The Community for Technology Leaders
Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Conference on (2000)
Iwate, Japan
July 4, 2000 to July 7, 2000
ISSN: 1521-9097
ISBN: 0-7695-0568-6

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Keynote Address

A New Scheme for Sharing Secret Color Images in Computer Network (Abstract)

Chin-Chen Chang , National Chung Cheng University
Chwei-Shyong Tsai , National Chung Cheng University
Tung-Shou Chen , Providence University
pp. 21
Session 1: Multimedia Systems

A Synchronization and Flow Control Scheme for Interactive Multimedia-on-Demand (MOD) Systems (Abstract)

Chung-Ming Huang , National Cheng Kung University
Chian Wang , National Cheng Kung University
Hsu-Yang Kung , National Cheng Kung University
pp. 39

An Efficient Strategy to Support Continuous Retrieval with Dynamic Bandwidths (Abstract)

Chien-I Lee , National Tainan Teachers College
Ye-In Chang , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Wei-Pang Yang , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 47
Session 2: Group Communications

Group Protocol for Quorum-Based Replication (Abstract)

Keijirou Arai , Tokyo Denki University
Katsuya Tanaka , Tokyo Denki University
Makoto Takizawa , Tokyo Denki University
pp. 57

A Distributed Solution for Resources Allocation to Overlapping Groups (Abstract)

Zixue Cheng , University of Aizu
Yutaka Wada , University of Aizu
Shoichi Noguchi , University of Aizu
Yao Xue Zhang , TsingHua University
pp. 73
Session 3: Theoretical Issue of Networks

An Estelle-Based Probabilistic Partial Timed Protocol Verification System (Abstract)

Chung-Ming Huang , National Cheng Kung University
Jenq-Muh Hsu , ChaoYang University of Technology
pp. 83

System Requirements and Formal Specifications of Hierarchical Reactive Systems (Abstract)

Atsushi Togashi , Shizuoka University
Xiaosong Lu , Shizuoka University
Fumiaki Kanezashi , Shizuoka University
pp. 91

Load Balancing with Multiple Token Policy (Abstract)

Parag Kulkarni , Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur
Indranil Sengupta , Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur
pp. 99
Session 4: QoS

Flexible Multimedia System Architecture with Adaptive QoS Guarantee Functions (Abstract)

Koji Hashimoto , Iwate Prefectural University
Yoshitaka Shibata , Iwate Prefectural University
Noio Shiratori , Tohoku University
pp. 119
Session 5: Checkpointing and Commitment

Checkpointing Protocol for Object-Based Systems (Abstract)

Katsuya Tanaka , Tokyo Denki University
Makoto Takizawa , Tokyo Denki University
pp. 137

A Communication-Induced Checkpointing Algorithm Using Virtual Checkpoint on Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Kim Do-Hyung , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Park Chang-Soon , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
pp. 145

Formal Modeling and Analysis of Atomic Commitment Protocols (Abstract)

Dmitri Chkliaev , Eindhoven University of Technology
Peter van der Stok , Eindhoven University of Technology
Jozef Hooman , University of Nijmegen
pp. 151
Session 6: Web-Based Computing 1

Efficient Query Result Retrieval over the Web (Abstract)

Edward P.F. Chan , University of Waterloo
Koji Ueda , University of Waterloo
pp. 161

Reducing Cognitive Overheads in a Web Warehouse Using Reverse-Osmosis (Abstract)

Sourav S. Bhowmick , Nanyang Technological University
Wee Keong Ng , Nanyang Technological University
EE-Peng Lim , Nanyang Technological University
Sanjay Madria , Purdue University
pp. 171

A Competence-Based Scheduling Method for Web Computing (Abstract)

Chungnan Lee , National Sun Yat-Sen University
MinHong Horng , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Chuanwen Chiang , National Sun Yat-Sen University
JiingKae Wu , National Kaohsiung Institute of Marine Technology
pp. 179
Session 7: Distributed Shared Memory

ORION: An Adaptive Home-Based Software Distributed Shared Memory System (Abstract)

M.C. Ng , National University of Singapore
W.F. Wong , National University of Singapore
pp. 187

Pilgrim Performance over a New CAliF Communication Layer (Abstract)

