The Community for Technology Leaders
Parallel Processing Symposium, International (1999)
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Apr. 12, 1999 to Apr. 16, 1999
ISSN: 1063-7133
ISBN: 0-7695-0143-5

Keynote Address (PDF)

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Session 1: Algorithmic Paradigms and Primitives: Chair: Ernst Mayr, Technische Universit?t M?nchen, Germany

Prefix Computations on Symmetric Multiprocessors (Abstract)

David R. Helman , University of Maryland
Joseph JáJá , University of Maryland
pp. 7

Parallel Matrix Multiplication on a Linear Array with a Reconfigurable Pipelined Bus System (Abstract)

Keqin Li , State University of New York at New Paltz
Victor Y. Pan , City University of New York
pp. 31
Session 2: Latency Tolerance and Performance Modeling: Chair: Jos? Duato, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

Improving Collective I/O Performance Using Threads (Abstract)

Phillip M. Dickens , Illinois Institute of Technology
Rajeev Thakur , Argonne National Laboratory
pp. 38

The Impact of Memory Hierarchies on Cluster Computing (Abstract)

Xing Du , University of Virginia
Xiaodong Zhang , College of William and Mary
pp. 61

A Factorial Performance Evaluation for Hierarchical Memory Systems (Abstract)

Xian-He Sun , Louisiana State University
Dongmei He , Louisiana State University
Kirk W. Cameron , Louisiana State University and Los Alamos National Laboratory
Yong Luo , Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 70
Session 3: Communication, Run-Time Systems: Chair: Calvin Lin, University of Texas at Austin

Run-Time Selection of Block Size in Pipelined Parallel Programs (Abstract)

David K. Lowenthal , The University of Georgia
Michael James , The University of Georgia
pp. 82

Reducing Parallel Overheads Through Dynamic Serialization (Abstract)

Michael Voss , Purdue University
Rudolf Eigenmann , Purdue University
pp. 88
Session 4: Scalable Computing: Chair: Gianfranco Bilardi, Universit? di Padova and University of Illinois

Average-Case Analysis of Isospeed Scalability of Parallel Computations on Multiprocessors (Abstract)

Keqin Li , State University of New York at New Paltz
Xian-He Sun , Louisiana State University
pp. 112

Fully-Scalable Fault-Tolerant Simulations for BSP and CGM (Abstract)

Sung-Ryul Kim , Seoul National University
Kunsoo Park , Seoul National University
pp. 117

Coarse Grained Parallel Maximum Matching In Convex Bipartite Graphs (Abstract)

P. Bose , Carleton University
A. Chan , Carleton University
F. Dehne , Carleton University
M. Latzel , Carleton University
pp. 125

Experimental Evaluation of QSM, a Simple Shared-Memory Model (Abstract)

Brian Grayson , University of Texas at Austin
Michael Dahlin , University of Texas at Austin
Vijaya Ramachandran , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 130
Session 5: Communication and Protocols for Clusters: Chair: Liviu Iftode, Rutgers University

Performance Evaluation of the ServerNet R SAN under Self-Similar Traffic (Abstract)

D.R. Avresky , Boston University
V. Shurbanov , Boston University
R. Horst , Compaq Tandem Labs
P. Mehra , Compaq Tandem Labs
pp. 143

Low-Latency Message Passing on Workstation Clusters using SCRAMNet (Abstract)

Vijay Moorthy , Ohio State University
Matthew G. Jacunski , Ohio State University
Manoj Pillai , Ohio State University
Peter P. Ware , Ohio State University
Dhabaleswar K. Panda , Ohio State University
Thomas W. Page Jr. , Ohio State University
P. Sadayappan , Ohio State University
V. Nagarajan , SYSTRAN Corporation
Johns Daniel , SYSTRAN Corporation
pp. 148

Cashmere-VLM: Remote Memory Paging for Software Distributed Shared Memory (Abstract)

Sandhya Dwarkadas , University of Rochester
Robert Stets , University of Rochester
Nikolaos Hardavellas , Compaq Cambridge Research Lab
Leonidas Kontothanassis , Compaq Cambridge Research Lab
Rishiyur Nikhil , Compaq Cambridge Research Lab
pp. 153

