The Community for Technology Leaders
Neural Networks, IEEE - INNS - ENNS International Joint Conference on (2000)
Como, Italy
July 24, 2000 to July 27, 2000
ISSN: 1098-7576
ISBN: 0-7695-0619-4
Session WA1: Recurrent Networks I

Bi-Causal Recurrent Cascade Correlation (Abstract)

A. Micheli , Universit? di Pisa
D. Sona , Universit? di Pisa
A. Sperduti , Universit? di Pisa
pp. 3003

Improved Learning of Multiple Continuous Trajectories with Initial Network State (Abstract)

Miroslaw Galicki , Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Lutz Leistritz , Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Herbert Witte , Friedrich Schiller University Jena
pp. 3015

Weight Groupings in the Training of Recurrent Networks (Abstract)

Lai-Wan Chan , Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chi-Cheong Szeto , Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 3021

A Bounded Exploration Approach to Constructive Algorithms for Recurrent Neural Networks (Abstract)

Romuald Boné , ?cole d'Ing?nieurs en Informatique pour l'Industrie
Michel Crucianu , ?cole d'Ing?nieurs en Informatique pour l'Industrie
Gilles Verley , ?cole d'Ing?nieurs en Informatique pour l'Industrie
Jean-Pierre Asselin de Beauville , ?cole d'Ing?nieurs en Informatique pour l'Industrie
pp. 3027
Session WA2: Special Session on 'Techniques to Improve Human Understanding of Complex Neural Systems'

The Role of Multiple, Linear-Projection Based Visualization Techniques in RBF-Based Classification of High Dimensional Data (Abstract)

A. Agogino , University of Texas at Austin
J. Ghosh , University of Texas at Austin
S.J. Perantonis , National Center for Scientific Research ?Demokritos?
V. Virvilis , National Center for Scientific Research ?Demokritos?
S. Petridis , National Center for Scientific Research ?Demokritos?
P.J.G. Lisboa , Liverpool John Moores University
pp. 3047

Visualizing Communication between Neurons in the Lamina Ganglionaris of Musca domestica (Abstract)

Karen G. Haines , University of New Mexico and Albuquerque High Performance Computer Center
Kim Edlund , University of New Mexico and Albuquerque High Performance Computer Center
Thomas P. Caudell , University of New Mexico and Albuquerque High Performance Computer Center
Barak A. Pearlmutter , University of New Mexico
John A. Moya , New Mexico Tech
pp. 3053
Session WA3: Special Session on 'Adaptive Critic Design I'

Robust Adaptive Critic Based Neurocontrollers for Systems with Input Uncertainties (Abstract)

Zhongwu Huang , University of Missouri at Rolla
S.N. Balakrishnan , University of Missouri at Rolla
pp. 3067

Adaptive Critic Design for Intelligent Steering and Speed Control of a 2-Axle Vehicle (Abstract)

George G. Lendaris , Portland State University
Larry Schultz , Portland State University
Thaddeus Shannon , Portland State University
pp. 3073
Session WA6: Function Approximation I

Improving the Generalization Capability of the Binary CMAC (Abstract)

Tamás Szabó , Technical University of Budapest
Gábor Horváth , Technical University of Budapest
pp. 3085

A 'Recruiting Neural-Gas' for Function Approximation (Abstract)

Michaël Aupetit , Parc Scientifique Georges Besse
Pierre Couturier , Parc Scientifique Georges Besse
Pierre Massotte , Parc Scientifique Georges Besse
pp. 3091

Universal Learning Networks with Branch Control (Abstract)

Kotaro Hirasawa , Kyushu University
Jinglu Hu , Kyushu University
Qingyu Xiong , Kyushu University
Junichi Murata , Kyushu University
Yuhki Shiraishi , Kyushu University
pp. 3097

Learning Heterogeneous Functions from Sparse and Non-Uniform Samples (Abstract)

Dragoljub Pokrajac , Washington State University
Zoran Obradovic , Washington State University
pp. 3103
Session WA7: Spiking Neural Networks I

