The Community for Technology Leaders
Neural Networks, IEEE - INNS - ENNS International Joint Conference on (2000)
Como, Italy
July 24, 2000 to July 27, 2000
ISSN: 1098-7576
ISBN: 0-7695-0619-4
Session WD1: Clustering II

A RPCL-Based Approach for Identification of Markov Model with Unknown Noise and Number of States (Abstract)

Yiu-ming Cheung , Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lei Xu , Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 4003

Parameter Specification for Fuzzy Clustering by Q-Learning (Abstract)

Chi-Hyon Oh , Osaka Prefecture University
Eriko Ikeda , Osaka Prefecture University
Katsuhiro Honda , Osaka Prefecture University
Hidetomo Ichihashi , Osaka Prefecture University
pp. 4009

A Model-Based Distance for Clustering (Abstract)

Magnus Rattray , Manchester University
pp. 4013

Clustering Exploratory Activity in an Elevated Plus-Maze with Neural Networks (Abstract)

André S. Henriques , University of S?o Paulo
Aluizio F.R. Araújo , University of S?o Paulo
Silvio Morato , University of S?o Paulo
pp. 4017

On Learning Mean Values in Hopfield Associative Memories Trained with Noisy Examples Using the Hebb Rule (Abstract)

Bruno Cernuschi-Frías , Universidad de Buenos Aires and CONICET.
Enrique C. Segura , Universidad de Buenos Aires and CONICET.
pp. 4023
Session WD2: Special Session on 'Noisy Chaotic Neural Networks for Information Storage and Retrieval'

Noisy Chaotic Neural Networks for Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems (Abstract)

Lipo Wang , Nanyang Technological University
Fuyu Tian , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 4037

Neural Computations by Networks of Oscillators (Abstract)

Frank Hoppensteadt , Arizona State University
Eugene Izhikevich , Arizona State University
pp. 4041
Session WD3: Hardware Implementation V

NESP2: a Low Power Analog NEural Signal Processor with Analog Weight Storage (Abstract)

Mario Costa , Politecnico di Torino
Davide Palmisano , Politecnico di Torino
Eros Pasero , Politecnico di Torino
pp. 4051

Programmable Kernel Analog VLSI Convolution Chip for Real Time Vision Processing (Abstract)

T. Serrano-Gotarredona , Instituto de Microelectr?nica de Sevilla
B. Linares-Barranco , Instituto de Microelectr?nica de Sevilla
A.G. Andreou , Instituto de Microelectr?nica de Sevilla
pp. 4062

An On-Chip Learning Neural Network (Abstract)

G.M. Bo , University of Genoa
D.D. Caviglia , University of Genoa
M. Valle , University of Genoa
pp. 4066
Session WD6: Independent Component Analysis II

Independent Component Analysis Using Time Delayed Sampling (Abstract)

Michifumi Yoshioka , Osaka Prefecture University
Sigeru Omatu , Osaka Prefecture University
pp. 4075

Topographic ICA as a Model of V1 Receptive Fields (Abstract)

Aapo Hyvärinen , Helsinki University of Technology
Patrik Hoyer , Helsinki University of Technology
Mika Inki , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 4083

ICA for Noisy Neurobiological Data (Abstract)

Shiro Ikeda , RIKEN
Keisuke Toyama , Shimadzu Technical Laboratory
pp. 4089
Session WD7: Medical Applications IV

An Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Ovarian Cancer Early Detection (Abstract)

Zhen Zhang , University of South Carolina and Horus Global HealthNet
Hong Zhang , Horus Global HealthNet
Robert C. Bast Jr. , University of Texas at Houston
pp. 4107

Identifying Health Inequalities Using Artificial Neural Networks (WHO Data) (Abstract)

Zheng Rong Yang , Heriot-Watt University
Robert G. Harrison , Heriot-Watt University
Weiping Lu , Heriot-Watt University
pp. 4113
Session WD8: Vision I

Camera-Based Gesture Recognition for Robot Control (Abstract)

Andrea Corradini , Technical University of Ilmenau
Horst-Michael Gross , Technical University of Ilmenau
pp. 4133

Parametrized SOMs for Hand Posture Reconstruction (Abstract)

Claudia Nölker , Bielefeld University
Helge Ritter , Bielefeld University
pp. 4139

A Pre-Attentive Neural System for the Analysis of Nuclear Physics Experimental Data (Abstract)

Paolo Guazzoni , Universit? degli Studi
Stefania Russo , Universit? degli Studi
Luisa Zetta , Universit? degli Studi
pp. 4145
Session WE1: Learnability

The Basic Diffusion Model Neuron Cannot Learn (Abstract)

