The Community for Technology Leaders
Neural Networks, IEEE - INNS - ENNS International Joint Conference on (2000)
Como, Italy
July 24, 2000 to July 27, 2000
ISSN: 1098-7576
ISBN: 0-7695-0619-4
Session HA1: Fuzzy Neural Systems I

Fuzzy Neural Network with Relational Fuzzy Rules (Abstract)

Adam E. Gaweda , University of Louisville
Jacek M. Zurada , University of Louisville
pp. 5003

A Self-Organizing Neural Fuzzy Inference Network (Abstract)

G. Castellano , Universit? degli Studi di Bari
A.M. Fanelli , Universit? degli Studi di Bari
pp. 5014

A Self-Organizing Feature-Map-Based Fuzzy System (Abstract)

Mu-Chun Su , Tamkang University
Chee-Yuen Tew , Tamkang University
pp. 5020

Fuzzy Clustering Neural Network for Classification of ECG Beats (Abstract)

S. Osowski , Warsaw University of Technology
Tran Hoai Linh , Warsaw University of Technology
pp. 5026
Session HA2: Neurodynamics and Chaos I

Encoding and Recall of Noisy Data as Chaotic Spatio-Temporal Memory Patterns in the Style of the Brains (Abstract)

Robert Kozma , University of California at Berkeley
Walter J. Freeman , University of California at Berkeley
pp. 5033

Neuron Weight Dynamics in the SOM and Self-Organized Criticality (Abstract)

John A. Flanagan , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 5039

Synaptic Depression in Associative Memory Networks (Abstract)

Dmitri Bibitchkov , Max-Planck-Institut f?r Str?mungsforschung
J. Michael Herrmann , Max-Planck-Institut f?r Str?mungsforschung
Theo Geisel , Max-Planck-Institut f?r Str?mungsforschung
pp. 5050
Session HA3: Special Session on 'Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation: Applications of Artificial Neural Networks'

ICA-NN Based Data Fusion Approach in ECT Signal Restoration (Abstract)

G. Simone , University of Reggio Calabria
F.C. Morabito , University of Reggio Calabria
pp. 5059

Hierarchical Rule Based Classification of MFL Signals Obtained from Natural Gas Pipeline Inspection (Abstract)

Jun-Youl Lee , Iowa State University
Muhammad Afzal , Iowa State University
Satish Udpa , Iowa State University
Lalita Udpa , Iowa State University
Peter Massopust , Tuboscope-Vetco Pipeline Services
pp. 5071
Session HA6: Special Session on 'Hybrid Systems for Automatic Speech Recognition'
Session HA7: Special Session on 'Soft Computing for Financial Engineering'

Utilization of Neural Networks & GAs for Constructing Reliable Decision Support Systems to Deal Stocks (Abstract)

Norio Baba , Osaka-Kyoiku University
Naoyuki Inoue , Osaka-Kyoiku University
Hiroyuki Asakawa , Osaka-Kyoiku University
pp. 5111
Session HA8: Robotics I

Learning Fine Positioning of a Robot Manipulator Based on Gabor Wavelets (Abstract)

Jörg Walter , University of Bielefeld
Bert Arnrich , University of Bielefeld
Christian Scheering , University of Bielefeld
pp. 5137

Reduction of Dimensionality for Perceptual Clustering (Abstract)

César Benítez , Universidad Sim?n Bol?var
Daniel Kvedaras Lander , Universidad Sim?n Bol?var
José Ramirez , Universidad Sim?n Bol?var
pp. 5148

Long Distance Telerobotics in Hostile Environment (Abstract)

Bruno Apolloni , University of Milan
Adrian Moise , Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti
pp. 5152
Session HB1: Evolutionary Computation I

Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms with SOM-Like Migration and its Application to VLSI-Design (Abstract)

Th. Villmann , Universit?t Leipzig
R. Haupt , Universit?t Leipzig
K. Hering , Universit?t Leipzig
pp. 5167

Design and Evaluation of Neural Networks for Coin Recognition by Using GA and SA (Abstract)

Yasue Mitsukura , University of Tokushima
Minoru Fukumi , University of Tokushima
Norio Akamatsu , University of Tokushima
pp. 5178
Session HB2: Support Vector Machines I

A Neural Support Vector Network Architecture with Adaptive Kernels (Abstract)