Analysis of Fluctuation-Induced Firing in the Presence of Inhibition (Abstract)

Chris Christodoulou , Birkbeck College and King's College London
Trevor G Clarkson , King's College London
John G Taylor , King's College London
Guido Bugmann , University of Plymouth
pp. 3115

Neurophysiology of a VLSI Spiking Neural Network: LANN21 (Abstract)

Stefano Fusi , University of Bern
Paolo Del Giudice , Istituto Superiore di Sanit?, V.le Regina Elena
Daniel J Amit , University of Rome ?La Sapienza?
pp. 3121

On the Effect of the Stimulus on the Synchronization of Coupled Rose-Hindmarsh Neurons (Abstract)

Marifi Güler , Eastern Mediterranean University
Cem Ergün , Eastern Mediterranean University
pp. 3127
Session WA8: Pattern Recognition III

Recognition of Occluded Patterns: A Neural Network Model (Abstract)

Kunihiko Fukushima , University of Electro-Communications
pp. 3135

Natural Object Classification Using Artificial Neural Networks (Abstract)

Sameer Singh , University of Exeter
Markos Markou , University of Exeter
John Haddon , Defense Evaluation and Research Agency
pp. 3139

Classification of the Italian Liras Using the LVQ Method (Abstract)

Toshihisa Kosaka , Glory TD Himeji
Sigeru Omatu , Osaka Prefecture University
pp. 3145

Image Redundancy Reduction for Neural Network Classification Using Discrete Cosine Transforms (Abstract)

Zhengjun Pan , University of Hertfordshire
Alistair G. Rust , University of Hertfordshire
Hamid Bolouri , University of Hertfordshire
pp. 3149

Unsupervised Learning of Neural Network Ensembles for Image Classification (Abstract)

Giorgio Giacinto , University of Cagliari
Fabio Roli , University of Cagliari
Giorgio Fumera , University of Cagliari
pp. 3155
Session WB1: Unsupervised Learning I

On-Line EM Reinforcement Learning (Abstract)

Junichiro Yoshimoto , Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Shin Ishii , Nara Institute of Science and Technology and CREST, Japan Science and Technology Corporation
Masa-aki Sato , A TR Human Information Processing Research Laboratories and CREST, Japan Science and Technology Corporation
pp. 3163

Competing Hidden Markov Models on the Self-Organizing Map (Abstract)

Panu Somervuo , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 3169

An Adaptable Boolean Neural Network Performing Specific Sequence Learning (Abstract)

F.E. Lauria , University of Naples
R. Prevete , University of Naples
M. Milo , University of Naples
pp. 3181
Session WB2: Learning and Memory

On the Properties of Time Trajectories Learned by the Cerebellar Cortex (Abstract)

A. Garenne , Universit? d'Angers
P. Chauvet , Institut de Math?matiques Appliqu?es
G.A. Chauvet , Universit? d'Angers and University of Southern California
pp. 3195
Session WB3: Special Session on 'Adaptive Critic Design II'

On-Line Learning Control by Association and Reinforcement (Abstract)

Jennie Si , Arizona State University
Yu-Tsung Wang , Arizona State University
pp. 3221
Session WB6: Function Approximation II

Gaussian Process Regression: Active Data Selection and Test Point Rejection (Abstract)

Sambu Seo , Technical University of Berlin
Marko Wallat , Technical University of Berlin
Thore Graepel , Technical University of Berlin
Klaus Obermayer , Technical University of Berlin
pp. 3241

Neural Network Based on QBP and Its Performance (Abstract)

Nobuyuki Matsui , Himeji Institute of Technology
Noriaki Kouda , Himeji Institute of Technology
Haruhiko Nishimura , Hyogo University of Education
pp. 3247

A Structure Trainable Neural Network with Embedded Gating Units and Its Learning Algorithm (Abstract)

Kenji Nakayama , Kanazawa University
Akihiro Hirano , Kanazawa University
Aki Kanbe , Kanazawa University
pp. 3253

Piecewise Linear Homeomorphisms: The Scalar Case (Abstract)