Andrzej Pacut , Warsaw University of Technology
pp. 4153

Emergence of Learning: An Approach to Coping with NP-Complete Problems in Learning (Abstract)

Bao-Liang Lu , RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Michinori Ichikawa , RIKEN Brain Science Institute
pp. 4159

VC Dimension Bounds for Product Unit Networks (Abstract)

Michael Schmitt , Ruhr-Universit?t Bochum
pp. 4165
Session WE2: Special Session on 'Multiclass Support Vector Machines'

Generalization Performance of Multiclass Discriminant Models (Abstract)

Hélène Paugam-Moisy , Universit? Lumi?re Lyon 2
André Elisseeff , Universit? Lumi?re Lyon 2
pp. 4177

A New Multi-Class SVM Based on a Uniform Convergence Result (Abstract)

Yann Guermeur , Universit? Lumi?re Lyon 2
André Elisseeff , Universit? Lumi?re Lyon 2
Hélène Paugam-Moisy , Universit? Lumi?re Lyon 2
pp. 4183

People Recognition and Pose Estimation in Image Sequences (Abstract)

Chikahito Nakajima , Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Massimiliano Pontil , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tomaso Poggio , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 4189
Session WE3: Hardware Implementation VI

Analog Hardware Implementation of the Random Neural Network Model (Abstract)

Hossam Abdelbaki , University of Central Florida
Erol Gelenbe , University of Central Florida
Said E. El-Khamy , Alexandria University
pp. 4197

A 1.5V VLSI Circuit for the Co-Channel Signal Separation (Abstract)

Tertulien Ndjountche , Universit?t Erlangen-N?rnberg
Rolf Unbehauen , Universit?t Erlangen-N?rnberg
Fa-Long Luo , GN Resound Corporation
pp. 4202

A 2D Neuromorphic VLSI Architecture for Modeling Selective Attention (Abstract)

Giacomo Indiveri , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and University of Zurich
pp. 4208

Compact VLSI Neural Network Circuit with High-Capacity Dynamic Synapses (Abstract)

Yoondong Park , University of Southern California
J.-S. Liaw , University of Southern California
T.W. Berger , University of Southern California
B.J. Sheu , Avant Corporation
pp. 4214

A VLSI Architecture for Weight Perturbation on Chip Learning Implementation (Abstract)

F. Diotalevi , University of Genova
M. Valle , University of Genova
G.M. Bo , University of Genova
D.D. Caviglia , University of Genova
pp. 4219
Session WE6: Radial Basis Function Networks II

Simultaneous Approximation with Neural Networks (Abstract)

Ajit T. Dingankar , Intel Corporation
Dhananjay S. Phatak , State University of New York at Binghamton
pp. 4232

A Probabilistic RBF Network for Classification (Abstract)

M. Titsias , University of Ioannina
A. Likas , University of Ioannina
pp. 4238

Sensitivity Analysis for Conic Section Function Neural Networks (Abstract)

Lale Ozyilmaz , Yildiz Technical University
Tulay Yildirim , Yildiz Technical University
pp. 4244
Session WE7: Medical Applications V

Diagnosis of Vocal and Voice Disorders by the Speech Signal (Abstract)

Carlos Hernández-Espinosa , Universidad Jaume I
Mercedes Fernández-Redondo , Universidad Jaume I
Pedro Gómez-Vilda , UPM, Campus de Montegancedo
pp. 4253

Self-Organizing Maps in Adaptive Health Monitoring (Abstract)

Satu Tamminen , University of Oulu
Susanna Pirttikangas , University of Oulu
Juha Röning , University of Oulu
pp. 4259
Session WE8: Motion Analysis

An Oscillatory Correlation Model of Human Motion Perception (Abstract)

Erdogan Çesmeli , General Electric
Delwin T. Lindsey , Ohio State University
DeLiang L. Wang , Ohio State University
pp. 4267

Building Artificial CPGs with Asymmetric Hopfield Networks (Abstract)

Felipe M.G. França , Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Zhijun Yang , Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
pp. 4290
Session WF1: Non-Linear Control II

Neural Networks for Constrained Optimal Control of Non-Linear Systems (Abstract)

E. Irigoyen , Universidad P?blica de Navarra
J.B. Galván , Universidad P?blica de Navarra
M.J. Pérez-Ilzarbe , Universidad P?blica de Navarra
pp. 4299
Session WF2: Non-Linear Control III

A Training Rule Which Guarantees Finite-Region Stability of Neural Network Closed-Loop Control: An Extension to Nonhermitian Systems (Abstract)

Ruangrit Ekachaiworasin , King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok
Suwat Kuntanapreeda , King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok
pp. 4325

Continuous Optimal Controllers Using Hierarchical Mixtures of Experts (Abstract)

