The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings of the (19th) International Conference on Software Engineering (1997)
\Boston, MA, USA
May 17, 1997 to May 23, 1997
ISSN: 0270-5257
ISBN: 0-89791-914-9

An Architecture for WWW-based Hypercode Environments (Abstract)

G.E. Kaiser , Columbia University, Department of Computer Science
pp. 3-13

Designing Distributed Applications with Mobile Code Paradigms (Abstract)

A. Carzaniga , Politecnico di Milano Piazza Leonardo da Vinci
pp. 22-32

An Object-Oriented Modeling Method for Algebraic Specifications in CafeOBJ (Abstract)

S. Nakajima , C&C Research Laboratories, NEC Corporatiom
pp. 34-44

Formalizing and Integrating the Dynamic Model within OMT (Abstract)

E.Y. Wang , Department of Computer Science, Michigan State University
pp. 45-55

Introducing Formal Specification Methods in Industrial Practice (Abstract)

L. Baresi , Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano
pp. 56-66

Re-estimation of Software Reliability After Maintenance (Abstract)

A. Podgurski , Computer Eng. & Science Dept., Case Western Reserve Univ.
pp. 79-85

A Study on the Failure Intensity of Different Software Faults (Abstract)

K. Shima , Graduate School of Information Scienc, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 86-94

An Empirical Study of Communication in Code Inspections (Abstract)

C.B. Seaman , Computer Science Department, University of Maryland
pp. 96-106

A Case Study of Distributed, Asynchronous Software Inspection (Abstract)

M. Stein , Dept. of Computer Science, University of Minnesota
pp. 107-117

Assessing software review meetings: A controlled experimental study using CSRS (Abstract)

P.M. Johnson , Department- of Information and Computer Sciences, University of Hawaii
pp. 118-127

Understanding the Effects of Developer Activities on Inspection Interval (Abstract)

A.A. Porter , Computer Science Department, University of Maryland
pp. 128-138

A Meta-Model for Restructuring Stakeholder Requirements (Abstract)

W.N. Robinson , Department of Computer Information Systems, Georgia State University
pp. 140-149

Automated Analysis of Requirement Specifications (Abstract)

W.M. Wilson , Software Assurance Technology Center/GSFC
pp. 161-171

Lessons on Converting Batch Systems to Support Interaction (Abstract)

R. DeLine , Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 195-204

Analyzing Partially-Implemented Real-Time Systems (Abstract)

G.S. Avrunin , Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Massachusetts
pp. 228-238

Software Deviation Analysis (Abstract)

J.D. Reese , Dept. of C.S.E., University of Washington
pp. 250-260

A Predictive Metric Based on Discriminant Statistical Analysis (Abstract)

M. Pighin , Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica, Universita degli Studi di Udine
pp. 262-270

Communication Metrics for Software Development (Abstract)

B. Bruegge , School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 271-281

The Criticality of Modeling Formalisms in Software Design Method Comparison (Abstract)

R.M. Podorozhny , University of Massachusetts, Dept. of Computer Science
pp. 303-313

Lackwit: A Program Understanding Tool Based on Type Inference (Abstract)

R. O'Callahan , School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 338-348

Visualizing Interactions in Program Executions (Abstract)

D.F. Jerding , College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 360-370

Integrating Measurement with Improvement: An Action-Oriented Approach Experience Report (PDF)

J.A. Lane , Science Applications International Corporation, Health Care Technology Sector
pp. 380-389

Total Software Process Model Evolution in EPOS Experience Report (PDF)

Minh N. Nguyen , Div. of Computer Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
pp. 390-399

An Improved Process for the Development of PLC Software Experience Report (PDF)

F. Bonfatti , Dept of Engineering Sciences, University of Modena via Campi
pp. 400-410

An Investigation into Coupling Measures for C++ (Abstract)

L. Briand , Fraunhofer IESE, Technologies Park
pp. 412-421

Incremental Analysis of Side Effects for C Software Systems (PDF)

Jyh-Shiarn Yur , Department of Computer Science Rutgers University
pp. 422-432

The Effect of Department Size on Developer Attitudes to Prototyping (Abstract)

J.M. Verner , School of Information Science and Technology, Drexel University
pp. 445-455

Copyright in Shareware Software Distributed on the Internet - The Trumpet Winsock Case (Abstract)

C. Cifuentes , Department of Computer Science, University of Queensland
pp. 456-464

On the Economics of Mass-Marketed Software (Abstract)

R.J. Botting , Computer Science Dept., California State University, San Bernardino
pp. 465-470

Abstract Syntax from Concrete Syntax (Abstract)

D.S. Wile , University of Southern California/ Information Sciences Institute
pp. 472-480

Hooking into Object-Oriented Application Frameworks (Abstract)

G. Froehlich , Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta
pp. 491-501

Using Formal Methods to Reason about Architectural Standards (Abstract)

K.J. Sullivan , Computer Science Department, University of Virginia
pp. 503-513

Process Modelling - Where Next (Abstract)

M.M. Lehman , Department of Computing, Imperial College of Science. Technology and Medicine
pp. 549-552

Leveraging a Large Banking Organization to Object Technology (Abstract)

W. Karbach , IT Development and Coordination Center for the German Savings Bank Organization
pp. 554-555

Tailoring OMT for an Industry Software Project (Abstract)

J. Melanson , Siemens Medical Systems, Electromedical Group
pp. 556-557

Code Reviews Enhance Software Quality (Abstract)

