The Community for Technology Leaders
Database Engineering and Applications Symposium, International (2004)
Coimbra, Portugal
July 7, 2004 to July 9, 2004
ISSN: 1098-8068
ISBN: 0-7695-2168-1

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Foreword (PDF)

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Preface (PDF)

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Invited Paper

A Trigger-Based Approach for Communication Personalization (Abstract)

Elisa Bertino , Purdue University
Marco Mesiti , University of Milano
Munir Cochinwala , Telcordia Technologies
pp. 3-13
Database Applications I

QUAY: A Data Stream Processing System Using Chunking (Abstract)

Ken C.K. Lee , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Va Leong , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Antonio Si , Oracle Corporation
pp. 17-26

Adaptive Data Broadcasting in Asymmetric Communication Environments (Abstract)

Wei Wang , University of California at Riverside
Chinya V. Ravishankar , University of California at Riverside
pp. 27-36

Energy-Aware Object Retrieval from Parallel Broadcast Channels (Abstract)

Neil Orchowski , Pennsylvania State University
Ali R. Hurson , Pennsylvania State University
pp. 37-46
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Efficient Integration of Data Mining Techniques in Database Management Systems (Abstract)

Fadila Bentayeb , University of Lyon 2
Jérôme Darmont , University of Lyon 2
Cédric Udréa , University of Lyon 2
pp. 59-67

Modeling, Storing, and Mining Moving Object Databases (Abstract)

Sotiris Brakatsoulas , Research Academic Computer Technology Institute
Dieter Pfoser , Research Academic Computer Technology Institute
Nectaria Tryfona , Research Academic Computer Technology Institute
pp. 68-77

A Pre-Processing Tool for Web Usage Mining in the Distance Education Domain (Abstract)

Carlos G. Marquardt , Pontif?cia Universidade Cat?lica do Rio Grande do Sul
Karin Becker , Pontif?cia Universidade Cat?lica do Rio Grande do Sul
Duncan D. Ruiz , Pontif?cia Universidade Cat?lica do Rio Grande do Sul
pp. 78-87
Topics in Data Mining

Intelligent Query Answering Based on Neighborhood Systems and Data Mining Techniques (Abstract)

T.Y. Lin , California State University at San Jose
Nick Cercone , Dalhouise University
Xiaohua Hu , Drexel University Science
Jianchao Han , California State University Dominguez Hills
pp. 91-96

Dependence Among Terms in Vector Space Model (Abstract)

Ilm?rio R. Silva , Univ. Federal de Uberl?ndia
Jo?o Nunes Souza , Univ. Federal de Uberl?ndia
Karina S. Santos , Univ. Federal de Uberl?ndia
pp. 97-102

Active Databases as Information Systems (Abstract)

Dina Goldin , University of Connecticut
Vijaya Srikanti , University of Connecticut
pp. 123-130
Invited Paper

Mass Collaboration: A Case Study (Abstract)

Raghu Ramakrishnan , University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vuk Ercegovac , University of Wisconsin-Madison
Navin Kabra , Veritas
Amit Marathe , AT&T Research
Uri Shaft , Oracle Corporation
pp. 133-146
Semi-Structured Databases and XML

Synchronizing XPath Views (Abstract)

Dennis Pedersen , TARGIT A/S
Torben Bach Pedersen , Aalborg University
pp. 149-160

Efficient Processing of XML Containment Queries Using Partition-Based Schemes (Abstract)

Zografoula Vagena , University of California at Riverside
Mirella M. Moro , University of California at Riverside
Vassilis J. Tsotras , University of California at Riverside
pp. 161-170

Equivalences and Optimizations in an Expressive XSLT Fragment (Abstract)

Alberto Trombetta , Università degli Studi delléInsubria
Danilo Montesi , Università degli Studi di Camerino
pp. 171-180
Web Search and Navigation

Non-Invasive Support for Personalized Navigation of Websites (Abstract)

Sergio Flesca , DEIS - University of Calabria
Sergio Greco , DEIS - University of Calabria
Andrea Tagarelli , DEIS - University of Calabria
Ester Zumpano , DEIS - University of Calabria
pp. 183-192