V. Paraskevopoulos , University of Sussex
C.R. Chatwin , University of Sussex
M.I. Heywood , Dokuz Eylul University
pp. 4331
Session WF3: Non-Linear Control IV

Stabilization of Double Inverted Pendulum with Self-Tuning Neuro-PID (Abstract)

Toru Fujinaka , Osaka Prefecture University
Yoshiyuki Kishida , Osaka Prefecture University
Michifumi Yoshioka , Osaka Prefecture University
Sigeru Omatu , Osaka Prefecture University
pp. 4345

Neural Network Algorithm Controlling a Hexapod Platform (Abstract)

Claudio Pernechele , Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova
Enrico Giro , Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova
Favio Bortoletto , Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova and Telescopio Nazionale Galileo
pp. 4349

Model Predictive Control of a Fuel Injection System with a Radial Basis Function Network Observer (Abstract)

C. Manzie , University of Melbourne
M. Palaniswami , University of Melbourne
H. Watson , University of Melbourne
pp. 4359

ANNs and GAs for Predictive Controlling of Water Supply Networks (Abstract)

M. Damas , University of Granada
M. Salmerón , University of Granada
J. Ortega , University of Granada
pp. 4365
Session WF4: System Identification II

NEURO-BRA: A Bird Removal Approach for Wind Profiler Data Based on Quantum Neural Networks (Abstract)

Ralf Kretzschmar , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Hans Richner , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Nicolaos B. Karayiannis , University of Houston
pp. 4373

Bragg Curve Identification Using a Neural Network (Abstract)

J.J. Vega , Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares
M.R. Reynoso , Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares
M. Arias Estrada , Instituto Nacional de Astrof?sica
L. Altamirano Robles , Instituto Nacional de Astrof?sica
pp. 4379

Goal-Directed Property of On-line Direct Inverse Modeling (Abstract)

Eimei Oyama , Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
Taro Maedaand Susumu Tachi , University of Tokyo
pp. 4383

A Modular Neural Network for Global Modeling of Microwave Transistors (Abstract)

M. Lázaro , University of Cantabria
I. Santamaría , University of Cantabria
C. Pantaleón , University of Cantabria
C. Navarro , University of Cantabria
A. Tazón , University of Cantabria
T. Fernández , University of Cantabria
pp. 4389

Neuronal Architecture for Waveguide Inductive Iris Bandpass Filter Optimization (Abstract)

A. Mediavilla , University of Cantabria
A. Tazón , University of Cantabria
J.A. Pereda , University of Cantabria
M. Lázaro , University of Cantabria
I. Santamaría , University of Cantabria
C. Pantaleon , University of Cantabria
pp. 4395
Session WF5: Time Series Prediction II

Octane Number Prediction in a Reforming Plant (Abstract)

E. Chibaro , Universit? degli Studi di CATANIA
S. Fichera , Universit? degli Studi di CATANIA
G. Muscato , Universit? degli Studi di CATANIA
pp. 4403

A Neural Network Approach to Predict Existing and Infill Oil Well Performance (Abstract)

Linyu Yang , Texas A&M University
Zhong He , Texas A&M University
John Yen , Texas A&M University
Ching Wu , Texas A&M University
pp. 4408

Combining Neural Networks and ARIMA Models for Hourly Temperature Forecast (Abstract)

Henrique S. Hippert , Federal University of Juiz de Fora
Carlos E. Pedreira , Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Reinaldo C. Souza , Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
pp. 4414
Session WF6: Time Series Prediction III

Fog Forecasting Using Self Growing Neural Network 'CombNET-II:' A Solution for Imbalanced Training Sets Problem (Abstract)

Anto Satriyo Nugroho , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Susumu Kuroyanagi , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Akira Iwata , Nagoya Institute of Technology
pp. 4429

Neural Network for Travel Demand Forecast Using GIS and Remote Sensing (Abstract)

André Dantas , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Koshi Yamamoto , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Marcus V. Lamar , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Yaeko Yamashita , University of Brasilia
pp. 4435

Sensor Errors Prediction Using Neural Networks (Abstract)

A. Sachenko , Ternopil Academy of National Economy
V. Kochan , Ternopil Academy of National Economy
V. Turchenkol , Ternopil Academy of National Economy
V. Golovko , Brest Polytechnic Institute
J. Savitsky , Brest Polytechnic Institute
A. Dunets , Brest Polytechnic Institute
T. Laopoulos , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
pp. 4441
Session WF7: Time Series Prediction IV

A New Radial Basis Function Networks Structure: Application to Time Series Prediction (Abstract)