Reducing System Overheads in Home-based Software DSMs (Abstract)

Weiwu Hu , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Weisong Shi , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhimin Tang , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 167
Session 6: Communication Libraries: Chair: Gul Agha, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Exploiting Global Structure for Performance on Clusters (Abstract)

Stephen R. Donaldson , Oxford University
Jonathan M.D. Hill , Sychron Ltd.
David B. Skillicorn , Queen's University at Kingston
pp. 176

tmPVM - Task Migratable PVM (Abstract)

C. P. Tan , National University of Singapore
W. F. Wong , National University of Singapore
C. K. Yuen , National University of Singapore
pp. 196
Industrial Track Presentation
Session 7: Routing and Broadcasting I:Chair: Frank Dehne, Carleton University, Canada

On-Demand Multicast Routing Scheme and its Algorithms (Abstract)

Te-Chou Su , National Tsing Hua University
ia-Shung Wang , National Tsing Hua University
pp. 212

Fault-Tolerant Routing Algorithms for Hypercube Networks (Abstract)

Keiichi Kaneko , Chiba University
Hideo Ito , Chiba University
pp. 218

Optimally Scaling Permutation Routing on Reconfigurable Linear Arrays with Optical Buses (Abstract)

Jerry L. Trahan , Louisiana State University
Anu G. Bourgeois , Louisiana State University
Ramachandran Vaidyanathan , Louisiana State University
Yi Pan , University of Dayton
pp. 233
Session 8: Miscellaneous Architecture: Chair: Alok Choudhary, Northwestern University

A Comparison of Router Architectures for Virtual Cut-Through and Wormhole Switching in a NOWEnvironment (Abstract)

J. Duato , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
A. Robles , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
F. Silla , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
R. Beivide , Universidad de Cantabria
pp. 240

Shuffle Memory System (Abstract)

Kichul Kim , University of Seoul
pp. 268

Keynote Address (PDF)

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Session 9: Advanced Software for Applications Support: Chair: Ahmed Sameh, Purdue University

The Performance of Coordinated and Independent Checkpointing (Abstract)

Luis Moura Silva , Universidade de Coimbra, Polo II
João Gabriel Silva , Universidade de Coimbra, Polo II
pp. 280

OpenMP for Networks of SMPs (Abstract)

Y. Charlie Hu , Rice University
Honghui Lu , Rice University
Alan L. Cox , Rice University
Willy Zwaenepoel , Rice University
pp. 302
Session 10: Routing and Broadcasting II: Chair: Jos? D.P. Rolim, University of Geneva

Oblivious Deadlock-Free Routing in a Faulty Hypercube (Abstract)

Jin Suk Kim , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eric Lehman , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tom Leighton , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 312

Sparse Hypercube --- A Minimal k-Line Broadcast Graph (Abstract)

Satoshi Fujita , Hiroshima University
Arthur M. Farley , University of Oregon
pp. 320

All-to-All Broadcast on Switch-Based Clusters of Workstations (Abstract)

Matt Jacunski , Ohio State University
P. Sadayappan , Ohio State University
D. K. Panda , Ohio State University
pp. 325

VBMAR: Virtual Network Load Balanced Minimal Adaptive Routing (Abstract)

Xicheng Liu , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Timothy J. Li , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wen Gao , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 330
Session 11: Scientific Engineering Systems: Chair: David Martinez, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Portable Parallel Programming for the Dynamic Load Balancing of Unstructured Grid Applications (Abstract)

Rupak Biswas , NASA Ames Research Center
Leonid Oliker , NASA Ames Research Center
Sajal K. Das , University of North Texas
Daniel Harvey , University of North Texas
pp. 338

A Parallel Adaptive version of the Block-based Gauss-Jordan Algorithm (Abstract)

N. Melab , Universit? des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
E-G. Talbi , Universit? des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
S. Petiton , Universit? des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
pp. 350

Sparse Matrix Block-Cyclic Redistribution (Abstract)

Gerardo Bandera , University of Malaga
Emilio L. Zapata , University of Malaga
pp. 355

A New Approach to Parallel Dynamic Partitioning for Adaptive Unstructured Meshes (Abstract)

