The Community for Technology Leaders
Database Engineering and Applications Symposium, International (2002)
Edmonton, Canada
July 17, 2002 to July 19, 2002
ISSN: 1098-8068
ISBN: 0-7695-1638-6

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Invited Talk I
Paper Session I (DBMS Implementation Issues)

On Implicate Discovery and Query Optimization (Abstract)

Kristofer Vorwerk , iAnywhere Solutions
G. N. Paulley , iAnywhere Solutions
pp. 2

Interval Processing with the UB-Tree (Abstract)

Robert Fenk , Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge Based Systems
Volker Markl , IBM Almaden Research Center
Rudolf Bayer , Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge Based Systems
pp. 12

Graph Partition Based Multi-Way Spatial Joins (Abstract)

Xuemin Lin , University of New South Wales
Hai-Xin Lu , University of New South Wales
Qing Zhang , University of New South Wales
pp. 23

View Merging in the Context of View Selection (Abstract)

Changqing Chen , Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Yucai Feng , Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Jianlin Feng , Huazhong University of Science & Technology
pp. 33
Paper Session II (Mobile Data)

Nearest Neighbor and Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries for Moving Objects (Abstract)

Rimantas Benetis , Aalborg University
Christian S. Jensen , Aalborg University
Gytis Karčiauskas , Aalborg University
Simonas Šaltenis , Aalborg University
pp. 44

Continual Neighborhood Tracking for Moving Objects Using Adaptive Distances (Abstract)

Yoshiharu Ishikawa , University of Tsukuba
Hiroyuki Kitagawa , University of Tsukuba
Tooru Kawashima , University of Tsukuba
pp. 54

Energy-Efficient Data Broadcasting in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Le Gruenwald , University of Oklahoma
Muhammad Javed , University of Oklahoma
Meng Gu , University of Oklahoma
pp. 64

A Location Dependent Benchmark with Mobility Behavior (Abstract)

Ayşe Y. Seydim , Southern Methodist University
Margaret H. Dunham , Southern Methodist University
pp. 74
Paper Session III (XML & OO)

XGL: A Graphical Query Language for XML (Abstract)

S. Flesca , Università della Calabria
F. Furfaro , Università della Calabria
S. Greco , Università della Calabria
pp. 86

Parallel Processing XML Documents (Abstract)

Kevin Lü , Southbank University
Yuanling Zhu , Southbank University
Wenjun Sun , Southbank University
Shouxun Lin , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jianping Fan , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 96

Yet Another Query Algebra For XML Data (Abstract)

Carlo Sartiani , Università di Pisa
Antonio Albano , Università di Pisa
pp. 106

Distributing CORBA Views From an OODBMS (Abstract)

Eric Viara , SYSRA
Emmanuel Barillot , GENOPLANTE
pp. 116
Invited Talk II
Paper Session IV (Applications I)

Completing CAD Data Queries for Visualization (Abstract)

Milena Gateva Koparanova , Uppsala University
Tore Risch , Uppsala University
pp. 130

Management of Multiply Represented Geographic Entities (Abstract)

Anders Friis-Christensen , Aalborg University and National Survey and Cadastre
David Skogan , University of Oslo and SINTEF Telecom and Informatics
Christian S. Jensen , Aalborg University
Gerhard Skagestein , University of Oslo
Nectaria Tryfona , Aalborg University and Computer Technology Institute
pp. 150

Integrating HTML Tables Using Semantic Hierarchies and Meta-Data Sets (Abstract)

Seung-Jin Lim , Brigham Young University
Yiu-Kai Ng , Brigham Young University
Xiaochun Yang , Northeastern University
pp. 160
Paper Session V (Modelling)

YAM<sup>2</sup> (Yet Another Multidimensional Model): An Extension of UML (Abstract)

Alberto Abelló , University Politècnica de Catalunya
José Samos , University de Granada
Fèlix Saltor , University Politècnica de Catalunya
pp. 172

Authorization Model for Summary Schemas Model (Abstract)

Sudsanguan Ngamsuriyaroj , Pennsylvania State University
Ali R. Hurson , Pennsylvania State University
Thomas F. Keefe , Oracle Corporation
pp. 182

Implementing Federated Database Systems by Compiling SchemaSQL (Abstract)

François Barbançon , University of Texas at Austin
Daniel P. Miranker , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 192

A Multi-Agent Model for Handling E-Commerce Activities (Abstract)

Domenico Rosaci , Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
Giuseppe M.L. Sarné , Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
Domenico Ursino , Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
pp. 202
Paper Session VI (DW/DM)

Consistency in Data Warehouse Dimensions (Abstract)

Carolin Letz , University of Muenster and zeb/
Eric Tobias Henn , zeb/
Gottfried Vossen , University of Muenster and PROMATIS Corp.
pp. 224

DWS-AQA: A Cost Effective Approach for Very Large Data Warehouses (Abstract)

Jorge Bernardino , Institute Polytechnic of Coimbra
Pedro Furtado , University of Coimbra
Henrique Madeira , University of Coimbra
pp. 233

Fast Filter-and-Refine Algorithms for Subsequence Selection (Abstract)

Beng Chin Ooi , National University of Singapore
Hwee Hwa Pang , Lab for Information Technology
Hao Wang , National University of Singapore
Limsoon Wong , Lab for Information Technology
Cui Yu , National University of Singapore
pp. 243
Invited Talk III
Paper Session VII (Applications II)

Scalable QoS-Aware Disk-Scheduling (Abstract)

Walid G. Aref , Purdue University
Khaled El-Bassyouni , Panasonic Information and Networking Technologies Laboratory
Ibrahim Kamel , Panasonic Information and Networking Technologies Laboratory
Mohamed F. Mokbel , Purdue University
pp. 256

Using the F2 OODBMS to Support Incremental Knowledge Acquisition (Abstract)

Lina Al-Jadir , American University of Beirut
Ghassan Beydoun , American University of Beirut
pp. 266

Rules Termination Analysis Investigating the Interaction between Transactions and Triggers (Abstract)

Danilo Montesi , Università di Bologna
Elisa Bertino , Università di Milano
Maria Bagnato , Università di Milano
Peter Dearnley , University of East Anglia
pp. 285
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