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2008 IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (2008)
Orlando, FL USA
Oct. 19, 2008 to Oct. 22, 2008
ISSN: 1092-1648
ISBN: 978-1-4244-2506-8
pp: 73-82
Bloom filter and its variants have found widespread use in many networking applications. For these applications, minimizing storage cost is paramount as these filters often need to be implemented using scarce and costly (on-chip) SRAM. Besides supporting membership queries, Bloom filters have been generalized to support deletions and the encoding of information. Although a standard Bloom filter construction has proven to be extremely space-efficient, it is unnecessarily costly when generalized. Alternative constructions based on storing fingerprints in hash tables have been proposed that offer the same functionality as some Bloom filter variants, but using less space. In this paper, we propose a new fingerprint hash table construction called Rank-Indexed Hashing that can achieve very compact representations. A rank-indexed hashing construction that offers the same functionality as a counting Bloom filter can be achieved with a factor of three or more in space savings even for a false positive probability of just 1%. Even for a basic Bloom filter function that only supports membership queries, a rank-indexed hashing construction requires less space for a false positive probability as high as 0.1%, which is significant since a standard Bloom filter construction is widely regarded as extremely space-efficient for approximate membership problems.
random processes, data structures, database indexing, probability, data representation, rank-indexed hashing, Bloom filter variant, SRAM, membership query, information encoding, fingerprint hash table construction, false positive probability, space-efficient randomized data structure, Information filtering, Information filters, Encoding, Fingerprint recognition, Computer science, Application software, Costs, Counting circuits, Random access memory, Data structures

"Rank-indexed hashing: A compact construction of Bloom filters and variants," 2008 IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols(ICNP), Orlando, FL USA, 2008, pp. 73-82.
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