The Community for Technology Leaders
Database Engineering and Applications Symposium, International (1999)
Montreal, Canada
Aug. 2, 1999 to Aug. 4, 1999
ISSN: 1098-8068
ISBN: 0-7695-0265-2

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Session 1: Invited talk

Issues in Multimedia Database Management (Abstract)

M. Tamer Özsu , University of Alberta
pp. 452
Session 2: Query Optimization

Semantic Query Optimization for ODMG-93 Databases (Abstract)

M. F. Van Bommel , St. Francis Xavier University
pp. 16

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web Bag in a Web Warehouse (Abstract)

Sourav S Bhowmick , Nanyang Technological University
Wee-Keong Ng , Nanyang Technological University
Ee-Peng Lim , Nanyang Technological University
Sanjay Madria , Purdue University
pp. 34
Session 3: Multi-DB

Integration of Semistructured Data with Partial and Inconsistent Information (Abstract)

Mengchi Liu , University of Regina
Tao Guan , University of Regina
Tok Wang Ling , National University of Singapore
pp. 44

A Schema Analysis and Reconciliation Tool Environment for Heterogeneous Databases (Abstract)

Silvana Castano , University of Milano
Valeria de Antonellis , University of Brescia and Politecnico di Milano
pp. 53
Session 3a: Modelling

Interactive Design of Object-Oriented Schema (Abstract)

M.F. Van Bommel , St. Francis Xavier University
pp. 74

SHB: A Strategic Hierarchy Builder for Managing Heterogeneous Databases (Abstract)

Christophe Nicolle , Universit? de Bourgogne
Nadine Cullot , Universit? de Bourgogne
Kokou Yétongnon , Universit? de Bourgogne
pp. 82

ISIS: A Semantic Mediation Model and an Agent Based Architecture for GIS Interoperability (Abstract)

Eric Leclercq , Universit? de Bourgogne
Djamal Benslimane , Universit? de Bourgogne
Kokou Yétongnon , Universit? de Bourgogne
pp. 87

iWebDB - Web Site Administration Based on Object-Relational Database Technology (Abstract)

Henrik Loeser , University of Kaiserslautern
Norbert Ritter , University of Kaiserslautern
pp. 92

SR Scheme : Spatial-match Iconic Image Representation (Abstract)

Yeon-Jung Kim , Chonbuk National University
Jae-Woo Chang , Chonbuk National University
pp. 98
Session 4: Application of Clustering

Dynamic Reorganization of Object Databases (Abstract)

Vlad S. Wietrzyk , Macquarie University - Sydney
Mehmet A. Orgun , Macquarie University - Sydney
pp. 110

New GDM-Based Declustering Methods for Parallel Range Queries (Abstract)

S. Kuo , University of Illinois
M. Winslett , University of Illinois
Y. Cho , University of Illinois
J. Lee , University of Illinois
pp. 119

Self-Organization of Distributed Document Archives (Abstract)

Dieter Merkl , Technische Universit?t Wien
Andreas Rauber , Technische Universit?t Wien
pp. 128

Feature Reduction and Database Maintenance in NETNEWS Classification (Abstract)

Wen-Lin Hsu , University of Central Florida
Sheau-Dong Lang , University of Central Florida
pp. 137
Session 5: Keynote Speech

The MIDAS Data-Mining Project at Stanford (Abstract)

Jeffrey D. Ullman , Stanford University
pp. 460
Session 6: OLAP and Data Mining

Management of Multidimensional Aggregates for Efficient Online Analytical Processing (Abstract)

J. Albrecht , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
A. Bauer , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
O. Deyerling , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
H. Günzel , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
W. Hümmer , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
W. Lehner , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
L. Schlesinger , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
pp. 156

Improving OLAP Performance by Multidimensional Hierarchical Clustering (Abstract)

Volker Markl , Bayerisches Forschungszentrum f?r Wissensbasierte Systeme
Frank Ramsak , Bayerisches Forschungszentrum f?r Wissensbasierte Systeme
Rudolf Bayer , Bayerisches Forschungszentrum f?r Wissensbasierte Systeme
pp. 165

A Parallel Scalable Infrastructure for OLAP and Data Mining (Abstract)

Sanjay Goil , Northwestern University
Alok Choudhary , Northwestern University
pp. 178
Session 7: View Maintenance

A Model for Deferred View Maintenance (Abstract)