Richard E. Groff , University of Michigan
Daniel E. Koditschek , University of Michigan
Pramod P. Khargonekar , University of Michigan
pp. 3259

Dynamic Programming with ARMA, Markov, and NARMA Models vs. Q-Learning: Case Study (Abstract)

Jaroslaw Chrobak , Warsaw University of Technology
Andrzej Pacut , Warsaw University of Technology
Andrzej Karbowski , Warsaw University of Technology
pp. 3265
Session WB7: Spiking Neural Networks II
Session WB8: Face Recognition

Network Ensembles for Facial Analysis Tasks (Abstract)

Srinivas Gutta , Philips Research Labs.
Harry Wechsler , George Mason University
pp. 3305

Neural Net with Adaptive Activation Functions for Face Recognition (Abstract)

Ashit Talukder , Jet Propulsion Laboratory
David Casasent , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 3311

Neuro-Based Human-Face Recognition with 2-Dimensional Discrete Walsh Transform (Abstract)

Masahiro Yoshida , Shizuoka University
Hideki Asai , Shizuoka University
Takeshi Kamio , Hiroshima City University
pp. 3315

Fast Modular Neural Nets for Human Face Detection (Abstract)

H.M. El-Bakry , Mansoura University
M.A. Abo-Elsoud , Mansoura University
M.S. Kamel , University of Waterloo
pp. 3320
Session WC1: Blind Signal Separation

A Constraint Learning Algorithm for Blind Source Separation (Abstract)

Kenji Nakayama , Kanazawa University
Akihiro Hirano , Kanazawa University
Motoki Nitta , Kanazawa University
pp. 3327

Low Complexity Adaptive Non-Linear Function for Blind Signal Separation (Abstract)

Andrea Pierani , University of Ancona
Francesco Piazza , University of Ancona
Mirko Solazzi , University of Ancona
Aurelio Uncini , University of Rome ?La Sapienza?
pp. 3333

Blind Source Separation Using a Matrix Pencil (Abstract)

Ana Maria Tomé , Universidade de Aveiro
pp. 3339
Session WC2: Independent Component Analysis I

-EM Algorithm and -ICA Learning Based upon Extended Logarithmic Information Measures (Abstract)

Yasuo Matsuyama , Waseda University
Takeshi Niimoto , Waseda University
Naoto Katsumata , Waseda University
Yoshitaka Suzuki , Waseda University
Satoshi Furukawa , Waseda University
pp. 3351

ICA of Complex Valued Signals: A Fast and Robust Deflationary Algorithm (Abstract)

Ella Bingham , Helsinki University of Technology
Aapo Hyvärinen , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 3357

Unsupervised Rank-Deficient Density Estimation via Multi-Class Independent Component Analysis (Abstract)

Francesco Palmieri , Universit? di Napoli Federico II
Alessandra Budillon , Universit? di Napoli Federico II
pp. 3363

Feature Extraction from Color and Stereo Images Using ICA (Abstract)

Patrik O. Hoyer , Helsinki University of Technology
Aapo Hyvärinen , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 3369
Session WC3: Principal Component Analysis

Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Extracting Principal Components Independent of Subsidiary Variables (Abstract)

Chi-Hyon Oh , Osaka Prefecture University
Hirokazu Komatsu , Osaka Prefecture University
Katsuhiro Honda , Osaka Prefecture University
Hidetomo Ichihashi , Osaka Prefecture University
pp. 3377

Kernel Factor Analysis with Varimax Rotation (Abstract)

Darryl Charles , Paisley University
Colin Fyfe , Paisley University
pp. 3381

Convergence Analysis of Online Linear Discriminant Analysis (Abstract)

K. Hiraoka , Saitama University
S. Yoshizawa , Saitama University
K. Hidai , Saitama University
M. Hamahira , Saitama University
H. Mizoguchi , Saitama University
T. Mishima , Saitama University
pp. 3387

Improved ?-APEX Algorithm for Digital Image Compression (Abstract)

