The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings 2000 International Conference on Parallel Processing (2000)
Toronto, Canada
Aug. 21, 2000 to Aug. 24, 2000
ISSN: 0190-3918
ISBN: 0-7695-0768-9

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Keynote Address
Session 1A: Application-Specific Mechanisms

A Problem-Specific Fault-Tolerance Mechanism for Asynchronous, Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Adriana Iamnitchi , University of Chicago
Ian Foster , University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory
pp. 4

A Parallel Architecture for Quadtree-based Fractal Image Coding (Abstract)

Hirotomo Aso , Tohoku University
Shinhaeng Lee , Tohoku University
Shin'ichiro Omachi , Tohoku University
pp. 15
Session 1B: Interconnection Networks

Multi-Node Multicast in Three and Higher Dimensional Wormhole Tori and Meshes with Load Balance (Abstract)

Ming-Shian Jian , National Central University
Chao Lin , National Central University
Ming-Hour Yang , National Central University
Yu-Chee Tseng , National Central University
pp. 25

Multilayer VLSI Layout for Interconnection Networks (Abstract)

Behrooz Parhami , University of California at Santa Barbara
Chi-Hsiang Yeh , Queen's University
Emmanouel A. Varvarigos , University of California at Santa Barbara
pp. 33
Session 1C: Message-Passing

TPO++: An Object-Oriented Message-Passing Library in C++ (Abstract)

Wolfgang Rosenstiel , University of T?bingen
Tobias Grundmann , University of T?bingen
Marcus Ritt , University of T?bingen
pp. 43

Specification of Performance Problems in MPI Programs with ASL (Abstract)

Larsson Träff , NEC Europe Ltd.
Thomas Fahringer , University of Vienna
Graham Riley Jesper , University of Manchester
Michael Gerndt , Central Institute for Applied Mathematics Research Centre Juelich
pp. 51
Session 2A: Reuse and Speculation

Load Redundancy Removal through Instruction Reuse (Abstract)

Jun Yang , University of Arizona
Rajiv Gupta , University of Arizona
pp. 61

Partial Resolution in Data Value Predictors (Abstract)

Toshinori Sato , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Itsujiro Arita , Kyushu Institute of Technology
pp. 69
Session 2B: Shared-Memory Systems

User-Level Dynamic Page Migration for Multiprogrammed Shared-Memory Multiprocessors (Abstract)

Constantine D. Polychronopoulos , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jesús Labarta , Technical University of Catalonia
Theodore S. Papatheodorou , University of Patras
Eduard Ayguadé , Technical University of Catalonia
Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos , University of Patras
pp. 95

An Effective Selection Policy for Load Balancing in Software DSM (Abstract)

Ce-Kuen Shieh , National Cheng Kung University
Jun-Qi Li , National Cheng Kung University
Tyng-Yeu Liang , National Cheng Kung University
pp. 105
Session 2C: Multimedia Servers

Solving a Media Mapping Problem in a Hierarchical Server Network with Parallel Simulated Annealing (Abstract)

Xiaobo Zhou , University of Paderborn
Reinhard Lüling , University of Paderborn
Li Xie , Nanjing University
pp. 115

A Network Co-processor-Based Approach to Scalable Media Streaming in Servers (Abstract)

Richard West , Georgia Institute of Technology
Raj Krishnamurthy , Georgia Institute of Technology
Marcel-Catalin Rosu , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Karsten Schwan , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 125
Session 3A: Adaptive Systems

Match Virtual Machine: An Adaptive Runtime System to Execute MATLAB in Parallel (Abstract)

Malay Haldar , Northwestern University
Nagaraj Shenoy , Northwestern University
Anshuman Nayak , Northwestern University
Alok Choudhary , Northwestern University
Abhay Kanhere , Northwestern University
Prithviraj Banerjee , Northwestern University
Pramod Joisha , Northwestern University
pp. 145
Session 3B: Wireless Networks I

Energy-Efficient Deterministic Routing Protocols in Radio Networks (Abstract)

Stephan Olariu , Old Dominion University
Albert Zomaya , University of Western Australia
Koji Nakano , Nagoya Institute of Technology
pp. 181

Domination and Its Applications in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks with Unidirectional Links (Abstract)

Hailan Li , Florida Atlantic University
Jie Wu , Florida Atlantic University
pp. 189
Session 3C: Identifying and Predicting Parallelism

