The Community for Technology Leaders
On-Line Testing Workshop, IEEE International (2001)
Taormina, Italy
July 9, 2001 to July 11, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1290-9
Session 1: Dependability Evaluation - Moderator: Jacob Abraham, Univ. Texas at Austin - Coordinator: Diego Marino, Alstom Transport

Validation of a Software Dependability Tool via Fault Injection Experiments (Abstract)

Alfredo Benso , Politecnico di Torino
Stefano Di Carlo , Politecnico di Torino
Giorgio Di Natale , Politecnico di Torino
Luca Tagliaferri , Politecnico di Torino
Paolo Prinetto , Politecnico di Torino
pp. 0003

Exploiting FPGA for Accelerating Fault Injection Experiments (Abstract)

P. Civera , Politecnico di Torino
L. Macchiarulo , Politecnico di Torino
M. Rebaudengo , Politecnico di Torino
M. Sonza Reorda , Politecnico di Torino
M. Violante , Politecnico di Torino
pp. 0009

Path-Based Error Coverage Prediction (Abstract)

Joakim Aidemark , Chalmers University of Technology
Peter Folkesson , Chalmers University of Technology
Johan Karlsson , Chalmers University of Technology
pp. 0014

Analyzing Fault Effects in Fault Insertion Experiments (Abstract)

P. Gawkowski , Warsaw University of Technology
J. Sosnowski , Warsaw University of Technology
pp. 0021
Session 2: On-Line Testing for Reconfigurable Systems - Moderator: Renato Stefanelli, Politechnico di Milano - Coordinator: TBD

On-Line BIST and Diagnosis of FPGA Interconnect Using Roving STARs (Abstract)

Miron Abramovici , Agere Systems
Charles Stroud , University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Matthew Lashinsky , University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Jeremy Nall , University of North Carolina at Charlotte
John Emmert , University of North Carolina at Charlotte
pp. 0027
Session 3: On-Line Testable and Fault Tolerable Circuits and Systems - Moderator: C.A. Papchristou, Case Western Reserve Univ. - Coordinator: Greg Tollefson, INTEL

Logic Optimization of Unidirectional Circuits with Structural Methods (Abstract)

Luis Entrena , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Celia López , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Emilio Olías , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Enrique San Millán , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
José A. Espejo , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
pp. 0043

Automatic Insertion of Fault-Tolerant Structures at the RT Level (Abstract)

Luis Entrena , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Celia López , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Emilio Olías , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
pp. 0048

Novel Fault-Tolerant Adder Design for FPGA-Based Systems (Abstract)

Monica Alderighi , Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Sergio D'Angelo , Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Giacomo R. Sechi , Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Cecilia Metra , Universita' di Bologna
pp. 0054
Panel Session: Yield, Test & Reliability Issues for Very Deep Submicron Chips

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Session 4: Logic Verification for On-Line Tested Systems - Moderator: Paolo Prinetto, Politecnico di Torino - Coordinator: TBD

Automatic Bias Generation Using Pipeline Instruction State Coverage for Biased Random Instruction Generation (Abstract)

Mrinal Bose , University of Illinois, Urbana
Elizabeth M. Rudnick , University of Illinois, Urbana
Magdy Abadir , Motorola Inc.
pp. 0065
Session 5: Built-In Self-Testing - Moderator: Davide Appello, STMicroelectronics - Coordinator: Kaushik Roy, Purdue Univ.

Using a WLFSR to Embed Test Pattern Pairs in Minimum Time (Abstract)

Dimitri Kagaris , Southern Illinois University
Spyros Tragoudas , Southern Illinois University
pp. 0075

A New Reseeding Technique for LFSR-Based Test Pattern Generation (Abstract)

E. Kalligeros , University of Patras
X. Kavousianos , University of Patras
D. Bakalis , University of Patras
D. Nikolos , University of Patras
pp. 0080

Test-per-Clock Testing of the Circuits with Scan (Abstract)

Ondrej Novak , Technical University Liberec
Jiri Nosek , Technical University Liberec
pp. 0090
Session 6: Self-Checking, Concurrent Detection and Radiation Effects - Moderator: Antonio Imbruglia, STMicroelectronics - Coordinator: Hans Manhaeve, Q-Star Test

Concurrent Detection of Soft Errors Based on Current Monitoring (Abstract)

Y. Tsiatouhas , Integrated Systems Development S.A.
Th. Haniotakis , Southern Illinois University
D. Nikolos , University of Patras
C. Efstathiou , TEI of Athens
pp. 0106

A New Laser System for X-Rays Flashes Sensitivity Evaluation (Abstract)