Pascal Vincent , Universit? de Montr?al
Yoshua Bengio , Universit? de Montr?al
pp. 5187

Support Vectors Selection by Linear Programming (Abstract)

Vojislav Kecman , University of Auckland
Ivana Hadzic , University of Auckland
pp. 5193

Choosing in Support Vector Regression with Different Noise Models: Theory and Experiments (Abstract)

Athanassia Chalimourda , Ruhr-Universit?t Bochum
Bernhard Schölkopf , Microsoft Research
Alex J. Smola , Australian National University
pp. 5199

Support Vector Machines Based on a Semantic Kernel for Text Categorization (Abstract)

Georges Siolas , Universit? Pierre et Marie Curie
Florence d'Alché-Buc , Universit? Pierre et Marie Curie
pp. 5205

Fast Training of Support Vector Machines for Regression (Abstract)

D. Anguita , University of Genova
A. Boni , University of Genova
S. Pace , University of Genova
pp. 5210
Session HB3: Fault Diagnosis and Defect Identification I

Using Neural Networks for Fault Diagnosis (Abstract)

Jia-Zhou He , Nanjing University
Zhi-Hua Zhou , Nanjing University
Xu-Ri Yin , Nanjing University
Shi-Fu Chen , Nanjing University
pp. 5217

RNN Based Photo-Resist Shape Reconstruction from Scanning Electron Microscopy (Abstract)

Erol Gelenbe , University of Central Florida
Rong Wang , University of Central Florida
pp. 5221

RBFNN-Based Hole Identification System in Conducting Plates (Abstract)

G. Simone , University of Reggio Calabria
F.C. Morabito , University of Reggio Calabria
pp. 5227

A Neural Network Approach to the Inspection of Ball Grid Array Solder Joints on Printed Circuit Boards (Abstract)

Kuk Won Ko , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Young Jun Roh , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Hyung Suck Cho , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Hyung Cheol Kim , Samsung Electronics Co., LTD
pp. 5233

On Line Monitoring of Weld Defects for Short-Circuit Gas Metal Arc Welding Based on the Self-Organize Feature Map Neural Networks (Abstract)

Li Di , South-China University of Technology,
Song Yonglun , South-China University of Technology,
Ye Feng , South-China University of Technology,
pp. 5239
Session HB6: Speech Processing I

Capture Inter-Speaker Information with a Neural Network for Speaker Identification (Abstract)

Lan Wang , Peking University
Ke Chen , Peking University
Huisheng Chi , Peking University
pp. 5247

Phoneme Recognition with Staged Neural Networks (Abstract)

Fabio Arciniegas , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Mark J. Embrechts , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
pp. 5259

Multi-Source Neural Networks for Speech Recognition: A Review of Recent Results (Abstract)

Roberto Gemello , Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni
Dario Albesano , Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni
Franco Mana , Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni
Loreta Moisa , Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni
pp. 5265

Improving the Robustness of Noisy MFCC Features Using Minimal Recurrent Neural Networks (Abstract)

I. Potamitis , University of Patras
N. Fakotakis , University of Patras
G. Kokkinakis , University of Patras
pp. 5271
Session HB7: Economics and Finance I

An Application of Independent Component Analysis in the Arbitrage Pricing Theory (Abstract)

Fung Yip , Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lei Xu , Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 5279

Time Dependent Directional Profit Model for Financial Time Series Forecasting (Abstract)

Jingtao Yao , Massey University
Chew Lim Tan , National University of Singapore
pp. 5291

Application of Feature Extractive Algorithm to Bankruptcy Prediction (Abstract)

Chris Charalambous , University of Cyprus
Andreas Charitou , University of Cyprus
Froso Kaourou , University of Cyprus
pp. 5303
Session HB8: Robotics II

An Incremental Growing Neural Network and its Application to Robot Control (Abstract)

A. Carlevarino , University of Genova
R. Martinotti , University of Genova
G. Metta , University of Genova
G. Sandini , University of Genova
pp. 5323
Session HC1: Communications I

DBNN, FDNN, Discriminative Learning, and Back-Propagation Neural Networks in DS/CDMA Systems (Abstract)

Mahrokh G. Shayesteh , Ourmieh University and Amir Kabir University of Technology
Hamidreza Amindavar , Amir Kabir University of Technology
pp. 5343