Gerd Heber , University of Delaware
Guang R. Gao , University of Delaware
Rupak Biswas , NASA Ames Research Center
pp. 360
Session 12: Performance: Chair: Jan Cuny, University of Oregon

BRISK: A Portable and Flexible Distributed Instrumentation System (Abstract)

Aleksandar M. Bakic , Michigan State University
Matt W. Mutka , Michigan State University
Diane T. Rover , Michigan State University
pp. 387

An Efficient Logging Algorithm for Incremental Replay of Message (Abstract)

Franco Zambonelli , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
pp. 392

Lazy Logging and Prefetch-Based Crash Recovery in Software Distributed Shared Memory Systems. (Abstract)

Angkul Kongmunvattana , University of Southwestern Louisiana
Nian-Feng Tzeng , University of Southwestern Louisiana
pp. 399
Panel Discussion: Prospects for High Performance Computing with Java and Middleware

Panel Abstract (Abstract)

pp. xix
Industrial Track Presentation
Session 13: Mesh Architecture: Chair: Afonso Ferreira, CNRS-I3S-INRIA, France

Better Deterministic Routing on Meshes (Abstract)

Jop F. Sibeyn , Max-Planck-Institut f?r Informatik
pp. 420

2:5n-Step Sorting on N ? N Meshes in the Presence of 0(vn Worst-Case Faults (Abstract)

Chi-Hsiang Yeh , University of California at Santa Barbara
Behrooz Parhami , University of California at Santa Barbara
Hua Lee , University of California at Santa Barbara
Emmanouel A. Varvarigos , University of California at Santa Barbara
pp. 436

The Recursive Grid Layout Scheme for VLSI Layout of Hierarchical Networks (Abstract)

Chi-Hsiang Yeh , University of California at Santa Barbara
Behrooz Parhami , University of California at Santa Barbara
Emmanouel A. Varvarigos , University of California at Santa Barbara
pp. 441
Session 14: Signal Processing: Chair: George Cybenko, Dartmouth College

A Parallel Phoneme Recognition Algorithm Based on Continuous Hidden Markov Model (Abstract)

Sang-Hwa Chung , Pusan National University
Min-Uk Park , Pusan National University
Hyung-Soon Kim , Pusan National University
pp. 453

Mapping Media Streams onto a Network of Servers (Abstract)

Reinhard Lüling , University of Paderborn
pp. 470

A Systolic Algorithm to Process Compressed Binary Images (Abstract)

Fikret Ercal , University of Missouri at Rolla
Mark Allen , University of Missouri at Rolla
Hao Feng , University of Missouri at Rolla
pp. 477
Session 15: Program Optimization, Resource Allocation, Scheduling: Chair: Fran Berman: University of California at San Diego

Optimizations for Language-Directed Computational Steering (Abstract)

Jeffrey Vetter , Georgia Institute of Technology
Karsten Schwan , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 486

Optimization Rules for Programming with Collective Operations (Abstract)

Sergei Gorlatch , Universit?t Passau
Christoph Wedler , Universit?t Passau
Christian Lengauer , Universit?t Passau
pp. 492

A Flexible Clustering and Scheduling Scheme for Efficient Parallel Computation (Abstract)

S. Chingchit , Curtin University
M. Kumar , Curtin University
L.N. Bhuyan , Texas A&M University
pp. 500

Mechanisms for Just-in-Time Allocation of Resources to Adaptive Parallel Programs (Abstract)

Arash Baratloo , New York University
Ayal Itzkovitz , New York University
Zvi M. Kedem , New York University
Yuanyuan Zhao , New York University
pp. 506

Exploiting Application Tunability for Efficient, Predictable Parallel Resource Management (Abstract)

Fangzhe Chang , New York University
Vijay Karamcheti , New York University
Zvi Kedem , New York University
pp. 749

Keynote Address (PDF)

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Session 16: Load Balancing and Distributed Computing: Chair: Assaf Schuster, Technion, Israel

Parallel Load Balancing for Problems with Good Bisectors (Abstract)

Stefan Bischof , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
Ralf Ebner , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
Thomas Erlebach , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
pp. 531

Asynchronous Group Mutual Exclusion in Ring Networks (Abstract)