R.A. Baker , Schneider Automation, Inc.
pp. 570-571

Redesigning the Systems Development Process (Abstract)

D. Bond , Debra Bond, Patty Rishi
pp. 574-575

Platforms for Software Execution: Databases vs. Operating Systems vs. Browsers (PDF)

R. Selby , University of California, Dept. of Information and Computer Science
pp. 578

Java Development Environments (Panel) (PDF)

A.I. Wasserman , Software Methods & Tools
pp. 582-583

Pragmatic Software Metrics for Iterative Development (Abstract)

W. Royce , Ratioanal Software Corporation
pp. 585

Panel on Cooaboraive Softwawre Engineering (PDF)

P. Dewan , Department of Computer Science, University of North Carolina
pp. 586

Everything You NEED To Know About Collaboration and Collaboration Software (Abstract)

M.S. Ackerman , Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine
pp. 592

Nitpick: A Tool For Interactive Design Analysis (Abstract)

C.A. Damon , School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 596-597

Endeavors: A Process System Infrastructure (Abstract)

A.S. Hitomi , Department of Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine
pp. 598-599

Argo: A Design Environment for Evolving Software Architectures (Abstract)

J.E. Robbins , Department of Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine
pp. 600-601

Automatic Monitoring of Software Requirements (Abstract)

D. Cohen , Computing Services Support Solutions
pp. 602-603

Preventive Program Maintenance in Demeter/Java (Abstract)

K.J. Lieberherr , Northeastern University, College of Computer Science
pp. 604-605

Rigi: A Visualization Environment for Reverse Engineering (Abstract)

M.-A.D. Storey , School of Computing, Simon Fraser University
pp. 606-607

An Object-Oriented Testing and Maintenance Environment (PDF)

Pei Hsia , Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 608-609

ADE -An Architecture Design Environment for Component-Based Software Engineering (Abstract)

J.Q. Ning , Andersen Consulting, Center for Strategic Technology Research
pp. 614-615

Package-Oriented Programing of Engineering Tools (PDF)

K.J. Sullivan , Computer Science Department, Thornton Hall, University of Virginia
pp. 616-617

Developing Graphical (Software Engineering) Tools with PROGRES (PDF)

A. Shurr , Lehrstuhl fur Informatik III, RWTH Aachen
pp. 618-619

Software Process Improvement: Methods and Lessons Learned (Abstract)

B. Curtis , TeraQuest Metrics, Inc.
pp. 624-625

Software Interoperability: Principles and Practice (Abstract)

J.C. Wileden , Computer Science Department, University of Massachusetts
pp. 631-632

Distributed Software Architectures (PDF)

J. Kramer , Department Of Computing, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
pp. 633-634

Effective Use of COTS (Commercial-Off-the-Shelf) Software Components in Long Lived Systems (Abstract)

W.M. Gentleman , Software Engineering Laboratory, National Research Council
pp. 635-636

An Introduction to OMG/CORBA (PDF)

W. Emmerich , The City University
pp. 641-642

The Experience Factory: How to Build and Run One (Abstract)

V. Basili , University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science
pp. 643-644

The Personal Software Process (PSP) A Full-day Tutorial (PDF)

W.S. Humphrey , Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 645-646

Making Requirements Measurable (PDF)

B. Nuseibeh , Department of Computing, Imperial College
pp. 647-648

Defining Families: The Commonality Analysis (Abstract)

M.A. Ardis , Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
pp. 649-650

Tutorial: Evaluating Softiare Technology (PDF)

S.L. Pfleeger , Systems/SoRware, Inc.
pp. 651-652

Simplifying the Evolution of Java Programs (PDF)

L.M. Seiter , Boston College, Computer Science Department
pp. 655-656

Reverse Engineering Strategies for Software Migration (Abstract)

H.A. Muller , Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria
pp. 659-660

Design Patterns for Object-Oriented Software Development (Abstract)

W. Pree , Johannes Kepler University Linz
pp. 663-664

Formal Methods for Broadband and Multimedia Systems (Abstract)

S. Fischer , Universite de Montreal
pp. 665-666

Software Engineering Data Analysis Techniques (Abstract)

A.L. Goel , Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse University
pp. 667-668

Comprehension and Evolution of Legacy Software (PDF)

V. Rajlich , Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University
pp. 669-670

The Second ISEW Cleanroom Workshop (Abstract)

G. Smith , Q-Labs GmbH
pp. 674

Software Engineering (on) the World Wide Web (PDF)

D. Eichmann , Research Institute for Computing and Information Systems, University of Houston - Clear Lake
pp. 676

Fourth International Workshop on Software Engineering Education (IWSEE4) (PDF)

L. Werth , Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin
pp. 677

Workshop on Softiare Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems (PDF)

Gul Agha , Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois
pp. 678

ICSE 97 Doctoral Consortium (PDF)

M. Young , Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University
pp. 680-681

Reuse Library Interoperability and The World Wide Web (Abstract)

S.V. Browne , Computer Science Department, University of Tennessee
pp. 684-691

Reuse of Off-the-Shelf Components in C2-Style Architectures (Abstract)

N. Medvidovic , Department of Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine
pp. 692-700

Configuring Designs for Reuse (Abstract)

A. Karhinen , Nokia Research Center
pp. 701-710

Author index (PDF)

pp. 711-713
Keynote Speakers

Program Committee (PDF)

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