The Community for Technology Leaders
Fourth IEEE International Symposium on Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing. ISORC 2001 (2001)
Magdeburg, Germany
May 2, 2001 to May 4, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1089-2

HW/SW codesign for automotive applications: challenges on the architecture level (PDF)

J. Axelsson , Carlstedt Res. & Technol. AB, Goteborg, Sweden
pp. 123-126
State-of-the-Art in Real-Time Systems

A Profile for High-Integrity Real-Time Java Programs (Abstract)

Peter Puschner , Technische Universität Wien
Andy Wellings , University of York
pp. 0015

Consistent Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems with UML-RT (Abstract)

Jochen M. Küster , University of Paderborn/C-LAB
Joachim Stroop , University of Paderborn/C-LAB
pp. 0031

The Distributed Time-Triggered Simulation Scheme Facilitated by TMO Programming (Abstract)

K.H. (Kane) Kim , University of California, Irvine
Raymond Paul , US Department of Defense
pp. 0041

Deterministic Java in Tiny Embedded Systems (Abstract)

Anders Nilsson , Lund University
Torbjörn Ekman , Lund University
pp. 0060

Strategies for Improving Connection Management in a Java-Based, GIOP ORB (Abstract)

Masood Mortazavi , Sun Microsystems Inc.
Feng Hong , Sun Microsystems Inc.
pp. 0077

Safe Object Oriented Programming of Distributed Real Time Systems in PEARL (Abstract)

Wolfgang A. Halang , Fern Universität
Carlos E. Pereira , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Alceu Heinke Frigeri , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
pp. 0087

Performance Evaluation of a Fault-Tolerant Mechanism Based on Replicated Distributed Objects for CORBA (Abstract)

Michiharu Takemoto , NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
Takayuki Nakamura , NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
pp. 0095

On Applying Coordinated Atomic Actions and Dependable Software Architectures for Developing Complex Systems (Abstract)

Delano M. Beder , University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
Cecília M.F. Rubira , University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
Brian Randell , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Alexander Romanovsky , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
pp. 0103

Designing a Service of Failure Detection in Asynchronous Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Roberto Baldoni , Universitá di Roma "La Sapienza"
Fabio Zito , Universitá di Roma "La Sapienza"
pp. 0113
Panel I
Networks and Protocols I

A Model and Architecture for Conducting Hierarchically Structured Auctions (Abstract)

P.D. Ezhilchelvan , University of Newcastle
S.K. Shrivastava , University of Newcastle
M.C. Little , University of Newcastle
pp. 0129

An Adaptive Buffer Management Algorithm for Enhancing Dependability and Performance in Mobile-Object-Based Real-Time Computing (Abstract)

May T.W. Ip , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Wilfred W.K. Lin , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Allan K.Y. Wong , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tharam S. Dillon , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dianhui Wang , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
pp. 0138

Group Protocol for Object-Based Systems (Abstract)

Youhei Timura , Tokyo Denki University
Katsuya Tanaka , Tokyo Denki University
Makoto Takizawa , Tokyo Denki University
pp. 0145

The Java Fieldbus Control Framework-Object Oriented Control of Fieldbus Devices (Abstract)

Dieter Bühler , University of Tübingen
Wolfgang Küchlin , University of Tübingen
Gerd Nusser , University of Tübingen
Gerhard Gruhler , Institute for Automation Engineering
pp. 0153
Embedded Systems

Design and Implementation of Distributed Object-Oriented Infrastructures for Networked Home Appliances on Commodity Operating Systems (Abstract)

Tatsuo Nakajima , Waseda University
Kouta Soejima , Fujitsu LSI Solution, Limited
Masahiko Matsuda , Fujitsu LSI Solution, Limited
Toru Iino , Fujitsu LSI Solution, Limited
Taketoshi Hayashi , Fujitsu LSI Solution, Limited
pp. 0171

Assessing the Real-Time Properties of Windows CE 3.0 (Abstract)

Christian M. Netter , United Technologies Research Center
Luiz F. Bacellar , United Technologies Research Center
pp. 0179
Networks and Protocols II

Randomized Multivalued Consensus (Abstract)

Paul Ezhilchelvan , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Achour Mostefaoui , IRISA, Campus de Beaulieu
Michel Raynal , IRISA, Campus de Beaulieu
pp. 0195

Concurrent Read/Write: Real-Time Theory and Practice (Abstract)

Horst F. Wedde , University of Dortmund
Sabine Böhm , University of Dortmund
Wolfgang Freund , University of Dortmund
pp. 0201

Analysis and Estimation of the Quality of Service of Group Communication Protocols (Abstract)

A. Coccoli , University of Pisa
A. Bondavalli , University of Firenze
F. Di Giandomenico , IEI-CNR, Area della Ricerca di Pisa
pp. 0209

