The Community for Technology Leaders
Information Visualization, IEEE Symposium on (1999)
San Francisco, California
Oct. 24, 1999 to Oct. 29, 1999
ISSN: 1522-404X
ISBN: 0-7695-0431-0

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Understanding Time Dependent & Evolving Information

Cluster and Calendar Based Visualization of Time Series Data (Abstract)

Jarke J. Van Wijk , Eindhoven University of Technology
Edward R. Van Selow , Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
pp. 4

Visualizing Application Behavior on Superscalar Processors (Abstract)

Chris Stolte , Stanford University
Robert Bosch , Stanford University
Pat Hanrahan , Stanford University
Mendel Rosenblum , Stanford University
pp. 10

Sensemaking of Evolving Web Sites Using Visualization Spreadsheets (Abstract)

Ed H. Chi , Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
Stuart K. Card , Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
pp. 18
Evaluation & Design of Visualization Systems

Evaluating a Visualization of Image Similarity as a Tool for Image Browsing (Abstract)

Kerry Rodden , University of Cambridge
Wojciech Basalaj , University of Cambridge
David Sinclair , AT&T Laboratories
Kenneth Wood , AT&T Laboratories
pp. 36

A Framework for Focus+Context Visualization (Abstract)

Staffan Björk , The Viktoria Institute
Lars Erik Holmquist , The Viktoria Institute
Johan Redström , The Viktoria Institute
pp. 53
Investigating Hierarchies & Graphs

Navigating Hierarchies with Structure-Based Brushes (Abstract)

Ying-Huey Fua , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Matthew O. Ward , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Elke A. Rundensteiner , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
pp. 58

Dynamic Hierarchy Specification and Visualization (Abstract)

Richard M. Wilson , University of New Hampshire
R. Daniel Bergeron , University of New Hampshire
pp. 65

Cushion Treemaps: Visualization of Hierarchical Information (Abstract)

Jarke J. Van Wijk , Eindhoven University of Technology,
Huub van de Wetering , Eindhoven University of Technology,
pp. 73
Techniques for Broad-Scope Problems

Efficient Multi-Object Dynamic Query Histograms (Abstract)

Mark Derthick , Carnegie Mellon University
James Harrison , Carnegie Mellon University
Andrew Moore , Carnegie Mellon University
Steven F. Roth , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 84

VisageWeb: Visualizing WWW Data in Visage (Abstract)

Michael Higgins , MAYA Design Group, Inc.
Peter Lucas , MAYA Design Group, Inc.
Jeffrey Senn , MAYA Design Group, Inc.
pp. 100
Data Mining & High Dimensional Visualization

The Automated Multidimensional Detective (Abstract)

Alfred Inselberg , Tel Aviv University
Tova Avidan , Tel Aviv University
pp. 112

Visualizing Association Rules for Text Mining (Abstract)

Pak Chung Wong , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Paul Whitney , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jim Thomas , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
pp. 120

A Java-Based Visual Mining Infrastructure and Applications (Abstract)

Ming Hao , Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
Umesh Dayal , Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
Meichun Hsu , Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
Jim Baker , Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
Bob Deletto , Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
pp. 124

Constellation: A Visualization Tool for Linguistic Queries from MindNet (Abstract)

Tamara Munzner , Stanford University
Francois Guimbretiere , Stanford University
George Robertson , Microsoft Research
pp. 132
Capstone Address

Color Plates (Abstract)

pp. 139

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