I. Rojas , University of Granada
H. Pomares , University of Granada
J. Gonzalez , University of Granada
E. Ros , University of Granada
M. Salmeron , University of Granada
J. Ortega , University of Granada
A. Prieto , University of Granada
pp. 4449

Bayesian Training of Mixture Density Networks (Abstract)

Lars U. Hjorth , Aston University
Ian T. Nabney , Aston University
pp. 4455

Neural Network and Time Series Identification and Prediction (Abstract)

Zouhour Neji , Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l'Informatique
F-Mouria Beji , Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l'Informatique
pp. 4461

Forecasting of the Chaos by Iterations Including Multi-Layer Neural-Network (Abstract)

Tomoo Aoyama , Miyazaki University
Hanxi Zhu , Miyazaki University
Ikuo Yoshihara , Miyazaki University
pp. 4467

Adaptive Improved Portfolio Sharpe Ratio Maximization with Diversification (Abstract)

Xiaohui Yu , Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lei Xu , Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 4472
Session WF8: Spiking Neural Networks III

Two Sites of Synaptic Integration: Relevant for Learning? (Abstract)

Konrad Körding , Institute for Neuroinformatics
Peter König , Institute for Neuroinformatics
pp. 4479

Analogue Circuits of a Learning Spiking Neuron Model (Abstract)

Nicolas Langlois , Institut National des Sciences Appliqu?es de Rouen
Pierre Miché , Institut National des Sciences Appliqu?es de Rouen
Abdelaziz Bensrhair , Institut National des Sciences Appliqu?es de Rouen
pp. 4485

Simulation of a Digital Neuro-Chip for Spiking Neural Networks (Abstract)

T. Schoenauer , Technical University of Berlin
S. Atasoy , Technical University of Berlin
N. Mehrtash , Technical University of Berlin
H. Klar , Technical University of Berlin
pp. 4490
Session WF9: Supervised Learning IV

Neuro-Wavelet Parametric Modeling (Abstract)

V. Colla y , Scuola Super. San t'Anna
M. Sgarbi , Scuola Super. San t'Anna
L.M. Reyneri , Politecnico di Torino
pp. 4499

Bagging Down-Weights Leverage Points (Abstract)

Yves Grandvalet , Universit? de Technologie de Compi?gne
pp. 4505

A Complement to the Back-Propagation Algorithm: An Upper Bound for the Learning Rate (Abstract)

Jés J.F. Cerqueira , Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Álvaro G.B. Palhares , Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Marconi K. Madrid , Universidade Estadual de Campinas
pp. 4517

On-Line Expansion of Goal Seeking Neuron Networks (Abstract)

Weber Martins , Federal University of Goias
Carlos Galvão Pinheiro Jr. , Federal University of Goias
pp. 4523
Session WF10: Supervised Learning V

Neural-Gas for Function Approximation: A Heuristic for Minimizing the Local Estimation Error (Abstract)

M. Winter , University of Genoa
G. Metta , University of Genoa
G. Sandini , University of Genoa
pp. 4535

Adding Reinforcement Learning Features to the Neural-Gas Method (Abstract)

M. Winter , University of Genoa
G. Metta , University of Genoa
G. Sandini , University of Genoa
pp. 4539

Building MLP Networks by Construction (Abstract)

Ah Chung Tsoi , University of Wollongong
Markus Hagenbuchner , University of Wollongong
Alessio Micheli , University of Wollongong
pp. 4549
Session WF11: Recurrent Networks II

An Extended RTRL Training Algorithm Using Hessian Matrix (Abstract)

Pedro H.G. Coelho , State University of Rio de Janeiro
pp. 4563

A General Approach to Gradient Based Learning in Multirate Systems and Neural Networks (Abstract)

F. Rosati , Universit? di Ancona
P. Campolucci , Universit? di Ancona
F. Piazza , Universit? di Ancona
pp. 4569
Session WF12: Recurrent Networks III

Estimation of the Training Efficiency of Recurrent Neural Networks (Abstract)

Pu Sun , Ford Motor Company
Kenneth Marko , Ford Motor Company
pp. 4583
Session WF13: Unsupervised Learning II

Dynamics of the Generalized Lotto-Type Competitive Learning (Abstract)

Andrew Luk , St B&P Neural Investments Pty Limited
Sandra Lien , St B&P Neural Investments Pty Limited
pp. 4597

Self-Creating and Organizing Neural Networks with Weight Duplication (Abstract)

Masahiro Iwasaki , Nagoya University
Shigeru Okuma , Nagoya University
Tomonori Hashiyama , Nagoya City University
pp. 4602

Kernel and Nonlinear Canonical Correlation Analysis (Abstract)

Pei Ling Lai , University of Paisley
Colin Fyfe , University of Paisley
pp. 4614
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