The Community for Technology Leaders
Information Visualization, IEEE Symposium on (2002)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Oct. 28, 2002 to Oct. 29, 2002
ISSN: 1522-404X
ISBN: 0-7695-1751-X

Graphical encoding for information visualization: an empirical study (PDF)

L. Nowell , Battelle Pacific Northwest Lab., Richland, WA, USA
pp. 43-50

Preface (PDF)

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Organizers (PDF)

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Reviewers (PDF)

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Papers 1: Databases, Frameworks, and Visualization

Multiscale Visualization Using Data Cubes "InfoVis 2002 Best Paper" (Abstract)

Chris Stolte , Stanford University
Diane Tang , Stanford University
Pat Hanrahan , Stanford University
pp. 7

Visualization Schemas for Flexible Information Visualization (Abstract)

Chris North , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Nathan Conklin , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Varun Saini , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
pp. 15

Building a Visual Database for Example-based Graphics Generation (Abstract)

Michelle X. Zhou , IBM. T. J. Watson Research Center
Min Chen , IBM. T. J. Watson Research Center
Ying Feng , Indiana University
pp. 23
Technical Notes 1: Cartograms and Uncertainty

Efficient Cartogram Generation: A Comparison (Abstract)

Daniel A. Keim , AT&T Shannon Laboratory
Stephen C. North , AT&T Shannon Laboratory
Christian Panse , University of Constance
Jörn Schneidewind , University of Halle
pp. 33

Visualizing Data with Bounded Uncertainty (Abstract)

Chris Olston , Stanford University
Jock D. Mackinlay , Palo Alto Research Center
pp. 37
Papers 2: Empirical Studies

The Illusion of Perceived Metric 3D Structure (Abstract)

Mats Lind , Uppsala University
Geoffrey P. Bingham , Indiana University
Camilla Forsell , Uppsala University
pp. 51
Case Studies 1: Process and Bio Vis

Process Visualization with Levels of Detail (Abstract)

Krešimir Matković , VRVis Research Center
Helwig Hauser , VRVis Research Center
Reinhard Sainitzer , Imagination Computer Services
M. Eduard Gröller , Technical University of Vienna
pp. 67

Case Study: Visualizing Sets of Evolutionary Trees (Abstract)

Nina Amenta , University of Texas at Austin
Jeff Klingner , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 71
Papers 3: Visualizing Hierarchies

InterRing: An Interactive Tool for Visually Navigating and Manipulating Hierarchical Structures (Abstract)

Jing Yang , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Matthew O. Ward , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Elke A. Rundensteiner , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
pp. 77

A Space-Optimized Tree Visualization (Abstract)

Quang Vinh Nguyen , University of Technology, Sydney
Mao Lin Huang , University of Technology, Sydney
pp. 85

Beamtrees : Compact Visualization of Large Hierarchies (Abstract)

Frank van Ham , Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Jarke J. van Wijk , Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
pp. 93
Papers 4: Sequences, Patterns, and Huge Data Sets

Visualizing Biosequence Data Using Texture Mapping (Abstract)

Praveen R. Thiagarajan , University of Delaware
Guang R. Gao , University of Delaware
pp. 103

Interactive Information Visualization of a Million Items (Abstract)

Jean-Daniel Fekete , University of Maryland
Catherine Plaisant , University of Maryland
pp. 117
Technical Notes 2: Brushing and Drill-Down

Angular Brushing of Extended Parallel Coordinates (Abstract)

Helwig Hauser , VRVis Research Center in Vienna
Florian Ledermann , VRVis Research Center in Vienna
Helmut Doleisch , VRVis Research Center in Vienna
pp. 127

Multiple Foci Drill-Down through Tuple and Attribute Aggregation Polyarchies in Tabular Data (Abstract)

Nathan Conklin , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Sandeep Prabhakar , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Chris North , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
pp. 131
Papers 5: Graph Drawing and Force-Directed Placement

ACE: A Fast Multiscale Eigenvectors Computation for Drawing Huge Graphs (Abstract)

Yehuda Koren , Weizmann Institute of Science
Liran Carmel , Weizmann Institute of Science
David Harel , Weizmann Institute of Science
pp. 137

Visual Unrolling of Network Evolution and the Analysis of Dynamic Discourse (Abstract)

Ulrik Brandes , University of Konstanz
Steven R. Corman , Arizona State University
pp. 145

A Hybrid Layout Algorithm for Sub-Quadratic Multidimensional Scaling (Abstract)

Alistair Morrison , University of Glasgow
Greg Ross , University of Glasgow
Matthew Chalmers , University of Glasgow
pp. 152
Case Studies 2: Finance and Web Vis

Demystifying Venture Capital Investing (Abstract)

Mei Chuah , Accenture Technology Labs
pp. 161

Visual Path Analysis (Abstract)

T. Alan Keahey , Visintuit
Stephen G. Eick , Visintuit
pp. 165
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