D. Lewis , Universit? Bordeaux 1
H. Lapuyade , Universit? Bordeaux 1
Y. Deval , Universit? Bordeaux 1
Y. Maidon , Universit? Bordeaux 1
F. Darracq , Universit? Bordeaux 1
R. Briand , Universit? Bordeaux 1
P. Fouillat , Universit? Bordeaux 1
pp. 0111
Session 7: Automotive Applications & On-Line Monitoring of Temperature - Moderator: Ray Mercer, Texas A&M University - Coordinator: George Stamoulis, Technical University of Crete

Fault Tolerant Automotive Systems: An Overview (Abstract)

Alberto Manzone , Centro Ricerche FIAT, Sistemi Elettronici
Alessandro Pincetti , Centro Ricerche FIAT, Sistemi Elettronici
Diego de COSTANTINI , Centro Ricerche FIAT, Sistemi Elettronici
pp. 0117

Smart Temperature Sensor for On-Line Monitoring in Automotive Applications (Abstract)

J.L. Merino , Universitat de Barcelona
S.A. Bota , Universitat de Barcelona
A. Herms , Universitat de Barcelona
J. Samitier , Universitat de Barcelona
E. Cabruja , Centre Nacional de Microelectr?nica
X. Jordà , Centre Nacional de Microelectr?nica
M. Vellvehí , Centre Nacional de Microelectr?nica
J. Bausells , Centre Nacional de Microelectr?nica
A. Ferré , Lear Automotive EEDS Spain
J. Bigorra , Lear Automotive EEDS Spain
pp. 0122

CMOS Differential and Absolute Thermal Sensors (Abstract)

Ashish Syal , University of British Columbia
Victor Lee , University of British Columbia
André Ivanov , University of British Columbia
Josep Altet , University of British Columbia
pp. 0127
Session 8: Posters - Moderator: TBD - Coordinator: TBD
Session 9: Self Checking Circuits & Error Control Coding Implementation - Moderator: Ilya Levin, Tel Aviv University - Coordinator: Donatella Sciuto, Politecnico di Milano

Code-Disjoint Carry-Dependent Sum Adder with Partial Look-Ahead (Abstract)

V. Ocheretnij , University of Potsdam
M. Gössel , University of Potsdam
E. S. Sogomonyan , University of Potsdam
pp. 0147

On the Design of Self-Testing Checkers for Modified Berger Codes (Abstract)

Stanislaw J. Piestrak , Wroclaw University of Technology
Dimitris Bakalis , University of Patras and Computer Technology Institute
Xrysovalantis Kavousianos , University of Patras and Computer Technology Institute
pp. 0153

Fast Configurable Polynomial Division for Error Control Coding Applications (Abstract)

Fabrice Monteiro , University of Metz
Abbas Dandache , University of Metz
Bernard Lepley , University of Metz
pp. 0158
Session 10: Hardware & Software Techniques for Fault Tolerance - Adelio Salsano, Univ Roma II - Coordinator: Massimo Mastrocola, STMicroelectronics

Reliability Properties Assessment at System Level: A Co-design Framework (Abstract)

C. Bolchini , Politecnico di Milano
L. Pomante , Politecnico di Milano
F. Salice , Politecnico di Milano
D. Sciuto , Politecnico di Milano
pp. 0165
Session 11: Applications - Moderator: Flavio Lorenzelli, STMicroelectronics - Coordinator: Franco Fummi, Univ. Verona

A New Approach to Design Reliable Real-Time Speech Recognition Systems (Abstract)

F. Vargas , Catholic University - PUCRS
R.D. Fagundes , Catholic University - PUCRS
D. Barros Jr. , Catholic University - PUCRS
pp. 0187

Built-In Self Test for Low Cost Testing of a 60 MHz Synchronous Flash Memory (Abstract)

Gaetano Palumbo , DEES-University of Catania
Giuseppe Introvaia , DEES-University of Catania
Vincenzo Mastrocola , STMicroelectronics
Promod Kumar , STMicroelectronics
Francesco Pipitone , STMicroelectronics
pp. 0192

On-Line Multiple-Fault-Detection of Fuzzy Controllers (Abstract)

Naotake Kamiura , Himeji Institute of Technology
Teijiro Isokawa , Himeji Institute of Technology
Nobuyuki Matsui , Himeji Institute of Technology
Kazuharu Yamato , Hyogo University
pp. 0202
Session 12: On-Line Testing of Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits - Moderator: Abhijit Chaterjee, Georgia Tech Univ. - Coordinator: Giuseppe Di Gregorio, STMicroelectronics

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