The Community for Technology Leaders
International Conference on Software Maintenance, 2003. ICSM 2003. Proceedings. (2003)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sept. 22, 2003 to Sept. 26, 2003
ISSN: 1063-6773
ISBN: 0-7695-1905-9

Program Committee (PDF)

pp. xiii

Managing a multi-billion dollar IT Budget (PDF)

Alexander Rinnooy Kan , Executive Board Member / CIO ING Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
pp. 2
Technical Session T1: Versioning

Difference Tools for Analysis and Design Documents (Abstract)

Dirk Ohst , Universit?t Siegen
Michael Welle , Universit?t Siegen
Udo Kelter , Universit?t Siegen
pp. 13

Populating a Release History Database from Version Control and Bug Tracking Systems (Abstract)

Michael Fischer , Vienna University of Technology
Martin Pinzger , Vienna University of Technology
Harald Gall , Vienna University of Technology
pp. 23
Technical Session T2: Slicing

Slicing of State-Based Models (Abstract)

Bogdan Korel , Illinois Institute of Technology
Inderdeep Singh , Illinois Institute of Technology
Luay Tahat , Lucent Technologies
Boris Vaysburg , Illinois Institute of Technology
pp. 34

Testing with Respect to Concerns (Abstract)

Amie L. Souter , Drexel University
David Shepherd , University of Delaware, Newark
Lori L. Pollock , University of Delaware, Newark
pp. 54
Technical Session T3: Evolution

Models for the evolution of OS projects (Abstract)

Andrea Capiluppi , Politecnico di Torino, Italy
pp. 65

Policy-guided Software Evolution (Abstract)

Nazim H. Madhavji , University of Western Ontario, Canada
Jos?e Tass? , University of New Brunswick, Canada
pp. 75

Understanding the Nature of Software Evolution (Abstract)

Allen P. Nikora , California Institute of Technology
John C. Munson , University of Idaho
pp. 83
Technical Session T4: Metrics

Mining the Maintenance History of a Legacy Software System (Abstract)

Jelber Sayyad Shirabad , University of Ottawa
Timothy C. Lethbridge , University of Ottawa
Stan Matwin , University of Ottawa
pp. 95

Software Renewal Projects Estimation Using Dynamic Calibration (Abstract)

M.T. Baldassarre , Universit? di Bari - Via Orabona
D. Caivano , Universit? di Bari - Via Orabona
G. Visaggio , Universit? di Bari - Via Orabona
pp. 105

Application of Neural Networks for Software Quality Prediction Using Object-Oriented Metrics (Abstract)

Tong-Seng Quah , Nanyang Technological University
Mie Mie Thet Thwin , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 116
Technical Session T5: Components and Frameworks

Safe Upgrading without Restarting (Abstract)

Miles Barr , Imperial College
Susan Eisenbach , Imperial College
pp. 129

Automated Support for Framework-Based Software Evolution (Abstract)

Tom Tourw? , Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Tom Mens , Universit de Mons-Hainaut
pp. 148
Technical Session T6: Reverse Engineering

Using Intentional Source-Code Views to Aid Software Maintenance (Abstract)

Kim Mens , Universit? catholique de Louvain
Bernard Poll , Universit? catholique de Louvain
Sebasti? Gonz?lez , Universit? catholique de Louvain
pp. 169

Deriving tolerant grammars from a base-line grammar (Abstract)

Steven Klusener , Software Improvement Group; Vrije Universiteit
Ralf L?mmel , Vrije Universiteit; CWI
pp. 179
Technical Session T7: Maintenance Organization

Critical Success Factors in Software Maintenance-A Case Study (Abstract)

Harry M. Sneed , Software Data Service, Vienna, Austria
Peter Br?ssler , Software Data Service, Vienna, Austria
pp. 190

Infrastructures of Virtual IT Enterprises (Abstract)

Mira Kajko-Mattsson , Stockholm University/Royal Institute of Technology/IT University
pp. 199
Technical Session T8: Execution Architecture

A Case Study in Optimization (Abstract)

Daniel N. Mall ,
pp. 214

On Modeling Software Architecture Recovery as Graph Matching (Abstract)

Kamran Sartipi , University of Waterloo
Kostas Kontogiannis , University of Waterloo
pp. 224
Technical Session T9: Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis and Change Management of UML Models (Abstract)

L. C. Briand , Carleton University
Y. Labiche , Carleton University
L. O?Sullivan , Carleton University
pp. 256

Characterizing the 'Security Vulnerability Likelihood' of Software Functions (Abstract)

Dan DaCosta , Drexel University
Christopher Dahn , Drexel University
Spiros Mancoridis , Drexel University
Vassilis Prevelakis , Drexel University
pp. 266
PhD Dissertation Section