A Gateway from HTML to XML (Abstract)

Tao Fu , Carleton University
Mengchi Liu , Carleton University
pp. 205-214
Peer-to-Peer Databases and Semantic Web

An Ontology-Based Framework for XML Semantic Integration (Abstract)

Isabel F. Cruz , University of Illinois at Chicago
Huiyong Xiao , University of Illinois at Chicago
Feihong Hsu , University of Illinois at Chicago
pp. 217-226

Where?s Charlie: Family-Based Heuristics for Peer-to-Peer Schema Integration (Abstract)

John Tranier , LIRMM UMR 5506 CNRS, Université Montpellier Ⅱ
Renaud Baraër , LIRMM UMR 5506 CNRS, Université Montpellier Ⅱ
Zohar Bellahsène , LIRMM UMR 5506 CNRS, Université Montpellier Ⅱ
Maguelonne Teisseire , LIRMM UMR 5506 CNRS, Université Montpellier Ⅱ
pp. 227-235

PinS: Peer-to-Peer Interrogation and Indexing System (Abstract)

Maria-Del-Pilar Villamil , LSR-IMAG Laboratory
Claudia Roncancio , LSR-IMAG Laboratory
Cyril Labbé , LSR-IMAG Laboratory
pp. 236-245

Sharing Communities Experiences for Query Propagation in Peer-to-Peer Systems (Abstract)

Nicolas Lumineau , University of Paris 6
Anne Doucet , University of Paris 6
pp. 246-253
Topics in DB Engineering

Efficient High-Dimensional Indexing by Superimposing Space-Partitioning Schemes (Abstract)

Jack Lukaszuk , Illinois Institute of Technology
Ratko Orlandic , Illinois Institute of Technology
pp. 257-264

Adaptable Query Evaluation Using QBF (Abstract)

Tuyet-Trinh Vu , LSR-IMAG Laboratory INP Grenoble
Christine Collet , LSR-IMAG Laboratory INP Grenoble
pp. 265-270

Surrogate Join for Massive Data on Tertiary Storage System (Abstract)

Baoliang Liu , Harbin Institute of Technology
Jianzhong Li , Harbin Institute of Technology
Yanqiu Zhang , Harbin Institute of Technology
pp. 271-276

A Structural Approach Towards the Maintenance of Database Applications (Abstract)

S. K. Gardikiotis , Athens University of Economics and Business
N. Malevris , Athens University of Economics and Business
T. Konstantinou , Athens University of Economics and Business
pp. 277-282

A Window-Based Approach to Retrieving Memory-Resident Data for Query Execution (Abstract)

Jayaprakash Pisharath , Northwestern University
Alok Choudhary , Northwestern University
Mahmut Kandemir , Pennsylvania State University
pp. 283-288
Database Applications II

Application-Tailored Database Systems: A Case of Aspects in an Embedded Database (Abstract)

Aleksandra Tešanović , Linköping University
Ke Sheng , Linköping University
Jörgen Hansson , Linköping University
pp. 291-301

Grid Databases for Shared Image Analysis in the MammoGrid Project (Abstract)

F. Estrella , CERN and University of West of England
T. Hauer , University of West of England
D. Manset , CERN and University of West of England
R. McClatchey , University of West of England
M. Odeh , University of West of England
T. Reading , Mirada Solutions Limited
D. Rogulin , CERN and University of West of England
D. Schottlander , Mirada Solutions Limited
pp. 302-311

Interoperable Server-Based Cache Consistency Algorithm (Abstract)

Peter Bodorik , Dalhousie University
Dawn Jutla , Dalhousie University
Yueping Lu , Dalhousie University
pp. 312-321
Invited Talk
Access Methods and Data Structures

Parameter Estimation Using B-Trees (Abstract)

Albrecht Schmidt , Aalborg University
Michael H. Böhlen , Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
pp. 325-333

Efficient Algorithm for Path-Based Range Query in Spatial Databases (Abstract)

Hoong Kee Ng , National University of Singapore
Hon Wai Leong , National University of Singapore
Ngai Lam Ho , University of Hong Kong
pp. 334-343

