The Community for Technology Leaders
2013 IEEE 24th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE) (2000)
San Jose, California
Oct. 8, 2000 to Oct. 11, 2000
ISSN: 1071-9458
ISBN: 0-7695-0807-3

Foreword (PDF)

pp. viii
OO Methods

Building Trust into OO Components Using a Genetic Analogy (Abstract)

Vu Le Hanh , Universitaire de Beaulieu
Jean-Marc Jézéquel , Universitaire de Beaulieu
Yves Le Traon , Universitaire de Beaulieu
Benoit Baudry , Universitaire de Beaulieu
pp. 4

Criteria for Testing Polymorphic Relationships (Abstract)

A. Jefferson Offutt , George Mason University
Roger T. Alexander , George Mason University
pp. 15

Thresholds for Object-Oriented Measures (Abstract)

Khaled El Emam , National Research Council, Canada
Shesh Rai , St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Nishith Goel , Cistel Technology
Saida Benlarbi , Alcatel CID
pp. 24

Module Size Distribution and Defect Density (Abstract)

Yashwant K. Malaiya , Colorado State University
Jason Denton , Colorado State University
pp. 62

Quantitative Software Reliability Modeling from Testing to Operation (Abstract)

Michael R. Lyu , Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jung-Hua Lo , National Taiwan University
Sy-Yen Kuo , National Taiwan University
Chin-Yu Huang , National Taiwan University
pp. 72
Testing I

Structural Testing of Web Applications (Abstract)

Chien-Hung Liu , University of Texas at Arlington
Chih-Tung Hsu , Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Pei Hsia , University of Texas at Arlington
David C. Kung , University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 84

Evaluation of Regressive Methods for Automated Generation of Test Trajectories (Abstract)

Brian J. Taylor , Institute for Software Research
Bojan Cukic , West Virginia University
pp. 97

Generating Test Cases for GUI Responsibilities Using Complete Interaction Sequences (Abstract)

Lee White , Case Western Reserve University
Husain Almezen , Case Western Reserve University
pp. 110
Quantitative Methods

Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Inspections by Combining Project Data and Expert Opinion (Abstract)

Ferdinand Vollei , Siemens AG
Bernd Freimut , Fraunhofer Institute for Engineering Experimental Software Engineering
Lionel C. Briand , Carleton University
pp. 124

Analyzing Testability on Data Flow Designs (Abstract)

Yves Le Traon , Universitaire de Beaulieu
Chantal Robach , LCIS-ESISAR
pp. 162

A Software Falsifier (Abstract)

Daniel Brand , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
pp. 174

Planner Based Error Recovery Testing (Abstract)

Eric Dahlman , Colorado State University
Michael Scheetz , Colorado State University
Anneliese von Mayrhauser , Colorado State University
Adele E. Howe , Colorado State University
pp. 186
Risk Assessment

Improving Tree-Based Models of Software Quality with Principal Components Analysis (Abstract)

Ruqun Shan , Florida Atlantic University
Edward B. Allen , Mississippi State University
Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar , Florida Atlantic University
pp. 198

A Methodology for Architectural-Level Risk Assessment Using Dynamic Metrics (Abstract)

Tom Robinson , West Virginia University
Hany H. Ammar , West Virginia University
Sherif M. Yacoub , West Virginia University
pp. 210

Testing Nondeterminate Systems (Abstract)

Bojan Cukic , West Virginia University
Harhsinder Singh , West Virginia University
Tim Menzies , West Virginia University
John Powell , West Virginia University
pp. 222

Ranking Software Engineering Measures Related to Reliability Using Expert Opinion (Abstract)

R.W. Brill , U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
C. Smidts , University of Maryland at College Park
M. Li , University of Maryland at College Park
pp. 246

Modeling Fault-Prone Modules of Subsystems (Abstract)

Edward B. Allen , Mississippi State University
Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar , Florida Atlantic University
Vishal Thaker , Florida Atlantic University
pp. 259

Formal Semantics for Computational Engineering: A Case Study on Dynamic Fault Trees (Abstract)

Joanne Bechta Dugan , University of Virginia
David Coppit , University of Virginia
Kevin J. Sullivan , University of Virginia
pp. 270

Extending Fault Trees with an AND-THEN Gate (Abstract)

Mamoru Maekawa , University of Electro-Communications
Pathirage Gamini Wijayarathna , University of Electro-Communications
pp. 283

Risk Bands - A Novel Feature of Safecharts (Abstract)

Nimal Nissanke , South Bank University
Hamdan Z. Dammag , University of Reading
pp. 293
Testing II

Assessing the Sensitivity to Usage Profile Changes in Test Planning (Abstract)

Anders Wesslén , Lund University
Per Runeson , Lund University
Björn Regnell , Lund University
pp. 317

ATACOBOL: A COBOL Test Coverage Analysis Tool and Its Applications (Abstract)

Sam K.S. Sze , Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Michael R. Lyu , Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 327

Software Reliability and Maintenance Concept Used for Automatic Call Distributor MEDIO ACD (Abstract)

V. Kovacevic , University of Novi Sad
M. Popovic , University of Novi Sad
M. Skrbic , IBC-TEL Ltd.
pp. 336

Formal Limits on Determining Reliabilities of Component-Based Software Systems (Abstract)

Reinhard P. Klemm , Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories
Martin Kappes , Avaya Labs
pp. 356

Software Black Box: An Alternative Mechanism for Failure Analysis (Abstract)

Sebastian Elbaum , University of Nebraska at Lincoln
John C. Munson , Cylant Technology, LLC
pp. 365

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