The Community for Technology Leaders
Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, International (2004)
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Apr. 26, 2004 to Apr. 30, 2004
ISBN: 0-7695-2132-0

Implementing Cellular Automata in FPGA Logic (Abstract)

Mathias Halbach , Technical University Darmstadt
Rolf Hoffmann , Technical University Darmstadt
pp. 258a

An 88-Way Multiprocessor within an FPGA with Customizable Instructions (Abstract)

Raymond Hoare , University of Pittsburgh
Shenchih Tung , University of Pittsburgh
Katrina Werger , University of Pittsburgh
pp. 258b

Massively Parallel Data Mining Using Reconfigurable Hardware: Approximate String Matching (Abstract)

Qiong Zhang , Washington University in St. Louis
Roger D. Chamberlain , Washington University in St. Louis
Ronald S. Indeck , Washington University in St. Louis
Benjamin M. West , Washington University in St. Louis
Jason White , Washington University in St. Louis
pp. 259a

A Scalable Associative Processor with Applications in Database and Image Processing (Abstract)

Hong Wang , Kent State University
Lei Xie , Kent State University
Meiduo Wu , Kent State University
Robert Walker , Kent State University
pp. 259b

Solving a 2D Knapsack Problem Using a Hybrid Data-Parallel/Control Style of Computing (Abstract)

Darrell R. Ulm , University of Akron
Johnnie W. Baker , Kent State University
Michael C. Scherger , Kent State University
pp. 260a

Linear Feedback Shift Register Interconnection Networks (Abstract)

Fernando Rodr?guez Salazar , University of Glasgow
John R. Barker , University of Glasgow
pp. 260b

Parallel Matrix Algorithms on a Broadcast-Based Architecture (Abstract)

Constantine Katsinis , Drexel University
Diana Hecht , Drexel University
Ming Zhu , Drexel University
Harsha Narravula , Drexel University
pp. 261a

Developing an aCe Solution for Two-Dimensional Strip Packing (Abstract)

John E. Dorband , NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Christine L. Mumford , Cardiff University
Pearl Y. Wang , George Mason University
pp. 261b

A Source Code Analyzer for Performance Prediction (Abstract)

Matthias Kühnemann , Technische Universität Chemnitz
Thomas Rauber , Universität Bayreuth
Gudula Rünger , Technische Universität Chemnitz
pp. 262b
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