On Evaluating Interaction and Communication Schemes for Automation Applications Based on Real-Time Distributed Objects (Abstract)

Joerg Kaiser , University of Ulm
Carlos Mitidieri , Informatics Institute/PPGC/UFRGS
Claudio Villela , Informatics Institute/PPGC/UFRGS
Leandro Buss Becker , Informatics Institute/PPGC/UFRGS
pp. 0217

An Architecture Supporting Loose and Close Cooperation of Distributed Autonomous Systems (Abstract)

Michael Mock , GMD-German National Research Center for Information Technology
pp. 0227

The Use of Layers and Planes for Architectural Design of Communication Systems (Abstract)

Dominikus Herzberg , Ericsson Eurolab Deutschland GmbH
André Marburger , Technical University of Aachen
pp. 0235

JTRON: A Hybrid Architecture Integrating an Object-Oriented and Real-Time System (Abstract)

Yukikazu Nakamoto , NEC Networks Development Laboratories
Shoichi Hachiya , Aplix Corporation
pp. 0243

Minimal Invasive Monitoring (Abstract)

Daniel Mahrenholz , University of Magdeburg
pp. 0251
Real-Time and Object Orientation

A CORBA-Based Middleware Solution for UAVs (Abstract)

Dr. James L. Paunicka , The Boeing Company
Dr. David E. Corman , The Boeing Company
Brian R. Mendel , The Boeing Company
pp. 0261

Use of RT CORBA in the U.S. Army (PDF)

Edgar V. Shrum , The MITRE Corporation
pp. 0268

Efficient JavaTM Monitors (Abstract)

Anders Blomdell , Lund Institute of Technology
pp. 0270

Object-Orientation in Parallel VSIPL Architecture (Abstract)

Yuriy Sheynin , St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
Anna Novoselova , St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
pp. 0277
Modeling I

An Approach to Modeling and Verification of Real-Time Systems (Abstract)

Roman Gumzej , University of Maribor
Matjaz Colnaric , University of Maribor
pp. 0283

ATC : Actors with Temporal Constraints (Abstract)

Boualem Laichi , Université des Sciences et Technologie Houari Boumedienne
Yamina Sami , Université des Sciences et Technologie Houari Boumedienne
pp. 0306
Panel II

Scheduling Imprecise Tasks in Real-Time Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Rômulo Silva de Oliveira , Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Joni da Silva Fraga , Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Jean-Marie Farines , Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
pp. 0319

Soft Real-Time Transactions Scheduling in a Wireless Environment (Abstract)

Samia Saad-Bouzefrane , LIH, Facultédes Sciences et Techniques du Havre
Bruno Sadeg , LIH, Facultédes Sciences et Techniques du Havre
Laurent Amanton , LIH, Facultédes Sciences et Techniques du Havre
pp. 0327

Response Time Analysis of Composable Micro-Protocols (Abstract)

João Ventura , Universidade de Lisboa
Lúýs Rodrigues , Universidade de Lisboa
pp. 0335
CORBA, Real-Time Databases

Real-Time Data Mining of Multimedia Objects (Abstract)

Bhavani Thuraisingham , The MITRE Corporation
Chris Clifton , The MITRE Corporation
John Maurer , The MITRE Corporation
Marion G. Ceruti , Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
pp. 0360

Developing a Triggering System for Real-Time Databases in Distributed Environment (Abstract)

Hye-Sook Yoon. Hyuk Han , ChungNam National University
Young-Kuk Kim , ChungNam National University
Sung-Il Jin , ChungNam National University
pp. 0366
Panel III

Region-Based Memory Management for Real-Time Java (Abstract)

Teresa Higuera , INRIA-Rocquencourt
Valérie Issarny , INRIA-Rocquencourt
Michel Banatre , INRIA-IRISA
Gilbert Cabillic , INRIA-IRISA
Jean-Philippe Lesot , INRIA-IRISA
Frédéric Parain , INRIA-IRISA
pp. 0387

Combining Data Flow Equations with UML/Realtime (Abstract)

Lutz Bichler , University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
Ansgar Radermacher , University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
Andreas Schürr , University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
pp. 0403
Modelling II

Extended Activity Diagrams for Adaptive Workflow Modelling (Abstract)

E. Chang , University of Newcastle
E. Gautama , University of Newcastle
T.S. Dillon , The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
pp. 0413

Developing Simulation Models of Open Distributed Control System by Using Object-Oriented Structural and Behavioral Patterns (Abstract)

Toyoaki Tomura , Asahikawa National College of Technology
Satoshi Kanai , School of Engineering, Hokkaido University
pp. 0428

Scenario and Property Checking of Real-Time Systems Using a Synchronous Approach (Abstract)

C. André , Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
M-A. Peraldi-Frati , Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
J-P. Rigault , Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
pp. 0438

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pp. 0445
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