Chaos Generators for CDMA Communication Using Neural Networks (Abstract)

W. Citko , Maritime Academy of Gdynia
A. Luksza , Maritime Academy of Gdynia
W. Sienko , Maritime Academy of Gdynia
pp. 5354
Session HC2: Communications II

Performance Comparison among Neural Decision Feedback Equalizers (Abstract)

E.D. Di Claudio , University of Rome ?La Sapienza?
R. Parisi , University of Rome ?La Sapienza?
G. Orlandi , University of Rome ?La Sapienza?
pp. 5361

Communication Channel Equalization Using Complex-Valued Minimal Radial Basis Function Neural Network (Abstract)

Deng Jianping , Nanyang Technological University
N. Sundararajan , Nanyang Technological University
P. Saratchandran , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 5372
Session HC3: Communications III

Queuing Network Modeling with Distributed Neural Networks for Service Quality Estimation in B-ISDN Networks (Abstract)

Alex Aussem , University Blaise Pascal
Antoine Mahul , University Blaise Pascal
Raymond Marie , IRISA - Campus de Beaulieu
pp. 5392

A Hopfield Neural Network Flow Classifier in IP Switching (Abstract)

Lianyuan Li , Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Zemin Liu , Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Zheng Zhou , Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
pp. 5398
Session HC4: Communications IV

Applying CMAC-Based On-Line Learning to Intrusion Detection (Abstract)

James Cannady , Nova Southeastern University
pp. 5405

A Computer Host-Based User Anomaly Detection System Using the Self-Organizing Map (Abstract)

Albert J. Höglund , Nokia Research Center
Kimmo Hätönen , Nokia Research Center
Antti S. Sorvari , Nokia Research Center
pp. 5411

Neural Network Model with Delay toward Encryption (Abstract)

Toru Ohira , Sony Computer Science Laboratories
pp. 5417
Session HC5: Vision II

Processing of Movement Information in the Early Stages of the Visual System (Abstract)

Stefan D. Wilke , Universit?t Bremen
Andreas Thiel , Universit?t Bremen
Christian W. Eurich , Universit?t Bremen
pp. 5425

A Dynamic Cortical Amplifier Model for Fast Information Processing (Abstract)

Lars Schwabe , Technische Universit?t Berlin
Péter Adorján , Technische Universit?t Berlin
Klaus Obermayer , Technische Universit?t Berlin
pp. 5431

Fast and Robust Prediction of Optical Flow Field Sequences for Visuomotor Anticipation (Abstract)

Volker Stephan , Ilmenau Technical University
Torsten Winkler , Ilmenau Technical University
Horst-Michael Gross , Ilmenau Technical University
pp. 5436
Session HC6: Vision III

The Generation of Vestibular Nystagmus: A Neural Network Approach (Abstract)

Stefano Ramat , Universit? di Pavia
Giovanni Magenes , Universit? di Pavia
Roberto Schmid , Universit? di Pavia
Daniela Zambarbieri , Universit? di Pavia
pp. 5455

Selective and Delayed Adaptations of Human Saccades (Abstract)

Masahiko Fujita , Hosei University and Japan Science and Technology Corporation
Akihiro Amagai , Japan Science and Technology Corporation
Futaba Minakawa , Communications Research Laboratory
pp. 5460

Competitive Hopfield Neural Network for Stereo Vision Correspondence (Abstract)

Rafael Mayoral , Universidad P?blica de Navarra
María José Pérez-Ilzarbe , Universidad P?blica de Navarra
pp. 5464
Session HC7: Image Processing II

Mesh Construction with Fast Soft Vector Quantization (Abstract)

N. Alberto Borghese , Istituto Neuroscienze Bioimmagini - C.N.R
Stefano Ferrari , Istituto Neuroscienze Bioimmagini - C.N.R and Politecnico of Milano
pp. 5473

A Simplified ICA Based Denoising Method (Abstract)

Qingfu Zhang , University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Hujun Yin , University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Nigel M Allinson , University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 5479

Merging the Transform Step and the Quantization Step for Karhunen-Loeve Transform Based Image Compression (Abstract)

Macarie Breazu , University ?Lucian Blaga? of Sibiu
Ioan P. Mihu , University ?Lucian Blaga? of Sibiu
Barry J. Beggs , Glasgow Caledonian University
Gavril Toderean , Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
pp. 5483