Éric Garcia , UFR des Sciences et des Techniques
Jean-Christophe Lapayre , UFR des Sciences et des Techniques
Gregori David , UFR des Sciences et des Techniques
pp. 203
Session 8: Multicast 1

Multi-Node Broadcasting in an Arrangement Graph Using Multiple Spanning Trees (Abstract)

Yuh-Shyan Chen , Chung-Hua University
Tong-Ying Juang , National Taipei University
Ying-Ying Shen , Optoma Corp.
pp. 213

Does Multicast Communication Make Sense in Write Invalidation Traffic? (Abstract)

Hung-Chang Hsiao , National Tsing Hua University
Chung-Ta King , National Tsing Hua University
pp. 221

Optimal All-to-All Personalized Exchange in Multistage Networks (Abstract)

Yuanyuan Yang , State University of New York at Stony Brook
Jianchao Wang , GTE Laboratories
pp. 229
Session 9: Object-Oriented Programming

Java 2 Distributed Object Models Performance Analysis, Comparison and Optimization (Abstract)

Matjaz B. Juric , University of Maribor
Ivan Rozman , University of Maribor
Marjan Hericko , University of Maribor
Alan P. Stevens , IBM United Kingdom
Simon Nash , IBM United Kingdom
pp. 239
Session 10: Routing

Performance Analysis of k-Ary n-Cubes with Fully Adaptive Routing (Abstract)

H. Sarbazi-Azad , University of Glasgow
L.M. Mackenzie , University of Glasgow
M. Ould-Khaoua , University of Strathclyde
pp. 249

Optimal Fault-Tolerant Routing in Hypercubes Using Extended Safety Vectors (Abstract)

Jie Wu , Florida Atlantic University
Feng Gao , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhongcheng Li , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yinghua Min , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 264

Recover-X: An Adaptive Router with Limited Escape Channels (Abstract)

Tsutomu Yoshinaga , Utsunomiya University
Masaya Hayashi , Utsunomiya University
Maki Horita , Utsunomiya University
Sayuri Nakamura , Utsunomiya University
Kanemitsu Ootsu , Utsunomiya University
Takanobu Baba , Utsunomiya University
pp. 272
Session 11: Fault Tolerant Systems

Circumventing/Identifying Faults Effects (Abstract)

B. Ayeb , University of Sherbrooke
A. Farhat , University of Sherbrooke
R. Kefi , University of Sherbrooke
pp. 283

Reaching Fault Diagnosis Agreement on Dual Link Failure Mode (Abstract)

S.C. Wang , Chaoyang University of Technology,
K.Q. Yan , Chaoyang University of Technology,
pp. 291

An Algorithm for Distributed Hierarchical Diagnosis of Dynamic Fault and Repair Events (Abstract)

Elias Procopio Duarte, Jr. , Federal University of Parana
Alessandro Brawerman , Federal University of Parana
Luiz Carlos P. Albini , Federal University of Parana
pp. 299

Fault-Free Hamiltonian Cycles in Faulty Butterfly Graphs (Abstract)

Shien-Ching Hwang , National Taiwan University
Gen-Huey Chen , National Taiwan University
pp. 307
Session 12: High Performance Databases

Multimedia Real-Time Disk Scheduling by Hybrid Local/Global Seek-Optimizing Approaches (Abstract)

Ray-I Chang , Academia Sinica
Wei-Kuan Shih , National Tsing Hua University
Ruei-Chuan Chang , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 323

Improving Performance of Parallel Transaction Processing Systems by Balancing Data Load on Line (Abstract)

Jiahong Wang , Iwate Prefectural University
Masatoshi Miyazaki , Iwate Prefectural University
Hisao Kameda , University of Tsukuba
Jie Li , University of Tsukuba
pp. 331
Session 13: CSCW 1

Software Interoperability of Telemedicine Systems: A CSCW Perspective (Abstract)

Pronab Ganguly , University of New South Wales
Pradeep Ray , University of New South Wales
pp. 349

Awareness Modeling and Its Application in Cooperative Network Management (Abstract)

Farhad Daneshgar , University of Sydney
Pradeep Ray , University of New South Wales
pp. 357
Session 14: Parallel Systems