Simone Fiori , University of Perugia
Saverio Costa , University of Perugia
Pietro Burrascano , University of Perugia
pp. 3392
Session WC4: Rule Extraction

A Statistics Based Approach for Extracting Priority Rules from Trained Neural Networks (Abstract)

Zhi-Hua Zhou , Nanjing University
Shi-Fu Chen , Nanjing University
Zhao-Qian Chen , Nanjing University
pp. 3401

Applying a Clustering Genetic Algorithm for Extracting Rules from a Supervised Neural Network (Abstract)

Eduardo R. Hruschka , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Nelson F.F. Ebecken , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
pp. 3407

A New Rule Generation Method from Neural Networks Formed Using a Genetic Algorithm with Virus Infection (Abstract)

Minoru Fukumi , University of Tokushima
Yasue Mitsukura , University of Tokushima
Norio Akamatsu , University of Tokushima
pp. 3413

Using Graphs to Analyze High-Dimensional Classifiers (Abstract)

Ofer Melnik , Brandeis University
Jordan Pollack , Brandeis University
pp. 3425
Session WC5: Symbolic and Sub-Symbolic Computation II

Meaning Spotting and Robustness of Recurrent Networks (Abstract)

Stefan Wermter , University of Sunderland
Christo Panchev , University of Sunderland
Garen Arevian , University of Sunderland
pp. 3433

Encoding of Probabilistic Automata into RAM-Based Neural Networks (Abstract)

Marcílio C. P. de Souto , University Federale de Pernambuco
Teresa B. Ludermir , University Federale de Pernambuco
Marcília A. Campos , University Federale de Pernambuco
pp. 3439

What Inductive Bias Gives Good Neural Network Training Performance? (Abstract)

S. Snyders , University of Stellenbosch
C.W. Omlin , University of Stellenbosch
pp. 3445
Session WC6: Multilayer Perceptrons IV

Exact Representations from Feed-Forward Networks (Abstract)

Ofer Melnik , Brandeis University
Jordan Pollack , Brandeis University
pp. 3459

Justification of a Neuron-Adaptive Activation Function (Abstract)

Shuxiang Xu , University of Tasmania
Ming Zhang , University of Western Sydney Macarthur
pp. 3465

Artificial Neural Networks with Adaptive Multidimensional Spline Activation Functions (Abstract)

Mirko Solazzi , University of Ancona
Aurelio Uncini , University of Rome ?La Sapienza?
pp. 3471

Taxonomy of Neural Transfer Functions (Abstract)

Wlodzislaw Duch , Nicholas Copernicus University
Norbert Jankowski , Nicholas Copernicus University
pp. 3477
Session WC7: Hardware Implementation II

CMOS PWM VLSI Implementation of Neural Network (Abstract)

Lu Chen , Tsinghua University
Bingxue Shi , Tsinghua University
pp. 3485

An Analog Vision Chip Applicable to Real-Time Image Processings in Indoor Illumination (Abstract)

Seiji Kameda , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Tetsuya Yagi , Kyushu Institute of Technology
pp. 3489

Design Method of Limit Cycle Generator by Hysteresis Neural Networks (Abstract)

Teru Yoneyama , Shizuoka University
Hideki Asai , Shizuoka University
Hiroshi Ninomiya , Shonan Institute of Technology
pp. 3500
Session WC8: Hardware Implementation III

A Fault-Value Injection Approach for Multiple-Weight-Fault Tolerance of MNNs (Abstract)

Itsuo Takanami , Iwate University
Masaru Sato , Iwate University
Yun Ping Yang , Iwate University
pp. 3515

Evaluation Function for Fault Tolerant Multi-Layer Neural Networks (Abstract)

Haruhiko Takase , Mie University
Tsuyoshi Shinogi , Mie University
Terumine Hayashi , Mie University
Hidehiko Kita , Mie University
pp. 3521

Fault Tolerance in the Learning Algorithm of Radial Basis Function Networks (Abstract)

Xavier Parra , Technical University of Catalonia
Andreu Català , Technical University of Catalonia
pp. 3527
Session WC9: Hardware Implementation IV

