The Community for Technology Leaders
2008 11th IEEE International Symposium on Object and Component-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing (ISORC) (2000)
Newport Beach, California
Mar. 15, 2000 to Mar. 17, 2000
ISBN: 0-7695-0607-0
Current Major Trends

Deadline Handling in Real-Time Distributed Objects (Abstract)

K. H. (Kane) Kim , University of California at Irvine
Juqiang Liu , University of California at Irvine
Moon-Hae Kim , University of California at Irvine
pp. 7

A Universal Smart Transducer Interface: TTP/A (Abstract)

W. Elmenreich , Technische Universit?t Wien
M. Holzmann , Technische Universit?t Wien
H. Kopetz , Technische Universit?t Wien
pp. 16
Distributed Object Computing in Real-Time Settings

CORBA Application Tailored Manager for Quality of Service Support (Abstract)

Olivier Villin , Institut National des T?l?communications
Didier Le Tien , Institut National des T?l?communications
Christian Bac , Institut National des T?l?communications
pp. 52
Design Pattern

A Pattern Language for Efficient, Predictable, Scalable, and Flexible Dispatching Mechanisms for Distributed Object Computing Middleware (Abstract)

Douglas C. Schmidt , University of California at Irvine, CA 92697
Irfan Pyarali , Washington University at St. Louis
Carlos O'Ryan , Washington University at St. Louis
pp. 62
Panel I: Technology Visions in the Real-Time Application Domain
Object-Oriented Design

A Scenario-Based Approach to Hierarchical State Machine Design (Abstract)

J.P. Corriveau , Carleton University
B. Selic , ObjecTime Limited
F. Bordeleau , Carleton University
pp. 78

Verification of UML-Based Real-Time System Designs by Means of cTLA (Abstract)

Peter Herrmann , University of Dortmund
Guenter Graw , University of Dortmund
Heiko Krumm , University of Dortmund
pp. 86

Hybrid Sequence Charts (Abstract)

Ingolf Krüger , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
Thomas Stauner , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
Radu Grosu , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
pp. 104
Scheduling and Load Balancing

Dynamic Scheduling for Soft Real-Time Distributed Object Systems (Abstract)

P. M. Melliar-Smith , University of California at Santa Barbara
V. Kalogeraki , University of California at Santa Barbara
L. E. Moser , University of California at Santa Barbara
pp. 114
Objects and Components for Real-Time Systems

Kernel Structuring Using Time-Triggered Message-Triggered Objects for Real-Time Active DBMS in Layered Architecture (Abstract)

Chanho Ryu , Chungnam National University
Yongkeol Kim , Chungnam National University
Young -kuk Kim , Chungnam National University
Hyeok Han , Chungnam National University
Seongil Jin , Chungnam National University
pp. 148
Industry Short Papers I: Applications

NetMars: Next-Generation Digital Image Library System (Abstract)

Masakazu Nishino , Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
Nobuhiro Omori , Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
Hirokazu Nagasawa , Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
pp. 170
Real-Time and Fault-Tolerance in Distributed/Parallel Applications: Industrial Views

Hierarchical Feedback Adaptation for Real Time Sensor-Based Distributed Applications (Abstract)

Rakesh Jha , Honeywell Technology Center
Ionut Cardei , Honeywell Technology Center
Mihaela Cardei , Honeywell Technology Center
Allalaghatta Pavan , Honeywell Technology Center
pp. 181
Work in Progress

Benchmarking Real-Time Distributed Object Management Systems for Evolvable and Adaptable Command and Control Applications (Abstract)

John Maurer , The MITRE Corporation
Steve Wohlever , The MITRE Corporation
Richard Freedman , The MITRE Corporation
Michael Milligan , U.S. Air Force Academy
Bhavani Thuraisingham , The MITRE Corporation
Victor Wolfe , The MITRE Corporation and The University of Rhode Island
pp. 202

A Resource Management Framework for Adaptive Middleware (Abstract)

Hector A. Duran , Lancaster University
Gordon S. Blair , Lancaster University
pp. 206

Modeling of Real-Time Embedded Systems in an Object-Oriented Design Environment with UML (Abstract)