Reda Alhajj , American University of Sharjah
Ashraf Elnagar , University of Sharjah
pp. 188

Incremental Maintenance of Nested Relational Views (Abstract)

Jixue Liu , The University of South Australia
Millist Vincent , The University of South Australia
Mukesh Mohania , The University of South Australia
pp. 197

View Maintenance after View Synchronization (Abstract)

Anisoara Nica , University of Michigan
Elke A. Rundensteiner , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
pp. 215
Session 7a: Evaluation and Analysis

Interactive Data Analysis on Numeric-Data (Abstract)

Hong Ki Chu , Chinese University of Hong Kong
Man Hong Wong , Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 226

2D Topological and Direction Relations in the World of Minimum Bounding Circles (Abstract)

Maytham Safar , University of Southern California
Cyrus Shahabi , University of Southern California
pp. 239

New Access Index for Fast Execution of Conjunctive Queries over Text Data (Abstract)

Yuping Yang , Ohio State University
Mukesh Singhal , Ohio State University
pp. 248

Concurrent Maintenance of Views Using Multiple Versions (Abstract)

Sachin Kulkarni , Prophecy International Ltd.
Mukesh Mohania , University of South Australia
pp. 254
Session 8: Principles of DB

Safe Database Queries with External Functions (Abstract)

Hong-Cheu Liu , The Australian National University
Jeffrey X. Yu , The Australian National University
pp. 260

Termination Analysis in Active Databases (Abstract)

Danilo Montesi , Universit? di Milano
Maria Bagnato , Universit? di Milano
Cristina Dallera , Universit? di Milano
pp. 288
Session 9: Invited talk
Session 10: Transaction and Recovery

Recovery Protocols in Multi-Agent Probabilistic Reasoning Systems (Abstract)

C.J. Butz , University of Regina
S.K.M. Wong , University of Regina
pp. 302

Locking with Different Granularities for Reads and Writes in an MVM System (Abstract)

P. Bodorik , Dalhousie University
J. Slonim , Dalhousie University
D. Jutla , St. Mary's Univeraity
A. Agarwal , IBM Canada Ltd.
pp. 311

Transactional Coordination Agents for Composite Systems (Abstract)

Heiko Schuldt , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Hans-Joerg Schek , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Gustavo Alonso , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
pp. 321

A Workflow Management Systems Architecture that Support Ad-Hoc Recoveries (Abstract)

Jian Tang , Memorial University of Newfoundland
Xuemin Xing , Memorial University of Newfoundland
pp. 332
Session 11: DB Architecture

Towards an Architecture for Reactive Systems Using an Active Real-Time Database and Standardized Components (Abstract)

A. Münnich , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
M. Birkhold , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
G. Färber , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
P. Woitschach , Rohde & Schwarz GmbH
pp. 351

On a Buzzword "Extensibility" ? What We Have Learned from the ORIENT Project? (Abstract)

Nan Zhang , University of Kaiserslautern
Theo Härder , University of Kaiserslautern
pp. 360

The Scalability of an Object Descriptor Architecture OODBMS (Abstract)

Kwok K. Yu , University of St. Thomas
Byung S. Lee , University of St. Thomas
Michael R. Olson , University of St. Thomas
pp. 370
Session 11a: Transaction Processing and Performance

Performance Evaluation of Multidimensional Array Storage Techniques in Databases (Abstract)

Norbert Widmann , Bavarian Research Centre for Knowledge-Based Systems (FORWISS)
Peter Baumann , Bavarian Research Centre for Knowledge-Based Systems (FORWISS)
pp. 385

The EYEDB OODBMS (Abstract)

Eric Viara , Sysra Informatique
Emmanuel Barillot , GIS Infobiogen
Guy Vaysseix , GIS Infobiogen
pp. 390

Measuring the Performance of Database Object Horizontal Fragmentation Schemes (Abstract)

C.I. Ezeife , University of Windsor
Jian Zheng , University of Windsor
pp. 408
Session 12: DB Engineering and User Issues

A User Interface for Distributed Multimedia Database Querying with Mediator Supported Refinement (Abstract)

Isabel F. Cruz , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Kimberly M. James , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
pp. 433

Parallelizing User-Defined Functions in Distributed Object-Relational DBMS (Abstract)

Kenneth W. Ng , University of California at Los Angeles,
Richard R. Muntz , University of California at Los Angeles,
pp. 442

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