The Community for Technology Leaders
Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, International (2005)
Denver, Colorado
Apr. 4, 2005 to Apr. 8, 2005
ISSN: 1530-2075
ISBN: 0-7695-2312-9
Joint Workshop on High-Performance Grid Computing & High-Level Parallel Programming Models - HIPS-HPGC

MOCCA - Towards a Distributed CCA Framework for Metacomputing (Abstract)

Maciej Malawski , Emory University, Atlanta, USA; Institute of Computer Science AGH, Krak?w, Poland
Dawid Kurzyniec , Emory University, Atlanta, USA
Vaidy Sunderam , Emory University, Atlanta, USA
pp. 174a

An Experiment with High Performance Components for Grid Applications (Abstract)

Massimo Coppola , Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione (ISTI/CNR), Italy
Marco Pasquali , Universit? di Pisa, Italy
Luigi Presti , Universit? di Pisa, Italy
Marco Vanneschi , Universit? di Pisa, Italy
pp. 174b

WSPeer - An Interface to Web Service Hosting and Invocation (Abstract)

Andrew Harrison , Cardiff University
Ian J. Taylor , Cardiff University
pp. 175a

PPerfGrid: A Grid Services-based Tool for the Exchange of Heterogeneous Parallel Performance Data (Abstract)

John J. Hoffman , Portland State University
Andrew Byrd , Portland State University
Kathryn M. Mohror , Portland State University
Karen L. Karavanic , Portland State University
pp. 175b

Grid Environment for Computational Astrophysics Driven by GRAPE-6 with HMCS-G and OmniRPC (Abstract)

Taisuke Boku , University of Tsukuba
Kenji Onuma , University of Tsukuba
Mitsuhisa Sato , University of Tsukuba
Yoshihiro Nakajima , University of Tsukuba
Daisuke Takahashi , University of Tsukuba
pp. 176a

GRAPE - An Industrial Distributed System for Computer Vision (Abstract)

David Minor , Orbotech Algorithms Infrastructure Group
Shmuel Rippa , Orbotech Algorithms Infrastructure Group
pp. 176b

Parallelization of the NAS Conjugate Gradient Benchmark Using the Global Arrays Shared Memory Programming Model (Abstract)

Yeliang Zhang , University of Arizona
Vinod Tipparaju , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jarek Nieplocha , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Salim Hariri , University of Arizona
pp. 177a

High Performance Communication between Parallel Programs (Abstract)

Jae-Yong Lee , University of Maryland, College Park
Alan Sussman , University of Maryland, College Park
pp. 177b

Using Generative Design Patterns to Develop Network Server Applications (Abstract)

Zhuang Guo , University of Alberta, Canada
Jonathan Schaeffer , University of Alberta, Canada
Duane Szafron , University of Alberta, Canada
Patrick Earl , University of Alberta, Canada
pp. 178a

M-Task-Programming for Heterogeneous Systems and Grid Environments (Abstract)

Thomas Rauber , Universit?t Bayreuth
Gudula R? , Technische Universit?t Chemnitz
pp. 178b

The Globus eXtensible Input/Output System (XIO): A Protocol Independent IO System for the Grid (Abstract)

William Allcock , Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois
John Bresnahan , Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois
Rajkumar Kettimuthu , Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois
Joseph Link , Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois
pp. 179a

Automated Analysis of Memory Access Behavior (Abstract)

Michael Gerndt , Technische Universit?t M?nchen, Germany
Tianchao Li , Technische Universit?t M?nchen, Germany
pp. 179b

Job Allocation Schemes in Computational Grids Based on Cost Optimization (Abstract)

Satish Penmatsa , The University of Texas at San Antonio
Anthony T. Chronopoulos , The University of Texas at San Antonio
pp. 180a

Job Scheduling for Grid Computing on Metacomputers (Abstract)

Keqin Li , State University of New York
pp. 180b
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