A Methodology for Example-Based Specification and Design (Abstract)

C. Alippi , Politecnico di Milano
S. Ferrari , Politecnico di Milano
V. Piuri , Politecnico di Milano
pp. 3535
Session WC10: Classification II

A Training Method with Small Computation for Classification (Abstract)

Kazuyuki Hara , Tokyo Metropolitan College of Technology
Kenji Nakayama , Kanazawa University
pp. 3543

Training Three-Layer Neural Network Classifiers by Solving Inequalities (Abstract)

Naoki Tsuchiya , Kobe University
Seiichi Ozawa , Kobe University
Shigeo Abe , Kobe University
pp. 3555

Reliability Control in Committee Classifier Environment (Abstract)

Vladimir Radevski , University Paris 13
Younès Bennani , University Paris 13
pp. 3561

Multistep Sequential Exploration of Growing Bayesian Classification Models (Abstract)

Gerhard Paass , GMD - Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik
Jörg Kindermann , GMD - Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik
pp. 3566
Session WC11: Clustering I

Parallel Clustering on a Commodity Supercomputer (Abstract)

Giuseppe Patanè , University of Catania
Marco Russo , University of Messina
pp. 3575

A Categorization Methodology for the Analysis of the Mortality Rate in Psychiatric Hospitals (Abstract)

Antonio Ballarin , Speed Tecnologie - KPMG Consulting
Simona Gervasi , Speed Tecnologie - KPMG Consulting
Fabrizio Giancarli , Speed Tecnologie - KPMG Consulting
Francesco Cecere , Department of Mental Health, Local Health Unit Rome
pp. 3593
Session WC12: Radial Basis Function Networks I

Deterministic Annealing Learning of the Radial Basis Function Nets for Improving the Regression Ability of RBF Network (Abstract)

Nanning Zheng , Xi'an Jiaotong University
Zhihua Zhang , Xi'an Jiaotong University
Haibing Zheng , Xi'an Jiaotong University
Shi Gang , Xi'an Jiaotong University
pp. 3601

An Easily Calculated Bound on Condition for Orthogonal Algorithms (Abstract)

K.M. Adeney , Queen's University
M.J. Korenberg , Queen's University
pp. 3620
Session WC13: Medical Applications II

Using Hidden Markov Models to Build an Automatic, Continuous and Probabilistic Sleep Stager (Abstract)

A. Flexer , The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
P. Sykacek , The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
G. Dorffner , The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
I. Rezek , University of Oxford
pp. 3627

Local Neural Classifier for EEG-Based Recognition of Mental Tasks (Abstract)

José del R. Millán , ISIS, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Josep Mouriño , ISIS, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Fabio Babiloni , Università Rome & La Sapienza and Helsinki University of Technology
Febo Cincotti , IRCCS S. Lucia
Markus Varsta , Helsinki University of Technology
Jukka Heikkonen , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 3632

Classification of Cardiotocographic Records by Neural Networks (Abstract)

Giovanni Magenes , Universit? di Pavia
Maria G. Signorini , Politecnico di Milano
Domenico Arduini , Universit? di Roma Tor Vergata
pp. 3637
Session WC14: Medical Applications III

Study of Site-Specific Bone Formation Using a Neural Network Model (Abstract)

Li Yuan Mi , City University of New York
Mitra Basu , City University of New York
Susannah Fritton , City University of New York
Stephen Cowin , City University of New York
pp. 3651

Detecting False Benign in Breast Cancer Diagnosis (Abstract)

Zheng Rong Yang , Heriot-Watt University
Weiping Lu , Heriot-Watt University
Dejin Yu , Heriot-Watt University
Robert G. Harrison , Heriot-Watt University
pp. 3655

Neural Network Based Systems for Prostate Cancer Stage Prediction (Abstract)

Hong Zhang , Horus Global HealthNet
Zhen Zhang , Horus Global HealthNet and Medical University of South Carolina
Alan W. Partin , Johns Hopkins University
pp. 3659
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