Identifying Parallelism in Programs with Cyclic Graphs (Abstract)

Joel Saltz , University of Maryland at College Park
Yuan-Shin Hwang , National Taiwan Ocean University
pp. 201

Partitioning Loops with Variable Dependence Distances (Abstract)

Yijun Yu , University of Ghent
Erik H. D'Hollander , University of Ghent
pp. 209

A General Predictive Performance Model for Wavefront Algorithms on Clusters of SMPs (Abstract)

Olaf Lubeck , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Adolfy Hoisie , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fabrizio Petrini , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Hank Alme , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Harvey Wasserman , Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 219
Keynote Address

Keynote Address (PDF)

pp. null
Session 4A: Web Servers

Techniques for Achieving High Performance Web Servers (Abstract)

Shikharesh Majumdar , Carleton University
Sucheta Nadimpalli , Carleton University
pp. 233

Modeling Web Caching Schemes for Performance Studies (Abstract)

Ming T. Liu , Ohio State University
Cho-Yu Chiang , Telcordia Technologies
Mikihiro Ueno , Japan Broadcasting Corp.
Mervin E. Muller , Ohio State University
pp. 243

Utilization-Based Admission Control for Real-Time Applications (Abstract)

Riccardo Bettati , Texas A&M University
Chengzhi Li , Rice University
Wei Zhao , Texas A&M University
Jianer Chen , Texas A&M University
Dong Xuan , Texas A&M University
pp. 251
Session 4B: Wireless Networks II

Energy-Efficient Initialization Protocols for Radio Networks with no Collision Detection (Abstract)

Koji Nakano , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Stephan Olariu , Old Dominion University
pp. 263

Multicast Routing Protocol by Multicast Agent in Mobile Networks (Abstract)

Dong-Hee Kwon , Pohang University of Science & Technology
Hee-Sook Shin , DACOM R&D Center
Young-Joo Suh , Pohang University of Science & Technology
pp. 271

GPS-Based Message Broadcasting for Inter-vehicle Communication (Abstract)

Wu-chi Feng , Ohio State University
Ten-Hwang Lai , Ohio State University
Kentaro Yamada , Kansai University
Hiromi Okada , Kansai University
Kikuo Fujimura , Honda R & D Americas
Min-te Sun , Ohio State University
pp. 279
Session 4C: Heterogeneous Computing I

Matrix-Matrix Multiplication on Heterogeneous Platforms (Abstract)

Vincent Boudet , Ecole Normale Sup?rieure de Lyon
Yves Robert , Ecole Normale Sup?rieure de Lyon
Olivier Beaumont , Ecole Normale Sup?rieure de Lyon
Fabrice Rastello , Ecole Normale Sup?rieure de Lyon
pp. 289
Session 5A: High-Performance I/O

An Efficient Algorithm for Large-Scale Matrix Transposition (Abstract)

Jinwoo Suh , University of Southern California
Viktor K. Prasanna , University of Southern California
pp. 327

Design and Evaluation of Smart Disk Architecture for DSS Commercial Workloads (Abstract)

Alok Choudhary , Northwestern University
Mahmut T. Kandemir , Pennsylvania State University
Gokhan Memik , Northwestern University
pp. 335
Session 5B: Network Routing

A Performance Model of Adaptive Routing in k-Ary n-Cubes with Matrix-Transpose Traffic (Abstract)

Mohamed Ould-Khaoua , University of Strathclyde
Hamid Sarbazi-Azad , University of Glasgow
Lewis M. Mackenzie , University of Glasgow
pp. 345

Improving the Performance of Regular Networks with Source Routing (Abstract)

M.P. Malumbres , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
J. Duato , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
P. López , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
J. Flich , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
pp. 353

Simultaneous Multithreading-Based Routers (Abstract)

Kemathat Vibhatavanij , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Angkul Kongmunvattana , University of Nevada
Nian-Feng Tzeng , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
pp. 362
Session 5C: Heterogeneous Computing II

Optimizing Static Job Scheduling in a Network of Heterogeneous Computers (Abstract)

Samuel T. Chanson , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Xueyan Tang , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
pp. 373

On the Design of Communication-Aware Task Scheduling Strategies for Heterogeneous Systems (Abstract)