Exploring Software Systems (Abstract)

Leon Moonen , Delft University of Technology; CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica)
pp. 276
Technical Session T10: System Analysis

Mining Design Patterns from C++ Source Code (Abstract)

Zsolt Balanyi , University of Szeged, Hungary
Rudolf Ferenc , University of Szeged, Hungary
pp. 305

A Multiple Hill Climbing Approach to Software Module Clustering (Abstract)

Kiarash Mahdavi , Brunel University
Mark Harman , Brunel University
Robert Mark Hierons , Brunel University
pp. 315

Applying the Signature Concept to Plan-Based Program Understanding (Abstract)

Yachai Limpiyakorn , Chulalongkorn University
Ilene Burnstein , Illinois Institute of Technology
pp. 325
Panel Discussion

Service Learning in Software Engineering and Maintenance (PDF)

Panagiotis K. Linos , Butler University, Indianapolis
Chris Bailey-Kellogg , Purdue University, West Lafayette
pp. 336
Technical Session T11: Architecture

Software Systems Integration and Architectural Analysis - A Case Study (Abstract)

Rikard Land , M?lardalen University
Ivica Crnkovic , M?lardalen University
pp. 338

Embedding architectural support in industry (Abstract)

Reinder J. Bril , Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e); Philips Research Eindhoven (PRE)
Andr? Postma , Philips Research Eindhoven (PRE)
Ren? L. Krikhaar , Philips Medical Systems (PMS)
pp. 348

An Environment for Managing Evolving Product Line Architectures (Abstract)

Akash Garg , University of California, Irvine
Matt Critchlow , University of California, Irvine
Ping Chen , University of California, Irvine
Christopher Van der Westhuizen , University of California, Irvine
Andr? van der Hoek , University of California, Irvine
pp. 358
Fast Track Paper Session

Experience in developing interoperations among legacy information systems using partial reverse engineering (Abstract)

Michael Johnson , Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
C.N.G. Dampney , University of Newcastle, Australia
pp. 369

Source Code Based Function Point Analysis for Enhancement Projects (Abstract)

Steven Klusener , NL-1111 PT Diemen & Vrije Universiteit
pp. 373

Improving Hardware, Software, and Training Deployment Processes (Abstract)

James A. Forbes , Logistics Management Institute
Emanuel R. Baker , Process Strategies, Inc.
pp. 377

A Taxonomy and an Initial Empirical Study of Bad Smells in Code (Abstract)

Mika M?ntyl? , Helsinki University of Technology
Jari Vanhanen , Helsinki University of Technology
Casper Lassenius , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 381

Source-Based Software Risk Assessment (Abstract)

Arie van Deursen , CWI and Delft University of Technology
Tobias Kuipers , Software Improvement Group
pp. 385

Strategic Architectural Flexibility (Abstract)

Dan Port , University of Hawaii
LiGuo Huang , University of Southern California
pp. 389
Technical Session T12: Regression Testing

Firewall Regression Testing of GUI Sequences and their Interactions (Abstract)

Lee White , Case Western Reserve University
Husain Almezen , Case Western Reserve University
Shivakumar Sastry , The University of Akron
pp. 398

DART: A Framework for Regression Testing "Nightly/daily Builds" of GUI Applications (Abstract)

Atif Memon , University of Maryland
Ishan Banerjee , University of Maryland
Nada Hashmi , University of Maryland
Adithya Nagarajan , University of Maryland
pp. 410

Regression Test Selection based on Intermediate Code for Virtual Machines (Abstract)

Toshihiko Koju , Keio University
Shingo Takada , Keio University
Norihisa Doi , Keio University; Chuo University
pp. 420
Technical Session T13: Process

Improving Software Maintenance by using Agent-based Remote Maintenance Shell (Abstract)

Ignac Lovrek , University of Zagreb
Gordan Jezic , University of Zagreb
Mario Kusek , University of Zagreb
Igor Ljubi , University of Zagreb
Antun Caric , Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Darko Huljenic , Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Sasa Desic , Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Ozren Labor , Ericsson Nikola Tesla
pp. 440

Measuring Software Sustainability (Abstract)

Robert C. Seacord , Carnegie Mellon University
Joseph Elm , Carnegie Mellon University
Wolf Goethert , Carnegie Mellon University
Grace A. Lewis , Carnegie Mellon University
Dan Plakosh , Carnegie Mellon University
John Robert , Carnegie Mellon University
Lutz Wrage , Carnegie Mellon University
Mikael Lindvall , University of Maryland
pp. 450
Industry Track

Some wells never dry (PDF)

Jeroen J. van Beele , Wehkamp, The Netherlands
pp. 465

Author Index (PDF)

pp. 467
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