The Community for Technology Leaders
Innovative Computing ,Information and Control, International Conference on (2007)
Kumamoto City International Center, Kumamoto, Japan
Sept. 5, 2007 to Sept. 7, 2007
ISBN: 0-7695-2882-1
Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition (I)
Human Information Technologies
Intelligent Informatics
Interactive Robots and Agents
Information Technology
Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition (I)
Innovative Methods in Logistics Systems and Production Management
Intelligent Systems and Human-Computer Interaction
Information Networking and Applications
Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition (II)
Knowledge Based Systems
Innovative Information Systems for Education
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Soft-Computing
Mining Text and Multimedia Data
Inovative Computing and Industrial Applications
Innovative Computing on Finance (I)
Intelligent Digital Homes on Networks
Innovative Computing on Finance (II)
Innovative Computing in Guide System
Innovative Computing for Clustering
Intelligent Video Processing
Applied Statistics and Intelligent Computing
Innovative Embedded Computing
Neural Network and Its Application
Network Security Control and Management
Digital Watermarking and Multimedia Security
Intelligent Data Analysis
Advanced Image Recognition and Retrieval
Recent Advances on Mechatronics
Evolutionary Optimization
State Estimation and Motion Control
Advanced Control Theory and Applications
Identification for Optimization in Nonlinear Systems
Intelligent Information Processing for Biomedical Decision Support
Simulations and Modeling in Biophysics for Medical Applications
Innovative Approaches to Management Enginnering
Cross-discipline Techniques and Applications (I)
Soft Science and its Application
Neuroimage and Modeling for Analysis of Higher Brain Function
E-Commence and Logistics Management
Management Enginnering and Logistics Management
Adaptive Control and Applications
Innovated Computation and Its Applications
Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition (III)
Cross-discipline Techniques and Applications (II)
Poster Session (I)
Poster Session (III)
Poster Session (IV)
Poster Session (V)
Poster Session (VI)