The Community for Technology Leaders
13th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, 2002. Proceedings. (2002)
Annapolis, Maryland
Nov. 12, 2002 to Nov. 15, 2002
ISSN: 1071-9458
ISBN: 0-7695-1763-3

Preface (PDF)

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Reviewers (PDF)

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Session 1A: Testing with Formal Methods

Saturation Effects in Testing of Formal Models (Abstract)

Tim Menzies , West Virginia University
David Owen , West Virginia University
Bojan Cukic , West Virginia University
pp. 15
Session 2A: Reliability Modeling

Heterogeneous Software Reliability Modeling (Abstract)

Wen-Li Wang , Penn State University, Behrend College Erie
Mei-Hwa Chen , State University of New York at Albany
pp. 41

A Reliability Estimator for Model Based Software Testing (Abstract)

Kirk Sayre , University of Tennessee
Jesse Poore , University of Tennessee
pp. 53
Session 3A: Failure Detection and Recovery

A Flexible Generator Architecture for Improving Software Dependability (Abstract)

Christof Fetzer , AT&T Labs - Research
Zhen Xiao , AT&T Labs - Research
pp. 102
Session 1B: Assessment of Testing

Metrics for Measuring the Effectiveness of Software-Testing Tools (Abstract)

James B. Michael , Naval Postgraduate School
Bernard J. Bossuyt , Naval Postgraduate School
Byron B. Snyder , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 117

Optimal Allocation of Testing Resources for Modular Software Systems (Abstract)

Chin-Yu Huang , National Taiwan University
Jung-Hua Lo , National Taiwan University
Sy-Yen Kuo , National Taiwan University
Michael R. Lyu , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 129

On Estimating Testing Effort Needed to Assure Field Quality in Software Development (Abstract)

Osamu Mizuno , Osaka University
Eijiro Shigematsu , Osaka University
Yasunari Takagi , Osaka Univeristy
Tohru Kikuno , Osaka University
pp. 139
Session 2B: High Availability Software Maintenance

A Framework for Live Software Upgrade (Abstract)

Lizhou Yu , University of Victoria
Gholamali C. Shoja , University of Victoria
Hausi A. Müller , University of Victoria
Anand Srinivasan , University of Victoria
pp. 149

Modeling and Analysis of Software Rejuvenation in Cable Modem Termination Systems (Abstract)

Yun Liu , Duke University
Kishor S. Trivedi , Duke University
Yue Ma , Motorola Inc.
James J. Han , Motorola Inc.
Haim Levendel , Motorola Inc.
pp. 159

Dependability Analysis of a Client/Server Software System with Rejuvenation (Abstract)

Hiroyuki Okamura , Hiroshima University
Satoshi Miyahara , Hiroshima University
Tadashi Dohi , Hiroshima University
pp. 171
Session 1C: Testing Technologies

Data Coverage Testing of Programs for Container Classes (Abstract)

Ponrudee Netisopakul , Case Western Reserve University
Lee White , Case Western Reserve University
John Morris , University of Western Australia
Daniel Hoffman , University of Victoria
pp. 183

Fault Detection Capabilities of Coupling-based OO Testing (Abstract)

Rodger T. Alexander , Colorado State University
Jeff Offutt , George Mason University
James M. Bieman , Colorado State University
pp. 207
Session 2C: System Analysis

Fault Contribution Trees for Product Families (Abstract)

Dingding Lu , Iowa State University
Robyn R. Lutz , Iowa State University and Jet Propulsion Laboratory
pp. 231

Automatic Synthesis of Dynamic Fault Trees from UML System Models (Abstract)

Ganesh J. Pai , Universtiy of Virginia
Joanne Bechta Dugan , University of Virginia
pp. 243
Session 1D: Practical Experience with Testing

Test Reuse in the Spreadsheet Paradigm (Abstract)

Marc Fisher II , Oregon State University
Dalai Jin , Oregon State University
Gregg Rothermel , Oregon State Universtiy
Margaret Burnett , Oregon State University
pp. 257

A Case Study Using the Round-Trip Strategy for State-Based Class Testing (Abstract)

G. Antoniol , University of Sannio
L.C. Briand , Carleton University
M. Di Penta , Universtiy of Sannio
Y. Labiche , Carleton University
pp. 269

An Empirical Study of Tracing Techniques from a Failure Analysis Perspective (Abstract)

Satya Kanduri , University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Sebastian Elbaum , University of Nebraska - Lincoln
pp. 280
Session 2D: Reliability Prediction and Analysis

Worst Case Reliability Prediction Based on a Prior Estimate of Residual Defects (Abstract)

Peter G. Bishop , Adelard and Centre for Software Reliability
Robin E. Bloomfield , Adelard and Centre for Software Reliability
pp. 295

Blocking-based Simultaneous Reachability Analysis of Asynchronous Message-passing Programs (Abstract)

Yu Lei , The University of Texas at Arlington
Kuo-Chung Tai , North Carolina State University
pp. 316
Session 1E: Software Mutation

Emulation of Software Faults by Educated Mutations at Machine-Code Level (Abstract)

João Durães , Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra,
Henrique Madeira , University of Coimbra
pp. 329

Mutation of Java Objects (Abstract)

Roger T. Alexander , Colorado State University
James M. Bieman , Colorado State University
Sudipto Ghosh , Colorado State University
Bixia Ji , Colorado State Universtiy
pp. 341

Inter-Class Mutation Operators for Java (Abstract)

Yu-Seung Ma , Korea Adv Inst of Sci & Tech
Yong-Rae Kwon , Korea Adv Inst of Sci & Tech
Jeff Offutt , George Mason University
pp. 352
Session 2E: Reliability Assessment

Reliability Assessment of Framework-Based Distributed Embedded Software Systems (PDF)

Farokh B. Bastani , Univ. of Texas at Dallas
Sung Kim , Univ. of Texas at Dallas
I-Ling Yen , Univ. of Texas at Dallas
Ing-Ray Chen , Virginia Tech
pp. 367

Effect of Disturbances on the Convergence of Failure Intensity (Abstract)

João W. Cangussu , University of Texas at Dallas
Aditya P. Mathur , Purdue University
Raymond A. DeCarlo , Purdue University
pp. 377

Toward A Quantifiable Definition of Software Faults (Abstract)

John C. Munson , University of Idaho
Allen P. Nikora , California Institute of Technology
pp. 388

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