A Neural Network Approach for Visual Cryptography (Abstract)

Tai-Wen Yue , Tatung University
Suchen Chiang , Tatung University
pp. 5494
Session HC8: Image Processing III

A Hybrid System for Signature Verification (Abstract)

T. Wessels , University of Stellenbosch
C.W. Omlin , University of Stellenbosch
pp. 5509

A Hybrid Handwritten Word Recognition Using Self-Organizing Feature Map, Discrete HMM, and Evolutionary Programming (Abstract)

M. Dehghan , Amirkabir University of Technology and University of Windsor
K. Faez , Amirkabir University of Technology
M. Ahmadi , University of Windsor
pp. 5515

Recognition of Seed Varieties Using Neural Networks Analysis of Electrophoretic Images (Abstract)

M. Jedra , Laboratoire Conception et Syst?mes
N. El Khattabi , Laboratoire Conception et Syst?mes
M. Limouri , Laboratoire Conception et Syst?mes
A. Essaid , Laboratoire Conception et Syst?mes
pp. 5521
Session HC9: Adaptive Resonance Theory Networks I

Adaptive Bam for Pattern Classification (Abstract)

Francisco J. López-Aligué , Universidad de Extremadura
I. Alvarez Troncoso , Universidad de Extremadura
I. Acevedo Sotoca , Universidad de Extremadura
C. J. García Orellana , Universidad de Extremadura
M. Macías Macías , Universidad de Extremadura
H. González Velasco , Universidad de Extremadura
pp. 5529

Repeated Game Analysis on ART Adaptive Categorization Game (Abstract)

Wai-keung Fung , Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yun-hui Liu , Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 5535

A Modified Search Procedure for the Art Neural Networks (Abstract)

E.P. Sapozhnikova , Moscow Power Engineering Institute Technical University
V.P. Lunin , Moscow Power Engineering Institute Technical University
pp. 5541
Session HC10: Data Analysis I

Metrics that Learn Relevance (Abstract)

Samuel Kaski , Helsinki University of Technology
Janne Sinkkonen , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 5547

A Neural Network Learning Relative Distances (Abstract)

Alfred Ultsch , University of Marburg
pp. 5553

Identification of Feature-Salience (Abstract)

W. Wang , University of Exeter
P. Jones , University of Exeter
D. Partridge , University of Exeter
pp. 5559

The Parameter to Characterize Chaotic Dynamics (Abstract)

M. Bucolo , Universit? degli Studi di Catania
L. Fortuna , Universit? degli Studi di Catania
A. Rizzo , Universit? degli Studi di Catania
A. Bonasera , Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
pp. 5565
Session HC11: Associative Memory I

RAAM for Infinite Context-Free Languages (Abstract)

Ofer Melnik , Brandeis University
Simon Levy , Brandeis University
Jordan Pollack , Brandeis University
pp. 5585

Small-World Model of Associative Memory (Abstract)

Jason W. Bohland , University of Cincinnati
Ali A. Minai , University of Cincinnati
pp. 5597
Session HC12: Associative Memory II

Fixed Points of Autoassociative Morphological Memories (Abstract)

Peter Sussner , State University of Campinas
pp. 5611

A Novel Neural Architecture with High Storage Capacity (Abstract)

Chua-Chin Wang , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Cheng-Fa Tsai , National Sun Yat-Sen University
pp. 5617

Convergence Time in Hopfield Network (Abstract)

A.A. Frolov , Russian Academy of Sciences
D. Husek , Academy of Science of the Czech Republic
pp. 5622
Session HC13: Neurocognition III

Artificial Consciousness Algorithm for an Autonomous System (Abstract)

John L. Johnson , Headquarters, V Corps
H. John Caulfield , Fisk University
Jaime R. Taylor , Austin Peay State University
pp. 5635

Knowledge-Based Cascade-Correlation (Abstract)

Thomas R. Shultz , McGill University
Francois Rivest , McGill University
pp. 5641

Neuro-Architecture-Motivated ANNs and Cortical Parcellation (Abstract)

J.G. Wallace , Swinburne University of Technology
K. Bluff , Swinburne University of Technology
pp. 5647

A Mean Field Approach to MAP in Belief Networks (Abstract)

Yun Peng , University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Miao Jin , University of Maryland at Baltimore County
pp. 5652
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