Zebo Peng , Link?ping University
Sorin Manolache , Link?ping University
Razvan Jigorea , Link?ping University
Petru Eles , Link?ping University
pp. 210
Panel II: Fundamental R&D Issues in Real-Time Distributed Computing

Asynchronous Checkpointing Protocol for Object-Based Systems (Abstract)

Katsuya Tanaka , Tokyo Denki University
Makoto Takizawa , Tokyo Denki University
pp. 218

Deadline-Constrained Causal Order (Abstract)

L. Rodrigues , Universidade de Lisboa
E. Anceaume , IRISA
M. Raynal , IRISA
R. Baldoni , University of Rome
pp. 234
Real-Time Distributed Systems Frameworks

Distributed Framework for Real-Time Multimedia Object Communication (Abstract)

Walid G. Aref , Purdue University
Arif Ghafoor , Purdue University
Peiya Liu , Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.
Mudassir Latif , Purdue University
Husni Fahmi , Purdue University
Liang Hsu , Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.
pp. 252

Adlets Migration and Handling in a Distributed Object Environment (Abstract)

Yasuro Kawata , University of Pittsburgh
Shi-Kuo Chang , University of Pittsburgh
Hossam I. Gharib , University of Pittsburgh
Ping-Wen Chen , University of Pittsburgh
pp. 260
Operating System Support

On Interrupt-Transparent Synchronization in an Embedded Object-Oriented Operating System (Abstract)

Ute Spinczyk , University of Magdeburg
Olaf Spinczyk , University of Magdeburg
Friedrich Schoen , GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology
Wolfgang Schroeder-Preikschat , University of Magdeburg
pp. 270
Object-Oriented Design Issues: Industrial Views
Panel III: Design, Methods, and Tools for ORC
Quality of Services

Using QDL to Specify QoS Aware Distributed (QuO) Application Configuration (Abstract)

James Megquier , BBN Technologies
Rich Shapiro , BBN Technologies
John Zinky , BBN Technologies
Richard Schantz , BBN Technologies
Joseph Loyall , BBN Technologies
Partha Pal , BBN Technologies
pp. 310

An Open QoS Architecture for CORBA Applications (Abstract)

Vinny Cahill , Trinity College Dublin
Frank Siqueira , Trinity College Dublin
pp. 328
Industry Short Papers II

A Large Scale Distributed Object Architecture - CORBA & COM for Real Time Systems (Abstract)

E. Chang , Philips Public Communication Limited
D Annal , Philips Public Communication Limited
F. Grunta , Philips Public Communication Limited
pp. 338

Agent-Oriented Material Flow Control System Based on DCOM (Abstract)

R. Schoop , Schneider Automation GmbH
R. Neubert , Schneider Automation GmbH
pp. 342

TCP Throughput and Buffer Management (Abstract)

Todd Lizambri , National Institute of Standards and Technology
Shukri Wakid , National Institute of Standards and Technology
Fernando Duran , National Institute of Standards and Technology
pp. 346
Programming Paradigms for Real-Time Systems

Real-Time Programming-in-the-Large: The Case of Monitoring and Control Systems (Abstract)

Andrea Savigni , Universit? di Milano-Bicocca
Francesco Tisato , Universit? di Milano-Bicocca
pp. 352

Automatic Synthesis of Multi-Tasking Implementations from Real-Time Object-Oriented Models (Abstract)

Y. Wang , Concordia University
M. Saksena , Concordia University
P. Karvelas , Concordia University
pp. 360

Structural and Behavioral Decomposition in Object Oriented Models (Abstract)

B. Møller-Pedersen , Ericsson AS Norway Applied Research Center and University of Oslo
E. Holz , Humboldt-Universit?t zu Berlin
J. Fischer , Humboldt-Universit?t zu Berlin
pp. 368
Java for Real-Time Systems

Experimentation in CPU Control with Real-Time Java (Abstract)

Gerasimos Xydas , University of Kent
Jerome Tassel , University of Kent
pp. 386

A Distributed Real-Time Java System Based on CSP (Abstract)

Gerald H. Hilderink , University of Twente
Jan F. Broenink , University of Twente
Andry W.P. Bakkers , University of Twente
pp. 400

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