An Optimized Dependence Convex Hull Partitioning Technique to Maximize Parallelism of Nested Loops with Non-Uniform Dependences (Abstract)

Der-Lin Pean , National Chiao Tung University
Guan-Joe Lai , National Chiao Tung University
Cheng Chen , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 367

Some Space Considerations of VLSI Systolic Array Mappings (Abstract)

J.H. Weston , University of Regina
C.N. Zhang , University of Regina
Hua Li , University of Regina
pp. 375
Session 15: Multimedia Applications

The Specification and Implementation of a Virtual University Software System (Abstract)

Timothy K. Shih , University of Aizu
Anthony Y. Chang , Tamkang University
Yemoz-Huei Chen , Tamkang University
Jianhua Ma , Hosei University
Runhe Huang , Hosei University
pp. 385
Session 16: CSCW 2

A New Paradigm of User Intention Preservation in Realtime Collaborative Editing Systems (Abstract)

Du Li , University of California at Los Angeles
Limin Zhou , University of California at Los Angeles
Richard R. Muntz , University of California at Los Angeles
pp. 401

Projecting the Performance of Decision Support Workloads on Systems with Smart Storage (SmartSTOR) (Abstract)

Windsor W. Hsu , IBM Almaden Research Center
Honesty C. Young , IBM Almaden Research Center
Alan Jay Smith , University of California at Berkeley
pp. 417
Session 17: Mobile Systems

Some Mechanisms to Improve TCP/IP Performance over wireless and Mobile Computing Environment (Abstract)

Wen-Tsuen Chen , National Tsing Hua University
Jyh-Shin Lee , National Tsing Hua University
pp. 437

A Mobile Agent-Based Active Network Architecture (Abstract)

Chih-Lin Hu , National Taiwan University
Wen-Shyen E. Chen , National Chung-Hsing University
pp. 445
Session 18: Distributed Algorithms

An Associative Parallel Algorithm for Finding a Critical Cycle in Directed Graphs (Abstract)

A.S. Nepomniaschaya , Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Sciences
pp. 455

Electoral Voting Protocol - A Quorum-Based Approach for Replica Control (Abstract)

Cheng-Hong Cho , National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Shi-Hong Lin , National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
pp. 463

A Practical Nonblocking Queue Algorithm Using Compare-and-Swap (Abstract)

Chien-Hua Shann , National Chiao Tung University
Ting-Lu Huang , National Chiao Tung University
Cheng Chen , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 470
Session 19: Distributed Operating Systems and Shared Memory

Management of Environments in 2K (Abstract)

Dulcineia Carvalho , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Fabio Kon , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Francisco Ballesteros , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Manuel Roman , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Roy Campbell , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dennis Mickunas , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 479

Frequency-Based Selective Caching Strategy in a Continuous Media Server (Abstract)

Yong Woon Park , Pusan National University
Jong Hyun Kim , Pusan National University
Ki Dong Chung , Pusan National University
pp. 486
Session 20: Web Computing 2

Web Operation Recorder and Player (Abstract)

Yoshinori Aoki , IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
Fumio Ando , IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
Amane Nakajima , IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
pp. 501

The Design and Implementation of a WWW Traffic Generator (Abstract)

K.Y. Leung , City University of Hong Kong
K.H. Yeung , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 509
Session 21: Multi-Agent Systems

eBroker: An Agent-Based Query Routing System for Distributed E-Commerce Databases (Abstract)

Yong Lin , Nanyang Technological University
Ee-Peng Lim , Nanyang Technological University
Wee-Keong Ng , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 517

Software Agent-Mediated Confidential Information Gathering System (Abstract)

Xun Yi , Nanyang Technological University
Chee Kheong Siew , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 523
Session 22: Parallel and Distributed Query Processing

Parallel Spatial Joins Using Grid Files (Abstract)

Jin-Deog Kim , Pusan Info-Tech College
Bong-Hee Hong , Pusan National University
pp. 531
Session 23: Multicast 2

Dynamic Multicast Routing in Advance Resource Reservation Environment (Abstract)

Chotipat Pornavalai , King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Debasish Chakraborty , Tohoku University
Norio Shiratori , Tohoku University
Goutam Chakraborty , Iwate Prefectural University
pp. 547

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