Bass , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 64
Session 3: Personal Applications
Jie Yang , Carnegie Mellon University
Weiyi Yang , Carnegie Mellon University
Matthias Denecke , Carnegie Mellon University
Alex Waibel , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 73
Tobias Höllerer , Columbia University
Steven Feiner , Columbia University
John Pavlik , Columbia University
pp. 79
Lee Cooper , University of Birmingham
Chris Baber , University of Birmingham
Graham Johnson , NCR Knowledge Lab
pp. 87
Session 6: Hardware Components
Pekka Salonen , Tampere University of Technology
Lauri Sydänheimo , Tampere University of Technology
Mikko Keskilammi , Tampere University of Technology
Markku Kivikoski , Tampere University of Technology
pp. 95
Thomas L. Martin , Carnegie Mellon University
Daniel P. Siewiorek , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 101
Jonny Farringdon , Philips Research Laboratories
Andrew J. Moore , Philips Research Laboratories
Nancy Tilbury , Philips Research Laboratories
James Church , Philips Research Laboratories
Pieter D. Biemond , Philips Research Laboratories
pp. 107
Session 7: Panel
Session 8: Collaboration 1
Gerd Kortuem , University of Oregon
Jay Schneider , University of Oregon
Jim Suruda , University of Oregon
Steve Fickas , University of Oregon
Zary Segall , University of Oregon
pp. 124
M. Billinghurst , University of Washington
H. Kato , University of Washington
S. Bee , BT Laboratories
J. Bowskill , BT Laboratories
pp. 133
Bradley J. Rhodes , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nelson Minar , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Josh Weaver , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 141
Session 9: Collaboration 2
Martin Bauer , University of Stuttgart
Gerd Kortuem , University of Oregon
Zary Segall , University of Oregon
pp. 151
J. Bowskill , BT Laboratories
M. Billinghurst , BT Laboratories
B. Crabtree , University of Washington
N. Dyer , University of Washington
A. Loffler , University of Washington
pp. 159
Poster Papers
Robert Hahn , Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration
Herbert Reichl , Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration
pp. 168
Neill J. Newman , University of Essex
Adrian F. Clark , University of Essex
pp. 170
Greg DeFouw , Stanford University
Vaughan Pratt , Stanford University
pp. 172
Albrecht Schmidt , University of Karlsruhe
Hans W. Gellersen , University of Karlsruhe
Michael Beigl , University of Karlsruhe
pp. 176
John Kangchun Perng , University of California at Berkeley
Brian Fisher , University of California at Berkeley
Seth Hollar , University of California at Berkeley
Kristofer S.J. Pister , University of California at Berkeley
pp. 178
Gary Cleveland , Motorola, Systems Solutions Group
Linda McNinch , Motorola, Systems Solutions Group
pp. 183
David J. Haniff , The University of Birmingham
Chris Baber , The University of Birmingham
pp. 185
Asim Smailagic , Carnegie Mellon University
Dan Siewiorek , Carnegie Mellon University
Richard Martin , Carnegie Mellon University
Denis Reilly , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 187
Bruce Thomas , University of South Australia
Karen Grimmer , University of South Australia
Dan Makovec , University of South Australia
Joanne Zucco , University of South Australia
Bernard Gunther , University of South Australia
pp. 193
Peter Ljungstrand , Viktoria Institute
Staffan Björk , Viktoria Institute
Jennica Falk , Viktoria Institute
pp. 195
Daniel Ashbrook , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 197
Andrew Vardy , Memorial University of Newfoundland
John Robinson , Memorial University of Newfoundland
Li-Te Cheng , Memorial University of Newfoundland
pp. 199
Neill Campbell , University of Bristol
Henk Muller , University of Bristol
Cliff Randall , University of Bristol
pp. 203
Author Index (PDF)
pp. 207
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