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Proceedings of the 1998 ICPP Workshop on Architectural and OS Support for Multimedia Applications Flexible Communication Systems. Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing (Cat. No.98EX206) (1998)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aug. 14, 1998 to Aug. 14, 1998
ISBN: 0-8186-8657-X

Preface (PDF)

pp. vii
Session 1A: Network and Storage - Chair: Prasant Mohapatra

Internet Packet Loss: Measurement and Implications for End-to-End QoS (Abstract)

Michael S. Borella , 3Com Advanced Technologies Research Center
Debbie Swider , Argonne National Lab
Suleyman Uludag , DePaul University
Gregory B. Brewster , DePaul University
pp. 3

On the Design of Network Routers for Multimedia Applications (Abstract)

Juan M. Ordu? , Universidad de Valencia
Jos? Duato , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
pp. 13

The Impact of Smart Disks and Spatial Reuse Property on RAID-5 Storage Systems (Abstract)

H. Jayaram , Michigan State University
Eric Torng , Michigan State University
Yong Chen , Michigan State University
Stephen Wagner , Michigan State University
Lionel M. Ni , Michigan State University
Paul Hodges , IBM Storage Systems Division
pp. 21

Experiences with Software MPEG-2 Video Decompression on an SMP PC (Abstract)

Aravind Bala , Ohio State University
Darshat Shah , Ohio State University
Wu-chi Feng , Ohio State University
D.K. Panda , Ohio State University
pp. 29
Session 2A: Video Servers and OS - Chair: Sarit Mukherjee

Analyzing Cache Performance for Video Servers (Abstract)

Sun-Euy Kim , The Pennsylvania State University
Anand Sivasubramaniam , The Pennsylvania State University
Chita R. Das , The Pennsylvania State University
pp. 38

Performance Evaluation of the Stony Brook Video Server (Abstract)

Tzi-cker Chiueh , State University of New York at Stony Brook
Michael Vernick , Lucent Technology Bell Laboratories
Chitra Venkatramani , IBM T J Watson Research Center
pp. 48

Optimising the File Allocation of Parallel Web Server Online using Access Patterns (Abstract)

J? Jensch , University of Paderborn, Germany
Reinhard L? , University of Paderborn, Germany
Norbert Sensen , University of Paderborn, Germany
pp. 66
Session 1B: Flexible Communication Systems - Chair: Norio Shiratori

Cooperation Protocols for Multimedia Communication Network based on ADIPS Framework (Abstract)

Takuo Suganuma , Tohoku University
Tetsuo Kinoshita , Tohoku University
Kenji Sugawara , Chiba Institute of Technology
Norio Shiratori , Tohoku University
pp. 76

ADIPS Framework and It's Application to Symbiotic Space on Network Environment (Abstract)

Shigeru Fujita , Chiba Institute of Technology
Kenji Sugawara , Chiba Institute of Technology
Tetsuo Kinoshita , Tohoku University
Norio Shiratori , Tohoku University
pp. 86

Compressed Video Transmission Protocol Considering Dynamic QoS Control (Abstract)

Jun Sato , Toyo University
Yukiharu Kohsaka , Toyo University
Koji Hashimoto , Iwate Prefectural University
Yoshitaka Shibata , Iwate Prefectural University
pp. 95

Flexible Wide-area Group Communication Protocols - International Experiments (Abstract)

Takayuki Tachikawa , Tokyo Denki University
Hiroaki Higaki , Tokyo Denki University
Makoto Takizawa , Tokyo Denki University
Ming T. Liu , Ohio State University
Misbah Deen , Keele University
pp. 105
Session 2B: Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing - Chair: Donald Dearholt

Algebraic Modelling of an Ad Hoc Network for Mobile Computing (Abstract)

P. A. Patsouris , University of the Witwatersrand
pp. 114

Adaptive Distributed Dynamic Channel Allocation for Wireless Networks (Abstract)

Anurag Kahol , Colorado State University
Sumit Khurana , Colorado State University
Sandeep K Gupta , Colorado State University
Pradip K Srimani , Colorado State University
pp. 124

Distributed Object Models, Mobile Computing And Electronic Commerce (Abstract)

V.K. Murthy , Australian National University
E.V. Krishnamurthy , Australian National University
A. Pham , Australian National University
pp. 134

Protected Resource Access for Mobile Agent-based Distributed Computing (Abstract)

Anand Tripathi , University of Minnesota
Neeran Karnik , University of Minnesota
pp. 144

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