Kuen-Pin Wu , National Taiwan University
Yuh-Jzer Joung , National Taiwan University
pp. 539
Session 17: Data Mining and Databases: Chair: Yoichi Muraoka, Waseda University, Japan

P-EDR: An Algorithm for Parallel Implementation of Parzen Density Estimation from Uncertain Observations (Abstract)

P.E. López de Teruel , University of Murcia
J.M. García , University of Murcia
M. Acacio , University of Murcia
O. Cánovas , University of Murcia
pp. 563

A Fast Multithreaded Out-of-Core Visualization Technique (Abstract)

Peter D. Sulatycke , State University of New York at Binghamton
Kanad Ghose , State University of New York at Binghamton
pp. 569

Infrastructure for Building Parallel Database Systems for Multi-Dimensional Data (Abstract)

Chialin Chang , University of Maryland
Renato Ferreira , University of Maryland
Alan Sussman , University of Maryland
Joel Saltz , University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
pp. 582
Session 18: Compilers: Chair: Zhiyuan Li, Purdue University

Compiler Analysis to Support Compiled Communication for HPF-Like Programs (Abstract)

Xin Yuan , Florida State University
Rajiv Gupta , University of Pittsburgh
Rami Melhem , University of Pittsburgh
pp. 603

PARADIGM (version 2.0): A New HPF Compilation System (Abstract)

Pramod G. Joisha , Northwestern University
Prithviraj Banerjee , Northwestern University
pp. 609
Panel Discussion: Information Power Grid: The New Frontier in Parallel Computing?

Panel Abstract (Abstract)

pp. xx
Industrial Track Presentation

IP Validation for FPGAs using Hardware Object Technology(tm) (Abstract)

Steve Casselman , Virtual Computer Corporation
John Schewel , Virtual Computer Corporation
Christophe Beaumont , Virtual Computer Corporation
pp. 624
Session 19: Biological and Discrete Systems: Chair: Charles Weems, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Parallel Algorithms for 3D Reconstruction of Asymmetric Objects from Electron Micrographs (Abstract)

Robert E. Lynch , Purdue University
Dan C. Marinescu , Purdue University
Hong Lin , Purdue University
Timothy S. Baker , Purdue University
pp. 632

Large Scale Simulation of Parallel Molecular Dynamics (Abstract)

Thierry Gautier , APACHE Group, LMC-IMAG
Denis Trystram , APACHE Group, LMC-IMAG
pp. 638

A Parallel Algorithm for Bound-Smoothing (Abstract)

Kumar Rajan , University of Central Florida
Narsingh Deo , University of Central Florida
pp. 645

Large Scale Simulation of Particulate Flows (Abstract)

Ahmed H. Sameh , Purdue University
Vivek Sarin , Purdue University
pp. 660
Session 20: Real-Time Simulation and Load Balancing: Chair: Arnold L. Rosenberg, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

A Communication Latency Hiding Parallelization of a Traffic Flow Simulation (Abstract)

Charles Michael Johnston , Concurrent Computer Corporation
Anthony Theodore Chronopoulos , University of Texas San Antonio
pp. 688

Relaxing Causal Constraints in PDES (Abstract)

Narayanan V. Thondugulam , University of Cincinnati,
Dhananjai Madhava Rao , University of Cincinnati,
Radharamanan Radhakrishnan , University of Cincinnati,
Philip A. Wilsey , University of Cincinnati,
pp. 696

Rate of Change Load Balancing in Distributed and Parallel Systems (Abstract)

Luis Miguel Campos , University of California at Irvine
Isaac Scherson , University of California at Irvine
pp. 701
Session 21: Miscellaneous Software: Chair: Ricardo Bianchini, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cascaded Execution: Speeding Up Unparallelized Execution on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors (Abstract)

Ruth E. Anderson , University of Washington
Thu D. Nguyen , University of Washington
John Zahorjan , University of Washington
pp. 714

COWL: Copy-On-Write for Logic Programs (Abstract)

Vìtor Santos Costa , Universidade do Porto
pp. 720

Implementation of a Virtual Time Synchronizer for Distributed Databases (Abstract)

Azzedine Boukerche , University of North Texas
Sajal K. Das , University of North Texas
Ajoy Datta , University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Timothy E. LeMaster , University of Nevada at Las Vegas
pp. 733

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