R. Valero , Universidad de Valencia
José Duato , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
V. Arnau , Universidad de Valencia
J.M. Orduña , Universidad de Valencia
A. Ruiz , Universidad de Valencia
pp. 391
Panel Session
Keynote Address
Session 6A: Network-Based Computing

Issues in Designing and Implementing a Scalable Virtual Interface Architecture (Abstract)

Shailabh Nagar , Pennsylvania State University
Mazin Yousif , IBM Corporation
Jorge Rodriguez , IBM Corporation
Anand Sivasubramaniam , Pennsylvania State University
pp. 405

Fine-Grained Parallel VLSI Synthesis for Commercial CAD on a Network of Workstations (Abstract)

Prithviraj Banerjee , Northwestern University
Kaushik De , Cadence Design Systems
Victor Kim , Northwestern University
pp. 421
Session 6B: Reconfigurable and Adaptive Networks

The Double Scheme: Deadlock-free Dynamic Reconfiguration of Cut-Through Networks (Abstract)

José Duato , Uniersidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
Ruoming Pang , University of Southern California
Timothy Mark Pinkston , University of Southern California
pp. 439

Fast Dynamic Reconfiguration in Irregular Networks (Abstract)

Olav Lysne , University of Oslo
José Duato , Universidad Polit?cnica de Valencia
pp. 449
Session 6C: Clustering and Partitioning

On Overlapping Partitions (Abstract)

Jérôme Galtier , France Telecom R&D and INRIA
pp. 461

Evaluation of Loop Grouping Methods Based on Orthogonal Projection Spaces (Abstract)

George Papakonstantinou , National Technical University of Athens
Nectarios Koziris , National Technical University of Athens
Panayiotis Tsanakas , National Technical University of Athens
Giorgos Goumas , National Technical University of Athens
Ioannis Drositis , National Technical University of Athens
pp. 469

A Scalable Parallel Subspace Clustering Algorithm for Massive Data Sets (Abstract)

Alok Choudhary , Northwestern University
Sanjay Goil , Sun Microsystems Inc.
Harsha S Nagesh , Northwestern University
pp. 477
Session 7A: Large-Scale/NUMA Systems

The NUMAchine Multiprocessor (Abstract)

G. Lemieux , University of Toronto
S. Caranci , University of Toronto
N. Manjikian , University of Toronto
S. Srbljic , University of Toronto
K. Loveless , University of Toronto
P. McHardy , University of Toronto
D. DeVries , University of Toronto
Z. Zilic , University of Toronto
M. Gusat , University of Toronto
A. Grbic , University of Toronto
R. Ho , University of Toronto
R. Grindley , University of Toronto
T. Abdelrahman , University of Toronto
Z. Vranesic , University of Toronto
M. Stumm , University of Toronto
O. Krieger , University of Toronto
S. Brown , University of Toronto
B. Gamsa , University of Toronto
pp. 487

The Thread-Based Protocol Engines for CC-NUMA Multiprocessors (Abstract)

Hung-Chang Hsiao , National Tsing Hua University
Chung-Ta King , National Tsing Hua University
pp. 497
Session 7B: Optical Networks

Nonblocking WDM Multicast Switching Networks (Abstract)

Yuanyuan Yang , State University of New York at Stony Brook
Jianchao Wang , GTE Laboratories
Chunming Qiao , State University of New York at Buffalo
pp. 521
Session 8A: Scheduling

Runtime Parallel Incremental Scheduling of DAGs (Abstract)

Yong Chen , Seagate Technology
Min-You Wu , University of New Mexico
Wei Shu , University of New Mexico
pp. 541

Lower Bounds on Precedence-Constrained Scheduling for Parallel Processors (Abstract)

Alexandre Eichenberger , North Carolina State University
Ivan D. Baev , Northeastern University
Waleed M. Meleis , Northeastern University
pp. 549

The Effectiveness of Loop Unrolling for Modulo Scheduling in Clustered VLIW Architectures (Abstract)

Antonio González , Universidad Polit?cnica Catalonia
Jesús Sánchez , Universidad Polit?cnica Catalonia
pp. 555
Session 8B: Mobile Computing

Mining User Moving Patterns for Personal Data Allocation in a Mobile Computing System (Abstract)

Wen-Chih Peng , National Taiwan University
Ming-Syan Chen , National Taiwan University
pp. 573

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