Query Load Balancing for Incremental Visible Object Extraction (Abstract)

Linas Bukauskas , Aalborg University
Michael H. Böhlen , University of Bozen-Bolzano
pp. 344-353
Data Warehousing

The Decoration Operator: A Foundation for On-Line Dimensional Data Integration (Abstract)

Dennis Pedersen , Aalborg University
Torben Bach Pedersen , Aalborg University
Karsten Riis , Aalborg University
pp. 357-366

Building Large ROLAP Data Cubes in Parallel (Abstract)

Ying Chen , Dalhousie University
Frank Dehne , Carleton University
Todd Eavis , Carleton University
A. Rau-Chaplin , Dalhousie University
pp. 367-377

Implementing Data Cubes via Subcubes (Abstract)

Huei-Huang Chen , Tatung University
Kuo-Wei Ho , Tatung University
pp. 378-386
Topics in DB Applications

Extraction of Synonymies, Hyponymies, Overlappings and Homonymies from XML Schemas at Various "Serverity" Levels (Abstract)

Paquale De Meo , Università "Mediterranea" di Reggio Calabria
Giovanni Quattrone , Università "Mediterranea" di Reggio Calabria
Giorgio Terracina , Università della Calabria
Domenico Ursino , Università "Mediterranea" di Reggio Calabria
pp. 389-394

Discovering and Generating Materialized XML Views in Data Integration Systems (Abstract)

Tengjiao Wang , Peking University
Dongqing Yang , Peking University
Shiwei Tang , Peking University
Yunfeng Liu , Peking University
pp. 395-400

Testing Intersection of XPath Expressions under DTDs (Abstract)

Stefan B?ttcher , University of Paderborn
pp. 401-406

Taxonomy-Based Routing Overlays in P2P Networks (Abstract)

Alexander Löser , University of Technology Berlin
Kai Schubert , University of Technology Berlin
Frederik Zimmer , University of Technology Berlin
pp. 407-412

Preemptive Maximum Stretch Optimization Scheduling for Wireless On-Demand Data Broadcast (Abstract)

Xiao Wu , City University of Hong Kong
Victor C. S. Lee , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 413-418

Curve-Based Representation of Moving Object Trajectories (Abstract)

Byunggu Yu , University of Wyoming
Seon Ho Kim , University of Denver
Thomas Bailey , University of Wyoming
Ruben Gamboa , University of Wyoming
pp. 419-425
Performance, Optimization, and Data Models

Using Reflection to Introduce Self-Tuning Technology into DBMSs (Abstract)

Patrick Martin , Queen?s University
Wendy Powley , Queen?s University
Darcy Benoit , Acadia University
pp. 429-438

Autonomous Query-Driven Index Tuning (Abstract)

Kai-Uwe Sattler , TU Ilmenau
Eike Schallehn , University of Magdeburg
Ingolf Geist , University of Magdeburg
pp. 439-448

Dynamic Object Roles — Adjusting the Notion for Flexible Modeling (Abstract)

Andrzej Jodłowski , Polish Academy of Sciences
Piotr Habela , Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
Jacek Płodzień , Polish Academy of Sciences
Kazimierz Subieta , Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
pp. 449-456
Poster Session

Analyzing the Effect of Network States in Query Cost Estimation over the Internet (Abstract)

Zhining Liao , University of Ulster
Weiru Liu , University of Ulster
Jun Hong , University of Ulster
pp. 462-464

Constructing XML Views over Binary Data (Abstract)

Norihide Shinagawa , Japan Science and Technology Agency and University of Tsukuba
Hiroyuki Kitagawa , University of Tsukuba
pp. 470-474

Detection of Sequential Patterns of Events for Supporting Business Intelligence Solutions (Abstract)

Lilian Harada , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Yuuji Hotta , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Tadashi Ohmori , University of Electro-Communications
pp. 475-479

ROSA: A Repository of Objects with Semantic Access for e-Learning (Abstract)

F?bio Porto , Military Institute of Engineering
Ana Maria de C. Moura , Military Institute of Engineering
Fabio Jos? Coutinho da Silva , Military Institute of Engineering
pp. 486-488
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